6 thoughts on “New Howard Terminal Teaser Video

  1. I noticed the view onto the field from the outer walkway. I recall them saying that walkway will be limited to ticket holders during games but I didn’t see any gating. Will that be a way to watch free?

    But I have a feeling you have something deeper in mind.

  2. These sort of animations always show a sunny day, green trees and in this case none of the industry that is present in this area now. It’s a beautiful world.

  3. What I notice is that they changed the orientation of the opening of the field, more towards right field. (the estuary)

    They also changed the exterior no more wooden plank look, or not as much as before.

    Also, it dosen’t look like they accounted for the eventual turnabout (for cargo ships), that will take off a good portion of the further end of HT. closer to the water.

    But, I am pretty certain whatever we should have noticed is probably a negative…so, what is it?

    • Good catch on the turnaround. The schematics don’t account for that. Looks like one building and a good chunk of the open space could be affected.

      I know there is a long way to go, but this stuff pumps me up. I would love to go to a game here. I would spend a lot more time in JLS than I do now. Probably head to games an extra hour+ early, have dinner, walk around. I can’t see myself doing that at the Coliseum location.

  4. “Sponsor Gate A” makes me chuckle, the font on the outside of the stadium I can’t tell if I love or hate… the orientation. The stadium looks better to me than it did the last time I remember seeing a rendering, the upperdeck in Left Field and the “park view” is no longer 7,000,000 feet above home plate.

    But, the turning basin and Schnitzer Steel seem to be gone…

    Some wishcasting at the color of the water in the estuary.

    All in all, I dig it but not sure how accurate to reality it is. So it kind of fits Dave Kaval’s MO.

    • Gonna guess the twist to right field is to have an actual batters eye and to address the ridiculous distance from the “park setting” that was previously touted but was way up on the roof.

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