The Game reshuffles the deck, are W’s next?

95.7 The Game had another of its “blockbuster” announcements today during The Wheelhouse, and for once there was actual news. The lineup is changing from 4 shows spanning 6 AM – 10 PM to 4 shows from 6 AM to 7 PM, starting after Labor Day.

  • The Rise Guys (unchanged): 6 AM – 10 AM
  • Townsend & Steinmetz: 10 AM – 12 PM
  • The Wheelhouse (Lund & Papa, no rotating co-host): 12 PM – 3 PM
  • The Drive (Tierney & TBA co-host): 3 PM – 7 PM

Listeners are asking what happened to The Chris Townsend Show from 7-10. I think the answer is simple. The Warriors have been rumored to be talking to Entercom about switching from KNBR to The Game, so to properly accommodate W’s games and pre/post-game programming they had to move things around. Using the old schedule with Townsend from 6 to 10, he’d be preempted several times a week by the W’s during the fall/winter and then daily with the A’s. The 7 PM slot is plum when it isn’t being preempted, when it is you get Damon Bruce moving to 1050 after years of frustration.

Making Steinmetz a permanent host would seem to be clincher. He’s a good basketball analyst, though unfortunately he’s pretty bad or inattentive to other sports. Having Steinmetz on is good from a “morning after” analysis standpoint, and Townsend can deftly handle the other sports. The curious thing about the change is that the slot is only two hours, which is not unheard of in other markets but in the Bay Area is unusual. Seems like it would make more sense to shorten the morning show to 9 and give Townsend-Steinmetz 9-noon.

The 7 PM slot is a bit of a mystery. I could see rotating shows for the football teams and maybe a college football show, unless the station wanted to go cheap and use Yahoo! Sports programming. It’s also possible that Townsend could do double-duty with the 10-12 slot and night slot since he’s done it in the past. You’d think that if that were the case The Game would’ve announced it. Warriors broadcasts plus postgame will preempt regular programming for at least an hour 50-60 times throughout the season, and if the W’s go to the playoffs that number is sure to grow.

Ratings for the San Francisco market dating back to November 2011

Change is afoot, and Entercom clearly needs to ink deals to lift the station. The Warriors haven’t announced a radio partner yet and we’re only six weeks away from the first preseason game. The next move seems obvious.

23 thoughts on “The Game reshuffles the deck, are W’s next?

  1. Busy news day?!?!?!?! Jemile to Sac!

  2. 95.7 also has the NFL, which will be every Thursday and Monday. That is 2 out of 5 days where they won’t need someone

  3. Warrior basketball in FM Stereo!
    Can I get an “elevation sensation!!” through my car speakers?

  4. Wow…this is a coup for 95.7 if true!

  5. If Warriors go to 95.7 what happens when A’s and Warriors are at same time. There is no 1050 to throw one on. Plus that was one of the main reasons Warriors want away from knbr.

  6. The Warriors don’t start preseason until Oct 7th. The A’s are done with the regular season on the 3rd. Of course, if the A’s get into the playoffs, there will be some unknown schedule. I assume one of them will be pushed to KFOX where the Sharks play. Looking at the Sharks schedule, they only overlap the Warriors schedule on Oct 15th (S at 7:30, W at 6:00) and Nov 3rd (Both 7:30) and 5th (S at 6:00, W at 7:00). Those would be the only times there would be a problem if the A’s happened to play on the same day, at an overlapping time.

  7. entercom could move either an a’s or warriors game to 102.1. in fact the rumors are entercom might even switch the sports format over to 102.1 due to it’s better signal.

    agreed this does think signal that the 95.7 is trying to land the w’s. landing the pre/post game tv host along with the insider and putting them in permanent cohosting duties 5 times a week?

    don’t like that townsend is being move to only a 2 hour show. imo he’s the best host on the station and him coming onboard was a huge boost to the a’s fandom after a decade long disaster that was buan as the pre/post game radio host from midway thru 2000 after herrera left up until 2009 when townsend took over to begin 2010.

  8. question is how big of a ratings bump does basketball give you on radio? i think it’s 3rd behind mlb and nfl in terms of how many fans especially at the location actually listen to the radio during the game. still think 95.7 needs to add an nfl team, either the raiders or niners, likely the raiders since they’ll be looking for a new radio outlet after the 2012 season while i believe the niners are locked in with knbr/kgo for a couple of more years.

  9. Basketball goes to April. Giants and Warriors played at same times a lot. A’s and Warriors even have home games on same night at times.

  10. they have to somehow improve the signal. FM does not cut it. If healthy, the w’s could make some noise this year. it will be close if they stay healthy especially the big dude from down under.

    it is good for the game if they can get the W’s though. It is sizeable audience if the w’s stay competitive.
    It was incredibly exciting during the “we believe” run. KNBR don’t care much for bb.

  11. i still remember game 1 against dal back in 07, what 12 or 13 years after making their first playoff appearance and knbr didn’t have a call in post game show. can you imagine any other team having their flagship home not have a post game show where the fans call in especially considering the w’s hadn’t made the playoffs in like a dozen years?

    yet knbr had and has postgame shows for exhibition games for their other two teams they broadcast.

  12. the 49ers will leave too if the game can get them. Jed does not like being shuffled to 1050.

    I like Lacob bcuz he is not an absentee owner. I wish he would stop talking a bit but
    he does care about his team.

  13. problem i see with the niners is they’d be leaving two powerhouse am stations with huge signals in both knbr and kgo. 95.7 doesn’t have a signal that reaches all of the bay area like those two am stations do and i doubt 102.1’s improved signal would reach the entire bay area too so you’d have a good # of niners fans struggling to listening to games. entercom i don’t think has an am station here locally either so they couldn’t simucast the games on both an fm and am station to try to reach the entire bay area.

    w’s could also feel the same impact but i don’t think the w’s fanbase is as big or as spread out thru out the northern california that the niners fan base is.

  14. also a few months ago somebody at the 95.7 facebook page who i guess has access to the more detailed ratings from arbitron posted the ratings for station in the 18-49 key demographics and the ratings thru out the day was in 1.4-1.5 range so even though the “overall ratings” for 95.7 has’t reached a 1 rating other than january of 2012 during the niners playoff run, the ratings for the audience that sponsors are looking at 95.7 is doing much better. wonder if the 18-49 demographic is usually higher than the overall rating that is released although it does help 95.7 is a sport station and the majority of the listenership are young men.

    speaking of the ratings in januray during the niners playoff run, they only got a 3.7 on 680 which is far well short of what 680 has been doing when the midgets season is in full force. have the midgets become that more popular than the niners who granted were just plain awful and mediocre from 2003-2010, but the niners were a potential super bowl team and they couldn’t draw more in a playoff run in january than the month of march which got the same 3.7 rating when nothing was really happening in the bay area landscape other than the w’s having another mediocre season and i guess you can throw spring training baseball starting?

  15. the niners have to rebuild the trust that Denise and her hubby destroyed. Jed is doing better now that he has hired real pros.

  16. More news, not good either. Colon suspended 50 games for being a cheating douchebag like Melky Cabrera.

  17. I wonder if I am alone in this, but when it comes to the 95.7 signal, I was in section 128 and it wasn’t coming in so good unless I sat a certain way. Even on my street in South San Jose, it’s really bad, but once I get out of my neighborhood, it’s fine. Is there something to the fact that the signal probably needs to be strengthened? And because I know nothing about radio tech, that might be the dumbest question of all.
    Something else, and maybe it’s a generational thing. I saw so many radios back in the 80’s and 90’s to listen to Bill and Lon, and I just don’t see that a lot anymore. I even wear my radio for the Warriors, but never once have I seen anyone at a game with headphones on as well. If there is ever a time where smartphones can do the radio in real time, radios may by and large go away. Right now, my Sirius feed for A’s games is probably about a five-minute delay.
    Unless I am at a game purely to hang out, I find it hard to attend any game without a radio. Old school.

  18. I love listening to the radio when I go to the A’s or Sharks games. You learn stuff that way.

  19. I listen to A’s each home game I’m at. It helps being on FM and Ipods having fm transmitter built in. I’ve tried at Warrior game listening to them but 1050 is so hard to get in on a little transmitter.

  20. Former Red Sox and Tampa Bay Ray Gabe Kapler was on 95.7 the game this morning. Talking about his company which just launched today with A’s players. You can get a personalized message from Reddick and the boys in Green & Gold.

    Check out the site

    The interview can be found here, pretty cool knowledge on Reddick from when he coached him in the minors

  21. Where is Tittle in all this? He should handle Warriors pre and post game shows!

    Chances are they hire Gary Payton to be Tierneys co host. He is energetic, not afraid to speak his mind, funny, knowledgable and will keep Tierney in check! LOL

  22. Tittle. Not my cup of tea. He of the ” Trading Suzuki is a salary dump/white flag waving.” that kind of horse crap analysis can be given by anyone.

  23. guess it’d be either kennedy or payton as the cohost in the afternoons. def hope they have a host at night as when there is an a’s game or if somehow the warriors are picked up and they don’t have a game at nights from nov-mar, i don’t want to turn on the station and hear national yahoo stuff. least have some rotation or grouping of tittle, roxy, brazil on air at night. knbr does that now with the trio of byrnes, lurie, and woodson during weeknights so hope 95.7 will do the same.

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