2020 Travel Grid

As promised yesterday, here is the latest Travel Grid. The usual conventions are in place, such as sending the northeastern teams to the Sun Belt during the first weeks of the season to avoid rainouts, or the stuffing of the summer months with trips from the West Coast teams to the East Coast. The aforementioned international games (April 28-30 in Puerto Rico, June 13-14 in England) are italicized in the PDF versions. Without further ado, here are the links:

  • PDF (poster one-sheet)
  • PDF (multi-page)
  • XLSX (Excel 2016)
  • CSV (comma-delimited)

In the past I’ve tried to consolidate all of the schedules from Spring Training and the minor leagues to create an extra special “All Baseball” schedule. Why? I’d like to see if I could catch a game in every professionally affiliated ballpark in the span of six or seven months. The release dates of the minors tends to fluctuate as we head towards the fall. If I get leads on those I’ll give it a shot.

P.S. – Coincidentally, the NBA released its 2019-20 schedule yesterday as well. That could open a new world of possibilities.


13 thoughts on “2020 Travel Grid

  1. Thanks for posting the 2020 schedule so early. Suggestion – it would be helpful if you had all of the teams games in their column so that games added up to 162 instead of just home games. You could use “@ATL” or “@BOS” for games they play on the road.

  2. Hi Rhamesis –

    Are planning on doing this for 2021? This is super useful every year.

    Hopefully the schedule remains somewhat intact.

  3. Are you going to do a travelgrid for the 2021 season?

  4. any update on the travel grid for 2021 season?

  5. waiting for travel grid for 2021 as well! hope, Marine Layer will find time to post it!

  6. The 2021 Travel Grid would be much appreciated!

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