Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe.

So the news today started off with this:


All of that – and Lew Wolff’s reaction to Selig’s statements – is in today’s Mark Purdy article. There’s also USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale’s reply to Mike Davie’s inquiry:

Sounds like things are moving along. As for an actual resolution? Who knows? Bud Selig’s extension was approved 29-1, the dissenting vote coming from outgoing Padres owner John Moores. Jeff Moorad’s takeover bid has not yet been approved. Why? My guess is money. Say, isn’t Bob Piccinini in that group? He should be able to pump it up lickety split.

58 thoughts on “Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe.

  1. Can we finally get this over soon? If Giants won’t relent, how about MLB seize control of the Giants franchise until the ribbon is cut on Cisco Field?…If this goes through, let’s hope the election is a cakewalk. $500 mill private investment in downtown San Jose? A no-brainer.

  2. I guess the question is the timeline of a sit-down between Giants and A’s. I would imagine the lawsuit staying or going is totally dependent on where the Giants are. Which means that this would need to be discussed and a deal cut fairly quickly if they want to make the California primary election for a referendum. The question is how quickly will they proceed to that portion. Will Bud hold out for a unanimous vote? I wonder how close we get to a sit down at these meetings.

    ML, when would another owners meeting occur for the T-Rights vote to happen?

  3. Linusalf is awesome.

  4. @Nicosan – No owners meeting is needed to take a vote. It could be done via conference call. The next owners meetings is in May, I believe.

  5. So Purdy’s article makes it seem like he asked Selig if this was “on third base.” And Selig basically didn’t deny, so we are perhaps actually close here. Is that how you guys read it? If so, I’m clutching my pearls, albeit cautiously.

  6. Cool thanks for the info. Let’s see how long it takes for them to get to Home Plate, or if a squeeze play needs to be called.

  7. so the news maybe comes out publicly before the reported feb date thrown out there in the past month or so. great news if it does.

  8. What are the money issues holding up the ownership change for the Padres? Didn’t Moorad put the money in escrow back in early December?

  9. Gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised. Last we heard, the A’s ballpark / G’s T-rights issue was not “officially” on the owners’ meeting agenda. But it appears now to be very much the main thing (apart from Selig’s new contract), and very much the top priority, and very much moving moving forward.

    It almost sounds like there could be a resolution by tomorrow.

    It sounds like the only open issue is what do the Gnats get in compensation, in order to keep their mouths shut and their lawyers at home.

    And it even sounds like this is being actively negotiated.

    • @jeff-athletic – The meetings end today, so it’s unlikely anything’s happening tomorrow. Besides, you can see how glacially MLB moves on other things and understand that if Wolff is going to get a resolution it won’t happen overnight.

  10. I think you’re Reading way too much into what has been tweeted. It sounds like they still have a lot of negotiation and consensus building to do before Selig will do squat.

  11. This is not going to be resolved tomorrow. All Selig has basically said is we’re working hard on this.
    Also, the formal process here (committee reports, owner’s votes) is really a sideshow. Bud Selig will make this decision. If his entire tenure as Commissioner is any guide, he will not make the decision unless and until he has a clear plan to make both the Giants and A’s happy with the outcome. You can take that to the bank.

  12. re: make the Giants happy.
    …Since Selig and the rest of MLB are likely concluding there is no way to make the Giants happy on this, it’s going to be time to overturn the t rights, impose a settlement and do whatever is necessary to prevent the Giants from fighting the San Jose ballpark.

  13. Let’s Go Oakland is eerily quiet…

  14. LGO is quiet because I’ve shut them up.

  15. It sounds like the drama behind the report and three year delay was to negotiate a fair compensation price. The Giants did their business with their SJ Farm team (et al.) and the A’s did theirs by liquidating their pool of baseball talent and fanbase. It’s hard to believe the Giants could block the move at any price, because there is no viable alternative for the A’s, except SJ.

  16. @pjk “…Since Selig and the rest of MLB are likely concluding there is no way to make the Giants happy on this, it’s going to be time to overturn the t rights, impose a settlement and do whatever is necessary to prevent the Giants from fighting the San Jose ballpark.”
    Maybe, but unfortunately you are not Bud Selig, and there is no evidence that he thinks this way.

  17. At this point, my guess is that Bud’s #1 priority is making the vile gnats just happy enough to stay out of court.

  18. Not much to really say as someone who is hoping for an Oakland solution. It’s still a waiting game. Although, I must say, my new favorite pastime is guessing which facebook profiles I see on LGO or newspaper articles are which posters on here.

  19. Hey the Giants want free money, and the best way to get as much money as possible is to bitch and complain as much as possible. They know that SJ is the best option for baseball.

  20. With Selig addressing the matter of the Giants becoming involved in a San Jose election, I think it’s pretty clear MLB has decided in San Jose’s favor.
    Gotta laugh at Baer’s comments from yesterday when placed against what has been said today. Baer tries to act all cool and confident, while tornado spins around him. What a joke It would have been better for him to say “no comment” instead of trying to act as though no changes were going to happen.

  21. It’s not over, but I have to give props to Mark Purdy through all of this. He’s been a champion for facts and reality despite all of the hate, blow back, and BS coming from some of the pro Oakland crowd and sports writers. Thanks Mark!

  22. Eb, mine is

  23. more and more sf homers are finally coming around. ostler was on chron live thursday and all but said that he thinks the a’s will move to sj anywhere from 2-5 years from now.

  24. nightengale tweeted me back last night after I gave him flack for getting us excited in december and said

    @amadorjon The MLB executive council was briefed yesterday. Everything on course for #Athletics. #mlb

    hope he is right…..

    a’s called me today-nice woman- but I told her that I don’t think I will give them a dollar to watch the product they are trying to field this year…….of course they cant afford to do anything to restore my confidence in the team…they traded away good proven young, cheap, major league talent in december, and now we have A ballers to show for it (bailey trade was ridiculous). and they cant afford to replace them!!!!!

  25. @jon: I’m really struggling on whether to renew my 22-game plan. It’s rational what they’re doing — rebuild a poor farm system, save money, get a high draft pick for a couple years (which was really the key to their earlier successful eras), but I don’t especially want to watch them go 6-16.

  26. @Jon- once it is official I would expect season tix holders to increase before they move into Cisco Field- current season tix holders will be given priority to select their seats- you may not be willing to give money but I bet quite a few others will

  27. We really don’t know how good or bad this team will be. Remember when the Giants gave Barry Zito $18 mill a year to be the ace of their staff? How’d that work out?

  28. i think the pitching will be okay. by midseason we could have a rotation of mccarthy, braden…if both are healthy and parker, peacock, gray arriving from aaa although i think gray probably needs to spend more time at aaa compared to the other two youngsters. milone, ross, outman, moscoso, godfrey. a’s i think have the starting pitching depth i think to be at least a .500 team if they an average offense but that’s the issue.

    the issue this season and beyond just as it’s been since 06 when they had a middle of the lineup of swisher, thomas, bradley is they have a lineup that’s been pretty mediocre since. this season alone there will potentially be without much pop in the middle of the order. unless at this time can we really expect any of the trio of carter, taylor or allen to produce as some hope with all three hitting anywhere from 20-30 hrs this season and for future seasons to come? we may have to wait until choice and maybe even some of these early 2012 draft picks to arrive to potentially give the a’s a major league quality middle of the order again. hopefully they’re ready or maybe a year or two away when cisco field opens in 2015.

    2012-2014 could be 1998/1999 all over again. remember in 97 the a’s tried to compete with a rebuilt lineup and with the slogan “powerball” and when that failed they basically went all young the next year. just as 2011 was a completely failure when the a’s added the likes of willingham, matsui, dejesus, the next few years will be likely to find out whos part of the next a’s potential playoff team and begin to develop them even more in 2013 and 2014.

  29. My heart hopes the A’s have a better than expected season, but my brain hopes they don’t so they can get a higher draft pick.

  30. Nothing but speculation here, guys. There’s millions of dollars to be negotiated. It will take time.

  31. yeah that’s something that a’s fans and heck even those in the higharchy of the a’s org even though they may not want to admit it publicly or even privately that they probably need a couple of high or top 5 picks in the next couple of drafts to help in the rebuilding of the farm system which is what they did back in the mid 90s when they drafted in the top ten the likes of grieve, mulder, chavez…the first two being drafted with #2 overall picks.

  32. I’m sorry guys what were the last 5 years???? I likeParker..I think he has great potential….but we all know that the last five years on-field performance was quite mediocre! The trades that were made were terrible. There didn’t seem to be much of a plan at all!

    If Beane is a genius why is our farm system in such abysmal shape? I want Beane to answer for his failures and lay out a clear plan before I commit to anything, which includes admitting to his egregious errors!

    The new ballpark will be a great thing if it happens (the mlb giving them the green light is the first of many hurdles!), but I want there to be a clear defined plan, not more press release rhetoric….the fans are tired of the smae old poor Lew stories…..

    btw…I dont side with the oakland or san jose faction, from my house in amador county the new ballpark at diridron station is only 6 more miles….2.5 hour drive no matter where they go!!!!

  33. @jon – sh*t happens. They tried to compete but some players didn’t meet expectations (DDJ, Piazza, Suzuki), others were injured (Barton, Anderson, Braden, Bailey) so yes, Beane made some mistakes but alot of it none of us could have predicted. The farm system is in bad shape because the team has tried to compete (i.e. not tank for draft picks) which means we’ve been drafting low, plus trading away prospects for established big leaguers.

    For once the team appears ready to fully commit to a rebuild, wirh a good chance of getting high draft picks (where the real superstars are usually at).

  34. Overall great day yesterday all! Was hoping for a pleasant surprise at the AZ meetings and it happened. Looking forward to the next month and some even better news. After 7 years RM, I can finally say this with confidence…IT’S HAPPENING! Until the next thread…

  35. @Jon
    For what it’s worth, I thought Beane went for broke on trying to compete “right now” for 2011. He traded away prospects for veteran bats Willingham and DeJesus. He signed Matsui, Balfour, Fuentes, Harden, and McCarthy. The A’s made big, competitive offers to Adrian Beltre and Lance Berkman, both of whom wanted nothing to do with the Coliseum, and the A’s were out bid by richer teams. Regardless, they put forth a competitive team with a real chance to win the AL west. Indeed, many prognosticators had the A’s as a trendy pick.
    But what did it get them? 74 wins. Things could have gone better – Matsui and DeJesus could have played up to their career averages. And it would have gone better if so many pitchers didn’t get injured. But even if everything went right, it still would have probably gotten them 80 to (maybe, blue sky) 85 wins.
    And, the A’s ended up at rock bottom in league attendance. Plus, they lost money, even after the revenue sharing check.
    A similar thing happened when the went for Halliday trade, which was a “win now” trade, but it didn’t work out, disrupting the rebuild then. Then they repeated the process with last years trades and free agent signings.
    But when they did stick to the plan – late 90’s, they drafted well, acquired prospects, got undervalued guys, and built a winner. So, if they stay with the plan, they can be successful.
    Now Beane is going back to the original plan, to go for the rebuild – through prospects and the draft.

  36. When is the deadline to file for a special election for the ballpark? It has got to be soon. How about for the June election?

  37. The latest retweet from Mark Purdy said a special election could be called for just about any time with a few months’ notice. Now, if the Giants continue their “we refuse to negotiate” stance, then MLB must first impose a settlement and hopefully seize control of the Giants’ franchise.

  38. Mike Crowley certainly hits the nail on the head in that item, doesn’t he?

  39. Crowley and bouncing boobs for the win.

  40. Way, Way OT – Isn’t it fascinating that Light Crude hit below $76 as recently as Oct and recently climbed to $104, settling just above $99, thanks to trouble in the Middle East? It’s fascinating to me because I am paying roughly the same price for gas as I did back in the Fall, maybe even a shade higher. I do remember a 5 cent per gallon reduction on one fill up awhile back. For you SJ tech guys, what’s the story with alternatives, i.e. computerized cars, battery-power, tesla power, etc.? I say this because most people of this country will not be able to afford $10 per gallon or even higher should things continue this way. Sincere apologies for the tangent but I’m just really curious and worried about the general public.

  41. That’s why god invented bicycles Columbo.

  42. Wow, now there’s a thought. I suppose biking to work would only take an extra 3 hours. Thanks Dude.

  43. Personally, I am infatuated with Tesla, but those things aren’t cheap. Plus, from the “environmental” angle… I am nto sire that electric cars are all that much better than gas powered cars. I guess it depends on the fuel mixture of the power plant you are ultimately using to suck down MOAR POWER for yer electric car.
    I have a friend who swears by his Nissan leaf, also. I just think Tesla’s cars are prettier.

  44. I love the Tesla, but I ended up buying a 2012 Chevrolet Volt. It’s half the car, but also about half the price. 🙂

  45. Hopefully, none of you will be bringing your gas-powered or electric cars to Cisco Field. It’s going to be VTA Light Rail, CalTrain or Ace Train

  46. There was a German auto company several years back in the design stages that had a small car pegged at over 150 miles per gallon on regular gas. Base price for the US was going to be in the $15k-$18k range. Not the prettiest of cars but quite efficient obviously. Not surprisingly they never received the full funding necessary for development. After all, who else benefits from higher gas mileage than John Q?

  47. It’s a joke Columbo. Jeez… Why so serious?

  48. Just having fun with you dude. Sarcasm. BTW, if this completely detracts from the issue at hand please refrain from further comments. I didn’t mean to sway the topic at hand.

  49. @ Singh – All is cool bro. No worries.

  50. The batteries in electric cars and hybrids are a major recycling problem unless the gnats can figure out a way to use the chemicals in them as PEDs.

    BTW, shouldn’t the MLB HOF have a “no convicted felons need apply” clause?

  51. FWIW, Lithium Ion batteries are not considered hazardous waste unlike NiMH batteries. Lithium carbonate can also be recycled and reused, again unlike the chemicals found in NiMH. Most, if not all, plug-in electric vehicles are using Lithium Ion batteries while parallel hybrid cars like the Prius use NiMH.

  52. A closer look at the damage categories of the EI99 H/A
    indicates that the production of a Li-ion battery predomi-
    nantly causes damage to human health (44%) and resource
    quality (39%), whereas the quality of ecosystems is affected
    less (17%). Inorganic emissions affecting the respiratory
    system, such as PM 10 , SO 2 , NO x , etc., cause the highest impact,
    followed by the use of fossil fuels and minerals.
    The sensitivity of the LiMn 2 O 4 as an active material was
    tested (EI99 H/A) by comparing the environmental burden
    of LiMn 2 O 4 compared to the also widely used active
    material Li(Mn (1/3) Ni (1/3) Co (1/3) )O 2 and LiFeO 4 . While the
    scenario with the active material containing nickel and
    cobalt results in an increase in environmental burden of
    12.8% for the battery, LiFeO 4 as cathode material decreases
    the impact for 1.9%. The difference on the level of transport
    service is much smaller (Li(Mn (1/3) Ni (1/3) Co (1/3) )O 2 , +2.0%;
    LiFeO 4 , -0.30%).

  53. @Mossback

    I agree with emphasis. Moreover, why do the Gnats embrace and celebrate criminals in their organization?

    Orlando Cepeda – Felonious drug dealer; Vida Blue – Felonious drug dealer; Juan Marichal – Assault & Battery; Kevin Mitchell – Felonious Assault & Battery on own dad; Barry Bonds – Felonious Obstruction of Justice; Angel Villalona – Felonious Murder; Barry Zito – Impersonating MLB pitcher.

  54. @Rayburn’s Son: That last one is by far the worst.

  55. @Rayburn: You forgot Bobby Bonds – drug addict/alcoholic/father of The Devil

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