5 thoughts on “2016 Cactus League Ballpark Ratings

  1. Very fair ratings, though I’d swap the last two. Tempe Diablo is a such a traffic and parking pain when full. If Maryvale is the worst ST ballpark experience, then AZ is doing pretty well overall.

    Cubs concessions should get a “A” just for this: http://www.chuckiesllc.com/#home. Single best thing I’ve ever had at any AZ park.

  2. I found the parking to be terrible at Tempe Diablo, the worst. Goodyear was the best for parking, but the longest drive….

  3. Of the ones I’ve been to, I’d put Talking Stick in first by quite a bit. Then Peoria, Mesa, and Maryvale in that order, all pretty close together, and then Camelback given its hassle getting in and out, lack of shade, and crappy concessions.

    • Mesa being Hohokam.

    • Now that I’ve been to all of them, I’ll rank them as follows:

      1. Sloan
      2. Talking Stick
      3. Surprise
      4. Hohokam
      5. Peoria
      6. Camelback (I warmed up to it a little since I went to a game that wasn’t totally crowded this year)
      7. Maryvale
      8. Goodyear
      9. Tempe Diablo
      10. Scottsdale

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