Obligatory Pre-Election 49ers Coverage

Not much new commentary here from me, I think we’ve already covered the Niners with sufficient depth. Our past posts on the Santa Clara Stadium situation:

More analysis comes from all over the place.

16 thoughts on “Obligatory Pre-Election 49ers Coverage

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  2. The Killion article is a total joke—with Noll’s theory that the ‘9ers are just doing the SC gig to get leverage over SF and Killion asserting that they “are moving away from a significant part of their fan base”. As my kids would say….”riddle me that…”

  3. Where the hell have I been!? When did Killion go to SI?

  4. I guess AK now needs to give a false impression to the entire country that SF is some hot sports town with legions of Niners/Giants fans. She knows better than that!

  5. Ann Killion is writing for SI!?!? WTF!?!

  6. She’s been on the SI site for 6 months or so now writing more or less exclusively about Bay Area stuff (they picked up Dan Shaugnessy who writes exclusively about Boston as well, and although Joe Posnanski’s articles are generally very good, he’s obviously KC-based).

  7. Actually I think the Killion article makes a lot of sense (as much as it pains me to say that). Anyone think there are more 49er fans south of SJ than north of SF? And can anyone guarantee that they won’t still try for SF?

  8. @Brian- isn’t the basis of the other SF team…also known as the gints…. that most of their fans…and more importantly…most of the Fortune 1000 companies are in Silicon Valley and therefore the A’s can’t move to SJ? I don’t think that there are too many people who would argue that the bulk of the SF fans…whether baseball or football are in SF–it just is not a sports city—never has been and never will be. Relative to ‘9ers and SF—the ‘9ers already have $100M siting on the table from a past election to build in SF….not much different than what the city of SC is contributing….why would you waste several more years and millions of dollars in order to make SF jealous…it isn’t about guarantee’s its about hidden agenda’s that Noll implies the ‘9ers have up their sleeves….which in my humble opinion is ridiculous.

  9. The $100 million from SF is a whole lot less significant in present-day dollars than it was in 1997 when it passed. Especially if it went toward building at a site needing serious remediation.

  10. As I recall the Federal gov’t is responsible and paying for any site remediation at Hunters Point—in fact they accelerated it to support the SF project—SF has $100M into it–city of SC $114M by most accounts–both would have a stadium authority trying to sell PSL’s, naming rights etc—so were talking $14M delta—not alot of leverage to hold over the city of SF head in my opinion

  11. Two words: Shared stadium. Two more words: Google Field. Two last words: (to go along with all their other free services) Free tickets? It’d be a great experiment.

  12. I think Killon is barking up the wrong tree. If this vote passes, the SC stadium is a go. It’s as simple as that. The Niners have shown almost no interest in San Francisco and to date have been using it as they claimed they would, as a back up option only.

    But one way or another we discover the future of the Niners come tomorrow night.

  13. Dan,
    Perhaps we will also discover the future of the Raiders as well ;o)..

  14. It will be interesting to see whether the SC voters see through the smoke and mirrors of this unneccessarily complicated proposal, or happily drink the Kool-Aid. My guess is that they will vote to “put Sanata Clara on the map” by heavily subsidizing the 49ers with no real financial safeguards.
    We’ll know in a few hours.

  15. Looks like the stadium is heading for passage if the precincts counted so far are any indication. The stadium is heading for approval with a 2 to 1 margin so far.

  16. The Mission City position is no longer a secret.
    Kool-Aid it is, by a wide margin.
    Get your wallets and checkbooks ready, Santa Clarans.

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