A’s break 40k attendance for a regular season game

It’s been a long time coming, nearly 12 years. We all know that’s because of the tarps, no need to rehash that for the umpteenth time.

Looking forward to the Bay Bridge Series.

6 thoughts on “A’s break 40k attendance for a regular season game

  1. This from a Giants fan in Canada… Nice to see !!!

  2. I hope they stick with a 37,000 seat stadium at most. 40.000 plus crowds are such a rarity across all of baseball.

    Thats aid, it is nice to see that they have taken the tarps off the seats that are great for watching baseball.

  3. I had to work that day so I was planning on being late. Didn’t anticipate the parking struggles. Took me an hour from freeway exit to being redirected to overflow parking to ending up at the BART station and walking across the bridge. When/If the park moves to Laney or JLS we’ll just have to be content with public transportation. Not complaining, but I’ve become so used to small crowds that I forgot what it was like dealing with parking and a full lot.

    • True story… I don’t even go to fireworks or bobblehead games anymore for the same reason AND I already take BART to most games anyway.

      It gets hard to move around the stadium on those crowded game nights/days.

      • I’ve been to the last few bobblehead games and let’s just say big crowds were not a problem.

        While I definitely want the A’s to get a new park, part of me will miss the lack of crowds.

  4. I’ll believe there’s a new stadium for the A’s when I see it, as in where’s the money?! It would have been the wisest thing for two simple things to have happened, though, saving hundreds of millions of dollars or a billion or two: 49ers and Raiders as Levi’s, A’s and Giants at AT&T. No reason to try to bilk taxpayers for more dollars for more stadiums. It would have made a lot of sense! Want to make fans happy with a place name compromise: all these teams call themselves the San Francisco Bay Area fill in the blank: 49ers, Raiders, A’s, Giants. There’s a team that has done that for decades: the San Francisco Bay Area Bombers Roller Derby team, or Bay Bombers for short.

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