A’s 2017 Schedule

MLB released its 2017 schedule today.


Interleague opponents are the NL East and are scheduled as follows:

Marlins 2+2 [May/Jun]
Giants 2+2 [Jul-Aug]
Nats 3 [Jun]
Braves 3 [Jun-Jul]
@ Mets 3 [Jul]
@ Phillies 3 [Sep]

There are good opportunities for road trips to the Northeast, such as Mets-Blue Jays next July or Phillies-Red Sox next September. Start planning!

P.S. – Travel grid will get started tonight.

P.P.S. – As pointed out by Mike Manolas, the Rays have a scheduled doubleheader featuring the A’s on June 10. Does 8 hours of watching the A’s in air-conditioned comfort sound like bliss to you? Don’t answer that.

2 thoughts on “A’s 2017 Schedule

  1. Is that a sheduled double-header on 6/10?

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