Rickey speaks out

CoCoTimes columnist Cam Inman had a lengthy interview with Rickey Henderson prior to last night’s game and the 1989 team reunion. I found this excerpt interesting:


It’s hard. I’m a native. You think about the Bay Area. This is where I grew up. This is where I played. This is where I accomplished stuff. So to me, it’s heartbreaking. What I would say is do like the Yankees did, do like the Mets did. You’ve got a big parking lot. Build it in the parking lot and tear the other one down later. You don’t have to go anywhere. Build it like it was. That’s what I see. We say they’re trying to find a place, that they have to go way out there. We want a product here. You want a new field? Build it. But we still need a product here. Let’s have a product here. They go on with ‘small market’ and fans can’t come. I played here. We packed the house all the time. We had fun here. Bring em out if they’re promoting it right. The Haas family was the best because of all of them, because they got out into the community. So the community respected us and they’d come out to see us play and he put a product there. Instead of saying, ‘we’re in this situation.’ Let’s look to see how we can build it. If it had never happened before, then I can understand. But it has happened before. So I would say parking lot.

Keep the debate clean, everyone. You’ve been warned.

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