4 thoughts on “Oakland to proceed with lawsuit against Raiders

  1. Yes! The twitter bar is back on the website, great.

    Oakland proceeds with lawsuit against Raiders, who gives an s#it.

    Good for Oakland, probably won’t get anything, but apparently it’s pro bono, so go for it. The Raiders threaten to leave, um…Ant you doing that anyway? Please leave early, what difference would it make? Raiders of the lost ark, sure go right ahead, not like I am going to pull for another team, but by the same token I am soooo over you.

  2. Lawsuit gets tossed because it doesn’t serve corporate interests. I don’t think this worked the last time Oakland tried it, either. Keep banging your head against that wall, Oakland.

  3. Go Oakland! May not win, but at least it may drive the traitors out of down a little sooner.

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