Next Stop: Sin City

Another East Bay legend once said it best:

So take the photographs and still-frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while





Sooooooo…… when can the A’s claim the soon-to-be-vacated locker rooms?

7 thoughts on “Next Stop: Sin City

  1. Such a sad day for Oakland, and even though I am not a fan of cities shelling out millions for stadiums that will be obsolete in 30 years, I kinda feel like the poor choice the city made to build Mt. Davis has now bitten them in the butt. If the $500 million figure to build Mt. Davis is correct, then it’s a reflection on the city’s poor leadership at the time, when for that amount they could have demolished the Coliseum and built two separate stadiums for the A’s and Raiders. Especially when you consider the fact that Jacksonville and Tampa Bay both built their NFL stadiums for less than $200 million back in the mid/late 90s when the Coliseum was renovated. Had the city went that route we would likely not be facing this reality today, as it would be difficult for the Raiders to have made a case to move from a football-specific stadium near the Silicon Valley. Bad leadership and decision making has plagued Oakland and continues to. Hopefully we don’t end up losing the A’s too.

    • Jacksonville.kept an upper deck and some of the concourses from the old Gator Bowl, so its construction was more of a renovation. I have no idea how Tampa Bay’s came in so cheap.

    • I’ve never heard $500 million mentioned as Mt. David’s cost. I’ve heard $200 million, with some other estimates being higher because they count interest (which isn’t really a factor in price).

      • Yeah, that $500 million is off the mark, not that the renovations to bring the Raiders back weren’t a total disaster mind you.

      • I read that figure online, but that very well could have been incorrect. Even still, the city could’ve probably pulled off building a separate stadium with the money it used for Mt. Davis, and just upgraded the Coliseum for the A’s (similar to what they did to the arena next door), since at that time it was still acceptable for baseball. Seeing this outcome, I think we can all agree that building Mt. Davis was a mistake – a mistake that didn’t pay off.

      • Yes, I agree 100% again,

        “not that the renovations to bring the Raiders back weren’t a total disaster mind you.”

  2. I’ve likely already posted this but in 1995 Oakland should have;

    1. Built the A’s a new ballpark and handed the Raiders the Coliseum.
    2. Built the Raiders a new stadium handed the A’s the Coliseum.
    3. Told the Raiders no thank you.

    Option number 1 would have made the most sense given the MLB ballpark boom was occurring in 1995. Either way, in this alternate timeline Oakland’s worst case scenario would be keeping only one team, which today is their best case scenario.

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