News for 7/31/11

No, this is not the big reveal. That’s coming in a few hours. Relax. I’m only putting up this post to cover some news items of interest.

Lew Wolff is the first owner to publicly call for Frank McCourt’s ouster.

Wolff said he did not speak out as a way to curry favor with Selig, his fraternity brother at the University of Wisconsin, who has kept the A’s waiting more than two years for a decision on a proposed move to San Jose. Wolff said no one — including Selig — had asked him to speak out and said he had no interest in buying the Dodgers.

I don’t get the sense that Wolff wants to deal with the mess that is the Dodgers. At this point, he’s a lot more like Murtaugh than Riggs. Added – At Biz of Baseball, Maury Brown traced back the chronology of McCourt buying the Dodgers. As always, the truth is more complicated than convenient.

The San Diego Chargers released an “update” on how their stadium campaign is going. For now, they continue to focus on a downtown SD site near the Convention Center and PETCO Park. They also have a very interesting response to a question about the death of redevelopment.

You’ve stated that recently-passed California redevelopment law changes may still undergo a legal process before they’re set in stone. If the legislation remains unchanged, how does it affect your efforts?

Assuming that the California Supreme Court does not invalidate the new redevelopment laws, the changes will impact our efforts in the following ways:

(1) The City of San Diego will not have available redevelopment money until sometime into the next decade – perhaps as late as 2024 or 2025. So we can no longer count on any immediate redevelopment funding for our project.

(2) Therefore, we now need to find alternative sources of funding. One idea that is getting some traction is the creation of a new Sports and Entertainment District that would tie closely into the existing Convention Center – and perhaps become part of the proposed Convention Center expansion. This sort of District could give us access to funding sources that are now not available for a simple stand-alone pro football stadium.

(3) Finally, we are exploring ways to bridge the gap between when stadium funding would be necessary and the time when redevelopment funding would be available in the next decade. It may be possible, with the cooperation of other government entities in the region, to bond against the future redevelopment revenues so that stadium construction can begin before the actual redevelopment dollars are available. This option increases the cost of the project, but such cost increases may be unavoidable in light of the recent state law changes.

Sounds a lot they’re using the 49ers sales pitch, though the ability to use the Q site as financial backing for the new stadium seems questionable at best.

Montreal interests want MLB back in town. They’ll need a comprehensive ballpark plan before anyone pays attention, unless they want to be used as a stalking horse. BTW – a $60 million payroll could be supported? Any team nowadays should be able to support $60-70 million without blinking an eye thanks to revenue sharing.

We may have been incredulous at the prospect of building two ballparks in Omaha – one for AAA ball and one for the CWS. Now it appears that a valid reason has surfaced for the separation of teams: one of the ballparks just had to have circus rides for kids and a big bar for the adults.

95.7 Sports Radio relaunches Monday at 6 AM as 95.7 The Game. The hosts are:

  • 6-10 AM – The Rise Guys (Whitey Gleason, Mark Kreidler, Dan Dibley) come from Sacramento
  • 10 AM-2 PM – The Wheelhouse with John Lund (Lund is from Portland)
  • 2 PM-6 PM – The Drive with Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis (Tierney was on NY’s ESPN 1050, Davis was the All-Pro ex-49er cornerback)
  • 6-10 PM – The Chris Townsend Show (coincides with baseball during the season, includes his pre/postgame duties on weekdays)
  • Weekends – Rick Tittle will be handling pre/postgame for the A’s on weekends.

According to Darren Rovell, the Versus network will be re-branded NBC Sports next January. Yawn.

Thanks for your patience on the big reveal. I’m still finding things that need tweaking so I’ve needed every hour.

6 thoughts on “News for 7/31/11

  1. “The Leader” smackdown commercials from 95.7 are great. Not only that but I’m pretty sure I heard one of the rise guys say regression to the mean.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Mark Kreidler for years. Adds instant credibility, he’s no hack.

  3. I’m not that surprised that Versus is rebranding. Timing is pretty good, as they’ll have many casual sports fan’s eyes looking for them for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It will be interesting to see over the years if NBC pushes the more mainstream sports to that channel, like perhaps NFL. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up a WWE special once or twice a year.

  4. Not shocked by Wolff being the first owner to come out publicly against McCourt either. Of all the owners he has the most to gain by the Dodgers situation being resolved. Once the Dodgers are done the A’s situation moves front and center. On top of Wolff being Selig’s friend.

  5. At Biz of Baseball, Maury Brown traced back the chronology of McCourt buying the Dodgers. As always, the truth is more complicated than convenient.

  6. More from Forbes – Wolff may be speaking in his interest, but also on behalf of the other owners. According to an expert at JP Morgan, the Dodgers’ mess could threaten all other teams’ franchise values, especially sale prices.

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