A’s to host Open House on Thursday; FanFest on 1/26

It’s Hot Stove League time again, and for the A’s it means something different than signing guys to huge nine-figure deals. Instead, the team will open its doors Thursday afternoon to

Apparently they’ll present or discuss both Howard Terminal and the Coliseum as potential future sites. So far I haven’t heard about any plans to use the Coliseum land to help fund Howard Terminal. I won’t be at the open house as I’ll be busy, but the Brothers August (Jeffrey and Kevin) will both be there and plan to report back. Say hi and dream about the future.

The A’s also announced that FanFest will be back at Jack London Square on January 26. I wasn’t able to make it last year due to the unfortunate timing of my health scare, but I’m feeling well enough that I might make it up for the day. Plans are in the works.



2 thoughts on “A’s to host Open House on Thursday; FanFest on 1/26

  1. The A’s posted, early this morning, information about the proposed ballpark at HT and the redevelopment of the Coliseum site.

  2. A ton of details to see worked out but I’d love to see this work. Pretty surreal for as long as this team seemed desperate (and destined) to get out of town for Fremont/SJ/Wherever that they may really be the one team left standing in Oakland. As an opposing fan, Oakland is one of the few other fan bases I genuinely wish well for (you’re good baseball fans and have gotten the shaft more times than I can count). Good luck.

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