Chuck Reed on Chronicle Live

Chuck Reed was interviewed by Greg Papa on Monday night’s edition of Chronicle Live. I haven’t had a chance to watch the full hour, but I did catch several clips of the interview that were made available on the show’s website.

It’s no secret that Reed and Lew Wolff have been meeting on a fairly regular basis for some time. Nothing wrong with this, as there has been real business to discuss on the Quakes front. A few extra words on the A’s situation sprinkled here and there have made it so that the two are effectively on the same page, with Reed working from one column, Wolff the other.

When Papa asked Reed if there were communications between local pols and the Giants and/or MLB, Reed insisted that any changes in territorial rights were “inside baseball” and had to be done within the realm of MLB. Ever the poker face, Reed has never said anything to indicate that he’s either fearful or overconfident about the chances for such a change.

T-rights was also linked to rationale, as Reed noted that the biggest reasons for the A’s to move south were financial, with the potential to move the team from a net drag to a net positive for MLB.

So many fans and readers have been wondering what the next steps were and why it has been taking so long to get moving. Stadium building isn’t like watching a telenovela. Much of the work is done behind the scenes and most of the product isn’t consumed by most people. Honestly, are you going to read the entire environmental impact report when it’s released this Thursday? Or even the shorter economic impact report? The release of those two documents will start a small flurry of activity which will culminate with additional proclamations by pols and the MLB panel’s report. While we still don’t have the date for the report, we have a new key date in the process: August 4. That’s when the SJ City Council is expected to act on staff recommendations, notes gathered during the Good Neighbor meetings, and the MLB panel report. It promises to be a pretty active month.

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