San Jose public vote pushed back to 2010

When certain San Jose supporters privately told me several months ago about a possible November ballot measure for an A’s ballpark, I was nearly incredulous. It seemed to be a rapid ramp-up period following a potentially hasty vetting process. Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed as the City of San Jose is pushing back any public vote until March 2010 at the earliest. At this point a spring special election has to be a given, as neither the mayor nor city council members up for reelection in 2010 want any part of a ballpark vote distracting voters in November. There’s talk of a special election that might be underwritten by the A’s in March. Why not just use the upcoming primary election instead?

The vote will probably share the same buzz space as the 49ers’ stadium vote in Santa Clara, though the vote will be restricted only to Santa Clara citizens and San Jose citizens for the A’s ballpark vote. Despite this separation, there will be some measure of comparison between the two comparisons. And although Councilman Kevin Moore got a sneaky shot in at San Jose for “giving away land, something that Santa Clara doesn’t do” during the marathon session on June 2, the two populaces are sophisticated enough to know that appraisal of both deals comes down to a lot more than placing a dollar value on some property.

Denis C. Theriault’s article reveals that both the revised environmental impact report and economic impact report will be released on July 2. (Happy reading on the Fourth of July weekend, everyone!)

While it may seem that I am painting the situation as competitive, clearly there are many of the same supporters for both plans, including prominent county pols and SVLG. Even Wolff/Fisher have stated their support in hopes of working out a deal to make a new 49ers stadium the Quakes’ new “large” venue. These numerous forces are in league, even though the two plans aren’t exactly joined at the hip.

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