50th Anniversary Game, A’s New JLS Offices

Tomorrow (January 10), the A’s will start selling free tickets for the regular season game on April 17 vs. the Chicago White Sox. That date is better known as the A’s 50th Anniversary game in Oakland. Tickets will become available at this page starting at 8 AM. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to spend tax day than to go to a free ballgame.

The A’s showed off their new corporate offices to the media at Jack London Square today.

It has a lot of A’s history in it. It’ll be a much better place for doing business, interfacing with the public during non game days, and maybe even for players during the offseason if they decide to stay in town. It’s something they A’s brass were working on for at least a year, long before their announcement last fall.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Earthquakes’ set up at Avaya Stadium, where a separate administration building connected to the stadium also houses the locker room. It also reminds me somewhat of similar facilities at spring training ballparks.

While I suspect some sponsor events will be held at the building on 55 Harrison during Fan Fest, I hope that fans get a chance to look at some part of the building.

Speaking of FanFest, there’s another opportunity to check out Howard Terminal. I’ll probably be available for a “tour” and a drink at Plank if anyone’s interested. Pray that the weather is as excellent as 2017’s edition.




8 thoughts on “50th Anniversary Game, A’s New JLS Offices

  1. That is the tech aesthetic to a “t.”

  2. I’ve heard the A’s are still pursuing the Laney site. Good luck with converting the NIMBY’s. Looks like the A’s and Kaval had this wide-eyed vision for the site that would be great but didn’t factor in all the “no ballpark, no way, never!!” opposition.

  3. With the rejection of the Laney/Peralta ballpark site, the opening of the new JLS A’s headquarters is very much sending an indirect message to both Oakland’s elected officials and the MLB Lodge. It’s saying that while the A’s are still committed to staying in Oakland, the team very much wants to have their new home ballpark located somewhere in or near the Oakland downtown area. A second message is directed to the MLB Lodge saying that if a suitable near downtown ballpark site cannot be worked out, MLB will have to allow the A’s to explore all areas of the Bay Area market for an acceptable ballpark locale, including Santa Clara County. Failure of MLB to assist the A’s in their quest to find a suitable new ballpark site in its current market would ultimately force the A’s to move to another market.

    • …MLB has incentive to keep the A’s in the Bay Area. Either they stay or they move to a market designated for expansion and MLB sacrifices those lucrative expansion fees.

      • Not if they do a “fold and expand” like they did with Expos/Nats. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this scenario grows with each failed attempt to build.

        It is a crying shame what Bud/Rob are allowing the Giants to do to the A’s.

  4. Semi off-topic, but do any of you know if they are planning to repeat the Ballpark Pass, where you pay a monthly rate and can go to any/all games? We really loved that last year, but I can’t find any info as to whether they are continuing it for ’18.

  5. That free game has all the hallmarks of a royal clusterfuck.

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