Three Oakland City Council Members Respond to A’s Demands

UPDATE 4:40 PM – A synopsis

UPDATE 3:30 PM: The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Council vote on 7/20.

I’ll preface the following (from KRON) by pointing out that the three signatories to the letter are the most ardent skeptics of Howard Terminal. Read what you will into the letter.

The questions are fair. It reminds me of two bits of fairly recent A’s history.


In 2015 the City of Oakland released a Coliseum Area Specific Plan. Amazingly, it had real estimates for various types of required infrastructure. Imagine what could happen if the A’s let Howard Terminal goes through a full, proper planning process instead of rushing it.

There’s a lot of additional City-owned land to throw into the pot if they want to sweeten a Howard Terminal deal or nudge the team back to the Coliseum

Ongoing talks over whether the City will sell its half of the Coliseum complex to the A’s are scheduled for May 20. I had a response to that as well:

10 thoughts on “Three Oakland City Council Members Respond to A’s Demands

  1. Not quite “Eff you, strong letter to follow” but it seems to read in that spirit.

  2. Even IF the A’s were to acquire the entire Coliseum site/property, don’t think it will mean anything as it relates to Howard Terminal and possible relocation. If it was a large swath of land in $ilicon Valley, perhaps; in East Oakland, probably not. Just another good ole fashion land grab and nothing more.

  3. ML,
    If Oakland were to approve the A’s term sheet on July 20th, does that mean the HT project is a complete go? This project has soo many issues (reported at length here and elsewhere) and is soo outrageously expensive that I just don’t see it being that simple (?). Appreciate your input/analysis.

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  5. If the council doesn’t know why the A’s and MLB have rejected the Coliseum site, then it’s no wonder that I don’t know why not.

  6. For years, Oakland officials wanted the A’s to pursue HT. Now that they are, the city wants to know what’s wrong with the Coliseum site. Oakland seems to think it’s in a position of strengh here when its not. Really looks like Oakland doesn’t care if the A’s leave.

  7. Regarding that SF Sports Today article above: UNBELIEVABLE!!! $855 million is “found money” and “no cost to the city of Oakland.” Wow! The author must be selling suspension bridges as a side gig.

    • It should also be noted that the bills that were passed weren’t just for the A’s project. It’s also for the LA Clipper arena project in Inglewood.

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