PSA: No baseball on the Sabbath

That weird scheduling quirk we talked about at the beginning of the year is coming up this weekend, so consider this a heads up. Thanks to some political party’s convention, the A’s-Rays series was pushed up a day, from Thursday to Saturday. Sunday is a most unusual scheduled off day.

Normally, teams going from the West Coast to the East Coast are allowed an off day to cover travel, whether they decide to leave immediately after a game (road teams) or use the off day for the transcontinental flight (often the A’s). The CBA explicitly calls for this, though every team has a number of exceptions it can use that have to be approved by the league. The A’s are one of the more hospitable WC franchises in that they prefer to have 12:15 starts on Wednesdays, the better to get a move on.

With the A’s having to fly out immediately after today’s game, there’s already a little bit of havoc. A’s beat writers Susan Slusser, Joe Stiglich, and Jane Lee had no choice but to take commercial flights before today’s game, having to deal with transfers to get to TPA. I suppose it just adds a little more flavor to a week of upheaval (Weeks’ demotion yesterday, Colon’s PED suspension today).

As for the event kicking our elephants out of Tropicana Field for another set of elephants, it’s not specifically part of the convention, which will take place at Tampa’s St. Petersburg Times Forum starting on Monday. Instead it’s a welcome party for delegates at the Trop. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo. The Rays are in the middle of a homestand, so no pain on their part.

Apologies in advance to those who observe the Sabbath on Saturday, or who don’t celebrate any Sabbath at all. Oh who am I kidding? Even Sabbath celebrates baseball!

14 thoughts on “PSA: No baseball on the Sabbath

  1. the Sabbath is on Saturday

  2. Ooops… I entered my last comment before reading the last sentence 😀

  3. The Sabbath is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Period. But I get Thursday baseball for a change.

  4. As long as you don’t roll, Walter.

  5. The term “sabbath” has more than one defined time period depending on the religion. Period. But I get that some people can’t see beyond their tiny, myopic view of the world.

  6. Shomer Shabbos!!!

  7. OT: Has anyone bought seats in the Diamond Level? How was your experience? Worth it?

  8. Am I the only one who responded to that Kings report by going, “huh?!”

  9. I second Dans reaction: HUHH!?

  10. @ Dan and Tony and Nam – keep in mind that this is the Maloofs you are talking about here. If something is stupid, unrealistic, or otherwise moronic, chances are they’ve got a hand in it somewhere.

  11. If the Maloofs are denying it you know it must be true. From what I’m piecing together they’re being truthful when the Maloofs say they haven’t spoken to Virginia Beach. But Comcast has been talking to VA Beach, and the Maloofs have been talking to Comcast. And the deal appears to be the type the Maloofs want, and needs seeing as they’re broke, which is 100% public financing.
    On happier news, the Quakes just announced they’re having a presser to make an announcement regarding their stadium before this weekend’s game. This comes in concert with a rumor floating around that groundbreaking on their stadium will be happening on October 21 (same day the Quakes play the Galaxy).

  12. Just in case things aren’t too lively next week, there’s this.

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