38 thoughts on “Riddle

  1. When a two hour interview is posted in multiple parts?

  2. a twenty game winning streak on the big screen, starring Brad Pitts? Movie lasts about 120 minutes, or so?

  3. The Amtrak Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle?

  4. Just a guess: The BRC has spent an actual (documented) 576 man-hours on the stadium issue. Divided by 3 men that is 192 man-hours per man. Assuming an 8-hour work day that would leave 24 days to fully complete the project. That puts the date of completion on or about 4/8/2009. It has been 864 days since the project began. That totals 20,736 hours since the project began. The ratio between 120 minutes and several days (4,320 minutes) is the same as the ratio between the documented man-hours and the actual length of time since the project began.

  5. Great! Now I won’t be able to sleep til Monday!

  6. If our country goes to crap on Monday (Thanks Tea Party!), I guess it won’t really matter what the answer to the riddle is. 401K anyone?

  7. When you add up time talked about the A’s over a couple day span on 95.7 the game, your premier fm giants station.

  8. Way OT: did anyone else cringe when you noticed that 95.7 The Game’s A’s (and Raiders) insider was John Dickinson?!?!?!?! WTF

  9. Someone should call Dr.Bill for this one, Saturday at 7pm on his radio talk show on KGO 810AM. He’s suppose to be the smartest man on earth..lol. He’s actually a blowhard, who treats his callers like garbage if they diasagree with him.
    I have no idea, it’s nowhere online, so it has to to with our situation here I’m sure.

  10. Dr Bill comes on at 10p, its Karel at 7.

  11. speaking of Karel I was listening to his show one night and he was talking about this website called fiver.com, its one of my favorite sites now. Its basically, what would you do for five dollars, and you can pay someone to actually do what they say they would do.

  12. @jesse–thanks jesse, you’re right. Karel @7p than the gasbag, Dr.Bill.at 10p. Dr.Bill was good years ago when he strictly stuck to science stuff. Now he gets into politics, always ripping the California legislature and all callers who don’t see things his way. But he has a very popular show, and with that strong signal, pulls in more listerners down in Socal than up here I heard. Just like KNBR’s signal, it can reach all over the state at night time.

  13. Tomorrow morning from 8-10 while I suffer through another interminable high-level meeting.

  14. 120 “minutes” from a meeting(s) that cover a 2 day period-

  15. So I guess Rick Tittle will be on 95.7The Game (name change)…but he’s only gonna do A’s talk…and it’s only gonna be on the weekends…kind of lame if you ask me

  16. ML, how about a little hint? We can’t wait 3 more days here!

  17. Interesting article, ML. “http://www.insidebayarea.com/top-stories/ci_18578966” This was interesting, though not a direct quote from Wolff, “The coliseum area, he added (Wolff), is a great site but a new stadium would not persuade him to stay in Oakland.”

  18. @ML–thanks, that helped me out a lot. I’ll have the answer in no time..lol.
    @eb–interetsing article. Like Councilman Larry Reid said “If we don’t do something, we might end up losing all our franchises,”
    And Wolff saying the Coliseum area is a great site, but still doesn’t want to stay doesn’t surpise me at all. It just shows me he was never really interested in Oakland all along, and SJ has been on his mind at least since 1998.

  19. Just my lil rant I posted on warriorsworld

    95.7 is funny. It’s obvious that all there posts on fb are plant comments….

    In the previous days all comments were how much the station sucked because they talk mostly giants but giant fans don’t care cause they have knbr. The ratings have backed this up as they have fallen every month since they switched to sports.

    Today they are pushing their new hosts and new name that starts Monday. From sports 95.7 to 95.7 the game. All the comments today out of no where is how great this is to go all sports since the a’s only failed. Well obvious to anyone that has followed the station. There is no switch to all bay area because that as been there push since going to sports and it’s been dominated by giants talk.

    A’s fans turned in at first but got annoyed at the focus and have turned off. Most Giant fans really don’t care because they have the biggest station that carrys there team and is all about them. So why would they care, I wouldn’t. Yes I know a few giant fans turn the station on, so no reason to say I’m a giants fan and listen. There’s always a few. But the numbers back me up as ratings have gone 0.6 0.5 0.4. Definitely the wrong direction.

    So it’s obvious all the comments that make no sense of a change are plant comments to those that dont listen hoping the giant fans will tune in. But guess thats the one problem with fan pages these days. You never know who people really are and how many are plants. As we have all seen here with the warriors pr dept and fitz.

    Just posting it here since this site as covered the changes of 95.7 better than anyone else out there.

  20. The Coliseum site has already been declined by MLB…. so it shouldn’t matter what anyone else says about it.

  21. What the hell: On Monday, it will be announced that SCCo./SJ will become an “unincorporated territory” (Guam) of MLB. In other words, it will become a shared territory under the jurisdiction of both the Giants and A’s. “Hot Dogs” refers to a ballpark, and “Buckminster Fuller” was the architect who designed the never-built privately-financed, domed ballpark of the Brooklyn Dodgers, which was proposed to keep the team in Brooklyn. Cisco Field, or the A’s privately financed ballpark as now proposed, is meant to keep the team in the Bay Area (not necessarily in Oakland, as the Dodgers even proposed building a ballpark in Queens at the site of the current Citi Field). Going way out on a limb on this one: “Yachts” refers to Oracle and Larry Ellison, as perhaps it will also be announced on Monday that Ellison will join Wolff/Fisher in financing the A’s yard in SJ in exchange for an ownership share and naming rights…ORACLE PARK AT DIRIDON SOUTH? Anyhow, glad I got that off my chest. Looking forward to the real answer on Monday RM (hopefully our nation is still in one piece).

  22. @TonyD–i got a kick out of your riddle answer. Even though we often disagree, good job and clever thinking.
    As for Monday, I hope our nation is still in one piece too. I did some changes (conservative) on my 401k on Wednesday, fearing the worse case scenario out of this.

  23. @eb, Wolff’s quote seems odd because the article has nothing to do with an A’s ballpark.

  24. re: coliseum site. Given that Oakland probably can’t pay for any infrastructure improvements or land acquisitions at Victory Court, maybe the city and county could turn over the Coliseum site for construction of a Santana Row-style development around a new ballpark, working the existing arena in to the mix. No infrastructure improvements or land acquisitions needed. Instead of bringing the ballpark downtown, bring the downtown to the ballpark. Of course, we don’t know if this could be a profitable venture without public support, and it would require the city to give up on the Raiders, which is unlikely. I mean, why would you want to keep the A’s, who bring people into the city 81 days a year, when you can have the Raiders, bringing them in 10 days a year?…If San Jose and Oakland fail, there’s still the big hay field next to NUMMI: Near the new BART station, right on the highway, closer to Silicon Valley than the Pacific Commons site.

  25. OT-@Mike, just curious, what was Fitz’s handle on WW?

  26. re: as the Dodgers even proposed building a ballpark in Queens at the site of the current Citi Field

    it wasn’t the Dodgers who proposed putting a new Dodgers ballpark on what is now the site of Citi Field (and previously Shea Stadium) in Queens. it was city Planning King Robert Moses, who would do nothing to help O’Malley get the properties he wanted in Brooklyn (soon to be the site of the new Nets arena, I believe). Frustrated, O’Malley succumbed to the overtures of Los Angeles after initially rejecting them. The rest is history.

  27. @pjk,
    Thanks for the correction. Re: the Riddle…where’s Bartleby when you need him ;).

  28. If there’s one guy who can figure the riddle out, it would have to be Bartleby. And if even if he was completely wrong, he’d break it down piece by piece and explain why he believes he’s right!!

  29. “it would have to be Bartleby. And if even if he was completely wrong, he’d break it down piece by piece and explain why he believes he’s right!!”

    Correction, Jk-USA – Bartleby would break it down piece by piece with FACTS (as opposed to emotions) and PROVE he’s right, and you’d respond by responding the facts don’t matter and that he’s mean for bringing them into the conversation.

  30. @plrraz – “Correction, Jk-USA – Bartleby would break it down piece by piece with FACTS (as opposed to emotions) and PROVE he’s right, and you’d respond by responding the facts don’t matter and that he’s mean for bringing them into the conversation.” Correction, plrraz – JK-USA would respond by citing that it was LW’s fault and wish he would go for a factitious philanthropic owner riding on a winged unicorn! 😉

  31. @plrraz &Anon–jeez, you guys are too much..lol. And I didn’t even bring up LW this time!

  32. Thanks for the votes of confidence guys, but right now I’m buckling under the pressure. I’ll give it some more thought and post again if anything occurs.

  33. RM,
    Can you give us an estimated time on Monday when you will present the answer to the riddle?
    Looks like my 401k might survive after all; Tea Party be damned!

  34. @tony d. – Midnight.

  35. Thanks RM, I’ll set my alarm (yeah right ;).

  36. …I’ve been to 3 A’s games in the past 2 weeks (they won all of them) and really feel like it would be great if the A’s could find a way to stay in Oakland. But I’m still not seeing a way it can be done except as an act of flat-out charity by some mega-rich Knight in Shining Armor. Which leaves San Jose, or maybe the NUMMI hay field in Fremont, as the only other options in the Bay Area. Unless there’s some way to do it in Oakland that has yet to emerge.

  37. Kudos to LoneStranger for nailing it right off the bat.

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