A’s release Howard Terminal development term sheet, urge summer Council vote

A’s President Dave Kaval unleashed a tweetstorm earlier today, urging a vote on the Howard Terminal project before the City’s usual summer recess in August.

Accompanying Kaval’s plea letter is a 30-page term sheet providing additional details on the development.

When I saw the top line arguments for the project, I opined that that the A’s once again chose not to disclose full project costs. I was disabused of that notion, finding the information I wanted on page 29 of the term sheet.

Exhibit - Financial Plan on Page 29 of term sheet

Naturally, there are numerous ways to react to this development. If you’re a project supporter, you could rejoice in the A’s proposing to invest $12 BILLION in Oakland’s economy, including community benefits and infrastructure. If you’re an opponent, you’re likely to rail against billionaire developers and gentrification. I’m just glad we’re getting more information, even if it’s not at the desired pace.

Over the next three months, will there be enough answers/responses to questions from Wednesday’s Planning Commission hearing, plus other responses to written comments on the EIR, to act on the project proposal? Recommence the debate, and bring on the economists.

3 thoughts on “A’s release Howard Terminal development term sheet, urge summer Council vote

  1. 12 billion?

    Okay these estimates are almost always overblown…but, WOW!!! (anyway)

    Or as they/we say in Oakland “Hell Yeah” or “Damn that’s heca much”

  2. On paper, this looks like the most generous offer a professional sports franchise has ever made in the history of pro sports to its local municipality.

    Contrast this with what the Raiders offered and received, and literally every team in North America in the last 30 years before them.

    And yet it wouldn’t be surprising for local government to find a way to screw it up with a combination of political posturing, greed, nimbyism, and overblown concerns about gentrification.

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