Two tickets to paradise, if by paradise you mean a suite with Dave Stewart (Update: Winner announced)

Update 9/26 9:47 AM – The winner of the two tickets is Jeff Dvorak, whose down-on-his-luck story proved too hard to resist. Jeff, please email me in the next few hours at ml @ newballpark . org to claim the tickets, so that I can mail them to you in time.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Many entries were entertaining, some were downright heartwarming. Maybe we’ll do this again in the future…

Update 9/25 3:54 PM – Got confirmation that former A’s curveballer/Cy Young winner Bob Welch will be joining Stew in suite with the fans on Saturday.

A few weeks ago I finally bit and plunked down deposit for 2013 season tickets. In the process I had the option to get postseason strips (which I declined), and a little perk of two tickets to a suite for Saturday’s game against the Mariners. Unfortunately, I already have other plans for Saturday, so I won’t be able to make the game. So I have two tickets and I’d like to give them away.

To make this interesting, we’ll run a little contest. If you’re interested, either tweet me or reply to this post. I’ll take the best, most interesting response and give you the tickets. The subject matter of the comment or tweet has to be A’s related. I will not reveal my criteria for choosing the the best response. I’ll only say that it’s largely arbitrary and subject to change.

Interested? Fire away. You have until 11 PM on Wednesday night. I’ll mail out the tickets on Thursday.

45 thoughts on “Two tickets to paradise, if by paradise you mean a suite with Dave Stewart (Update: Winner announced)

  1. This is one awesome commercial… and when did Eddie Money start looking like the Crypt Keeper?

  2. Okay so first off I am a die-hard fan who like many others try to get their girlfriends to buy into the fact that it is okay to be obsessed with something other than them. If you have a girl who isn’t into baseball as much as you are, you lose those great opportunities to head out to the ballpark on a whim. But that may change…

    Because she is leaving for the weekend! Nothing better than boys night out at the park! Beer, dogs, garlic fries and no one to tell you that you have had one two many.

    You know how precious these times are! = )

  3. Hi,

    What a cool thing you are doing.

    So I don’t know how interesting this is, but I live way up north in Chico, and can’t make a lot of games. So
    I used to dress my golden retriever in a giveaway jersey and watching the game on tv, I’d have him sit on the couch with me and we’d act like we were in the stands (ok, I would. My dog was probably just stoked to be on the couch eating hot dogs), complete with ballpark food and drink. My dog is gone now, so I just have my green and gold fish, they don’t do squat during the game.

    Before you judge me, I was a lonely teenager and my dog was an awesome seat draw as far as rowdy fans go.


  4. re: Sat suite tix. I went to 3rd grade with Dave Stewart, we use to play ARMY in my backyard after school! Howz THAT for weird?

  5. Ever notice how cocaine seems to halt the aging process with some people, and then speed it up threefold once the person stops doing cocaine? Pretty sure that’s what happened with Eddie.

    OK, so how to relate this to the A’s…Vida Blue?

  6. I’d say former 3rd base coach and current Rangers Manager. Or Eric Chavez’s comments this past week.

  7. I don’t want the tix, but I think this is fitting seeing how the weekend went down and the upcoming (final) homestand:

    But before I get to questions man I’d like to say something
    Everybody one clap
    Pull your A’s jerseys out, we’re back home
    Pull your A’s jerseys out,
    This is gon’ be a fun ride
    This is gon’ be a fun ride
    Everybody one clap
    I’m gon’ play what I wanna play
    Do what I wanna do
    Say what I wanna say
    Did we say anything stupid today? Sorry Chavy!
    My role is to take the ball deep, take the top off the wall
    Take the ball deep, take the top off the wall
    If we can’t get to it, nobody can’t get to it
    We don’t shine shoes
    We don’t tape ankles
    We don’t cut checks
    Straight walkoff, homey
    We don’t shine shoes
    We don’t tape ankles
    I don’t cut checks
    Straight walkoff, homey
    Everybody one clap
    one clap. one clap, one clap
    Pull your A’s jerseys out, we’re back home
    Pull your A’s jerseys out, we’re here to play
    You can print it, We don’t care how you put it on your ink
    Everybody one clap
    I’m gon’ play what I wanna play
    Say what I wanna say
    Do what I wanna do
    Next question, next question, next question, next question, next question, next question
    “Are you looking at this opportunity to revitalize your career?”
    No, we’re rookies. We don’t need to revitalize anything
    Nobody knows who we are
    This probably will be our last year here as an A
    You guys tell the people that A’s this A’s that A’s this A’s that
    A’s this A’s that
    Are you gon’ walk off today?
    A’s this A’s that A’s this A’s that
    A’s this A’s that A’s this A’s that
    Pull your A’s jerseys out, we’re back home
    Pull your A’s jerseys out,
    This is gon’ be a fun ride
    This is gon’ be a fun ride
    Everybody one clap
    I’m gon’ play what I wanna play
    I’m gon’ say what I wanna say
    Do what I wanna do
    You know we are humans We do have emotions like everybody else

  8. I transferred to Utah in April of 2000 with my job so I missed all the good years of A’s baseball. I was fired from my company after 14 years and promptly moved back home. 11 months later I am still unemployed and desperately trying to find work. Even though I was living off unemployment which ran out this month, I still managed to make 10 games, many of them $2 Wednesday games but still! I started going to games in 1980 when I was 8 and the A’s are what keep me close to my Father who passed 15 years ago. My best memory is him pulling me out of school to go to game 4 and watch the A’s sweep the Red Sox and Roger getting ejected. I would love the chance to see one more game, especially since the playoffs won’t be an option for me. Thanks.

    • The winner of the two tickets is Jeff Dvorak, whose down-on-his-luck story proved too hard to resist. Jeff, please email me in the next few hours at ml @ newballpark . org to claim the tickets, so that I can mail them to you in time.

      Thanks to everyone who participated. Many entries were entertaining, some were downright heartwarming. Maybe we’ll do this again in the future…

  9. oh but if i do win, I’d nominate it to donate it to Columbo and his kids! 😉

  10. That would be sweet to win, I’d take my 6 year old. The only thing is I’ll be coming back from a meeting for work in Santa Cruz and may miss the beginning. It would be cool though and a great memory for son.

  11. Is it okay if my son wears his Mariners gear?

  12. Saturday is the earliest game the A’s could pull into 1st place in the AL West. I can’t go, but I’ll take a shot at winning the ML sweet suite sweepstakes. If won, I’d take whoever on the board wanted to come along as long as they didn’t talk about politics, the ballpark situation, or Tyson Ross. I’d also post somewhere a bunch of pictures of the shitty CRTs they still use in some of those suites. I mean, come on… It’s 2012. That dang Lew Wolff! But again, I can’t go on Saturday. Peace, killas.

  13. One suite has 4 CRTs TVs grouped together to form a bigger screen. The suite looks like the board room of OCP (Robocop ref.). Kinda charming in a 80s/ZooTV sorta way.

  14. Well, all my friends will tell you that this contest is meant for me to win. Stew has been my all-time favorite player for the last 20 years, and we have crossed paths many times. He would tell you that he would be absolutely delighted to spend the day with me, if only because it would get him off the hook for a promise he made to me many years ago, the details of which will go unspoken. 😉 Suffice it to say that I am several years older than he and have no “ulterior motives” other than to spend some time talking baseball with this Bay Area legend and all-around great guy. So Pick Me Maybe?

  15. I would love to be able to go with my dad to the suite. It would be truly incredible. But a little more about my self. I live in the east bay and I am 14 (a freshman in high school). I am a honestly (while cliche) a die hard A’s fan. My love started when I was pretty young while living in Bakersfield, and as I am getter older I am falling in love with this team and prospects and would love to be able to meet these A’s legends. Thanks for even giving people a chance, Gunner.

  16. @ Anon – I’m totally honored that you would do that for me and the boys. Not to mention your help with the pc issues. You are the coolest guy. Thank you times a million.

  17. My son (first child) is coming up on nine months old (born on New Year’s Eve last year) and so far I’ve held off on bringing him to his first A’s game. Closest has been watching future A’s at a few Stockton Ports games this year. I’ve figured that he’s too young to remember but if there was a special circumstance I’d bring him. Well here we go! No better time to bring him to the great green cathedral that is the Coliseum for his A’s baptism than in a luxury box during a pennant race in the presence of Stew and Bob Welch! It would be a religious experience! More than anything I figure the karma bestowed upon him would be overwhelming and any future attempts by my wife’s family of Giants fans to influence his allegiance would be rendered futile.
    BTW, my random Stew memory was going this game where he got into a fight with Andy Allanson of the Indians. For some reason I remember them playing Kenny G over the PA system as they were sorting things out to mellow everybody out.,7342180

  18. Hm, how to win this?

    Suck up: ML, you are the coolest. Your blog is better than any other blog in the world! I bet Lew Wolfe comes to you for advice.

    Sympathy: My brother and I haven’t seen each other in 28 years and just reconnected over the summer. What a way to say, “I love you brother.” *BTW, the part about my brother is true.

    Generosity: Hey ML, I’m willing to split them with someone else on the blog.

    Honesty: ML, those tickets would be awsome. Hope I win 🙂

  19. Seriously?? I just wrote a long message hit submit. The text box cleared out but my message isn’t posted?? ugh let’s try this again…
    How did you hear about this? I haven’t gotten anything for offers on renewals. I had contacted season ticket services just to find out my rep is gone. I have talked to two different reps who have both been rude to me. It’s the first time I ever thought maybe they are trying to lose fans on purpose. Always defended them when anyone brings that up. I said well maybe I have to reconsider renewing and was just told well have a good day….. seriously??
    On top of it my dog died last week. He really was man’s best friend. Was truly an awesome dog. Sucks around here without him.
    Then my migraines I get everyday have been horrible lately. So much fun. My doctor recently retired and told me good luck.. yay.
    Now I’m wathing this stupid Sea-LAA and the Angels just walked off…. Just Great.

  20. I don’t know. I’ve got 6 tix for the family for the WC, and 4 for Game 2. I can’t go cause ill be working for sure. I figure the boys will more than pay me back if they play the games, but maybe, just maybe, I should think of taking just one off for an oppurtunity to teach my 5 year old some finer points B4 he goes to the WC game(first game).
    My favorite Stew moment was when he refused to let us loose at home in 92 by shutting down the Jays, and sending the series back to Toronto.
    My Favorite Eddie Money Song, Take me home tonight was released on Aug 16, 1986. 3 days later, Stew pitched 7.2 innings of shutout ball, as the A’s beat the Storm Davis, and the Baltimore Orioles 4-1. Coincidence? I think not.

  21. My entry is too late, but that’s okay! I grew up a Dodger fan, but now that I live in Northern California, I’ve become an A’s fan as well. It would have been interesting if I had won, because I remember when Welch AND Stewart were both Dodgers! It would have been fun talking about old time Dodgers AND A’s baseball!

  22. Does living across the street From Dave Stewart’s old Saint Liz stomping grounds count for anything? Think anyone can talk him into reenacting the Pat Corrales smack down? Without the actual knock out of course. On that note, anyone know of where a video clip of that incident may be?

  23. Jimmy Jam, the quote from Doc Edwards in that story is classic… Those were the days!

  24. Have a great time at the game, Jeff. And best of luck in your job hunt.

  25. Jeff, what kind of work do you do?

  26. This blog is terrific. Congrats Jeff. And congrats A’s fans. I have faith the A’s will make the PS. I hope the clinch happens soon enough to give the kids in the rotation a break. Good luck.

  27. Actually, “this site is terrific.” more accurate.

  28. I am going to root for the Angels for the next 3 days. Hopefully the A’s will win out the next 6 games and take the division.

  29. Any guesses for the crowd sizes this weekend? I’m hoping they’re 30k+, but I’m worried most people will be scared off by Lew Wolff (that last part is sarcasm). Hopefully no more regular season crowds below 20k.

  30. Friday: 23k
    Saturday: 20k
    Sunday 18k

  31. 20k, 25k, 28k, 15k, 15k, 15k

  32. I’m a bit bummed I’m not making any of the final six games, but devote A’s fans like the psychos on this board or at AN carry the load for enough games. It’d be nice if the casual, Bay Area, libertine dilettante basebal game-goer would dip their toe in the water and attend a few games while the Playoff push is alive and well. This push could be over by Wednesday, making this the height of the excitement. If the A’s doing hit 30k at least once during this final homestand, this team should move out of CA because we don’t deserve them.

  33. Congrats Jeff, keep at it and you will find your next landing place. In the mean time, give a big welcome to Bob and Dave. Dave Stewart was awesome to me, albeit a bit intimidating, when I met him at the Coliseum in 1990. Have fun and take pictures!

  34. Fri:25
    Sat:20 (padded)

    I didn’t enter my Stew story because you might have taken two of my tickets away.

  35. I just heard that tickets are available for a potential tiebreaker game on Oct. 4th. These weren’t available for the Wild Card and ALDS tickets went on sale last week. Anyway, just an FYI.

  36. @Briggs, you can’t just make fans magically exist. I think the problem is not that the fan’s won’t show up, it’s that the hardcore A’s fans ARE showing up, but the casual fans are going to the other side of the bay. The casual fan is already enamored with the ‘magic’ of this Giants team. The A’s “Can You Believe it?” season wasn’t able to drag too many of them away because the Giants also made the playoffs and had given the fans no reason to let go.

  37. yeah i’m not expecting a ton of a’s fans the last six home games. certainly not what we saw two weekends ago for that opening fri night game against bal where it was hugely helped by the star wars fireworks. i’d expect more like what we saw on the sat and sun games that weekend where it was just above 20k. .

    agreed with those above who’ve said the hardcore a’s fans have been going to games, whether it’s the 10k-12k on average. the casual fans just won’t show up on a consistent basis to any a’s games, doesn’t matter if wolff is the owner or somebody like knauss bought the team, they won’t attend any a’s games until there is a new park wherever it may be built.

  38. looks like a sparse crowd out there fri night.

  39. Marine Layer:

    Your generosity of spirit is a rare thing indeed in these times we live in. God bless you for all that you do here.

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