A’s exercise 2011 Coliseum option

No drama here, as Eric Young of the SF Business Times reports the A’s decided to stay at the Coliseum through at least 2011 by exercising their year-to-year option in the stadium lease. Two additional yearly options remain in 2012 and 2013 before the lease runs out. Yet when asked, Lew Wolff focused instead on San Jose, a clear indicator of where he thinks the team’s future lies.

“They have been getting their ducks in a row,” said Lew Wolff, A’s managing general partner, said at the time. “I have to compliment them on what they are doing. They are spending money and making things happen,” said Wolff, who has said he is open to moving his team to San Jose.

It would seem as if things are coming together, wouldn’t it?

15 thoughts on “A’s exercise 2011 Coliseum option

  1. Of course Wolf thinks the future of the A’s is in San Jose. He’s been saying that for years. We just need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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  3. By “we,” do you mean the San Francisco Giants and their San Jose outpost? Or do you mean San Jose voters? You certainly don’t mean “Oakland and its resident A’s fans,” because they haven’t done anything to make it happen.

  4. “We just need to make sure that doesn’t happen.” WOW! Now that, THAT is the spirit DH! Nothing more to say on that one.

  5. DH highlights what’s been wrong from Oakland’s “bid” from the start. They’re more concerned with making sure San Jose doesn’t happen than making sure something does happen in Oakland. Like they assume if SJ doesn’t happen the A’s would stay in Oakland. Newsflash, not going to happen unless Oakland gets off its ass and does something, because the Coliseum will not be hosting baseball after the current lease expires.

  6. We should all enjoy what time left that the A’s play at the Coliseum because we’re not gonna find better deals at the new ballpark– and by “we,” I mean everyone.

  7. I agree Briggs. The new ballpark, wherever it may be, will be double the ticket prices, no discount night or cheap eats. It will out price the average fan and mostly attract the yuppie, non-baseball fan because it’s a cool place to be (see Pacbell Park, or whatever they renamed it). At least for the first few years. When the novelty wears off and the team stinks (see Cleveland and Baltimore), you’ll be in the same situation were in now, wondering where all the fans went.

  8. I think wherever the A’s go a segment of tickets will be affordable, remember you have to sell 30,000+ tickets 81 times in 6 months.

  9. re: Of course Wolf thinks the future of the A’s is in San Jose. He’s been saying that for years. We just need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    Yes, let’s make sure the A’s stay in Oakland, where corporate and fan support is weak and the public officials don’t care. Can Oakland get its act together on a ballpark? Sure doesn’t seem like it. We have to wonder if Las Vegas will be a more likely destination if San Jose can’t get the A’s.

  10. jk-usa, if the A’s new stadium follows after Jacobs Field, that would be awesome. 6 years of sell outs!

  11. My belief is that the San Jose deal will come through and be allowed by MLB. It’s just a matter of compensating the Giants and appeasing them some. But, in the end, it will be made clear that the A’s in San Jose is good for baseball overall, and that the Giants are not in charge of this situation.

    As much as I would prefer the A’s in Oakland, I think the best bet for the financial future and their success on the field is a new home in San Jose. MLB knows this too. I expect to see something announced around the AllStar break.

  12. Gotta wonder if one issue is that Cisco walks if the ballpark is in Oakland, stays if it’s in San Jose, I don’t know…

  13. pjk, I’d almost guarantee Cisco wouldn’t be involved if the ballpark is in Oakland. Deserved or not, it’s not exactly the best PR for businesses to be associated with Oakland these days. Oracle gets away with it because there is no “Oakland” in the basketball team.

  14. Off topic: R.M., are you going to do a thread on the Niners Stadium victory? Santa Clara results could be good news for a future SJ A’s ballot measure.

  15. I want the A’s to come to San Jose…That would be great!

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