Belated Post-Election Post-Mortem

In light of recent political developments in Oakland (Sheng Thao wins Oakland mayoral race) and Las Vegas (Steve Sisolak loses gubernatorial re-election), I have some thoughts: thread 1/7

I thought it was foolish for anyone to handicap either city’s chances of a ballpark deal for the A’s. This week’s news doesn’t sway me at all. For either Oakland or Vegas it’s a tough path to a deal like what the A’s are seeking (public infrastructure, private development). 2/7

Both Thao and NV governor-elect Lombardo ran against the policies of their predecessors. That doesn’t mean death for an A’s ballpark, but it seems likely to be de-emphasized based on their stated platforms. Both winners have outlined greater priorities in their campaigns. 3/7

KC unveiled its $2 Billion downtown ballpark proposal, which looks like a slightly modernized, transplanted Kauffman Stadium with some ancillary development. It’s backed by the Royals’ new owner and the KC business community. 4/7

Royals’ proposal is $2 B. Howard Terminal – $12 B. Royals expect a sales tax extension approval. The A’s want to use real estate sales. KC’s subsidy is direct, Oakland’s is indirect. Note: You could fit the entire $FTX estimated consumer loss of $8 Billion into that gap. 5/7

Billy Beane was made Special Advisor to John Fisher last week. Don’t be surprised if Beane is assembling a team to purchase the franchise from Fisher in case both locations stall out. Beane’s RedBall SPAC was liquidated in August after it failed to make any major acquisitions. 6/7

For better or worse, Beane is essentially the face of the franchise at this point. Value associated with the team is wrapped up in him. So whether Fisher tries to get any development over the line by spending or he gives up and sells, Billy has to be part of the package deal. 7/7 F

5 thoughts on “Belated Post-Election Post-Mortem

  1. MLB, please make the Giants share Pac-Bell Park with the A’s!!!

  2. So in other words, the A’s will be playing at the Coliseum for the foreseeable future..

  3. If Oakland and Las Vegas both lose out and given the political climate in Portland, could we see Salt Lake City put their hat in the ring?

    • Not immediately. Any other city is an expansion candidate, and I don’t think MLB intends to grant any shortcuts in the expansion process.

      • Got it. My thinking was that MLB didn’t want to re-align, hence why Portland and Vegas were A’s targets while Montreal, Nashville and Charlotte were Tampa Bay targets but I’m guessing if Oakland and Vegas fail, they would look to Montreal, Charlotte and Nashville. Personally, I think Portland and Sacramento are blowing an opportunity that they may never see again

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