Entering 12

And just to cheer everyone in the East Bay up, there’s this:


Why won’t I acknowledge #11, or the 11th anniversary? Umm…



17 thoughts on “Entering 12

  1. Man, I would have never thought this much time would have gone by without out any discernable progress from the Raiders, A’s, or Oakland/AC.

    Thanks for all the hard work ML.

  2. b-b-b-b-boring!!!

  3. while the giants are getting richer and richer….so freaking pathetic. Hopefully, this year will be it and that the A’s will finally get an answer.

    If the raiders want to build in Oakland, Davis has to bring in a big whale If not, just GTFO.

  4. i had to laugh when I read that that D-backs are looking for a new ballpark now. Who wants to bet they get it before our A’s. Wow.

    • The D-backs want a smaller capacity. I mean, Davis & Wolff know a good tarp guy if they just reach out.

      • yeah if anything they’ll renovate, refurbish or make changes to chase field as other mlb teams have done with these newer ballparks built recently.

        cle, det, chw, nym i know have altered their parks over the last decade be it with the stadium configuration or capacity wise with cle doing it the most recently between the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

        can’t believe the state of az is going to look into paying to build a third retractable stadium in the last 20 years.

        chase for the dbacks opened in 1998

        uoa for the cardinals opened in 2006.

  5. No offense to you because you are doing a fine job but I voted boo… I just want this to be OVER!

  6. Any truth to Zennie claiming the A’s are about to ink a deal to build at Howard Terminal?

  7. Location location location, a baseball stadium I still believe at that location will become outdated quickly. At the time a beautiful stadium, we witnessed two dynasties with the A’s of the 70,’s and the Haas Dynasty 87-92. At the tail end of both runs, you could’ve tarped off the third deck as well. ( Bobby Alomar vs the Eck 92 ). For the bay’s team the Warriors, it’s been a great spot centrally located. For the Raiders -BART, Amtrak, and the airport, great location for a local, state and national brand. For the A’s… anywhere but there. Laney might be our only hope. Thnx ML

  8. been following this damn process like probably most here since i attended that 2002 oakland city council meeting where hok presented their viable ballpark sites to the city of oakland.

    been 14 freaking years and i’d guess probably longer than that too.

    • LGA: I was there too. It was either 2002 or 2003 and I remember being totally disgusted at Oakland city council after that meeting. I was a HS student and I went with my mom. Lots of A’s fans came that night. We love(d) Gov. Brown, but were disappointed with the outcome.

  9. Hooray – ML has provided solid, entertaining journalism for 12 years – he should go for another 12!

  10. The good news is that with MLB’s steadfast unwillingness to consider relocating the A’s outside of its so called “East Bay territory”, and with Oakland’s continued refusal to spend one dime towards a new ballpark for the A’s, this great blog should be around for many years to come.

  11. Once the Chargers have settled on their location (new stadium in SD, or tenant/partner in new Kronke stadium in LA), the Raiders will most likely either go to either SD or LA, depending on where the Chargers end up. Either that, or MD finds a whale investor to help with a stadium. In either case, The A’s are in a better position to do something. If the Raiders leave, they get the Coli, and Oakland, to themselves. If the Raiders stay and build (i.e. hell freezes over, pigs fly, etc.), the A’s will have to leave, and MLB will be forced to do something (put A’s in AT&T, open SJ, etc). In either case, we have reason to believe will be getting useful, meaningful, answers by end of year, and this whole sorry saga will being coming to a close. Then ML can have a happy blog – the particulars of the A’s actually building a ballpark.

  12. Majestic Reality, Port of Oakland, Oakland A’s. HT is gonna happen. Warriors gone, MD gets coli site to himself, which is what his investor required. Its over, folks.

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