Deposition bid fails in Stand for San Jose lawsuit

The bid by attorneys representing the City of San Jose (and the A’s) to smoke out the “nefarious” group behind the astroturf group Stand for San Jose has failed, thanks to a ruling by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Joseph H. Huber.

I mentioned in my wrap of the hearing two weeks ago that the judge mentioned that cases like this happen all the time, and that just because there are business interests at stake doesn’t mean a plaintiff doesn’t have standing. At that point any observer could see how the judge was going to lean, making this ruling practically a foregone conclusion.

The question now is: What’s next? With this matter out of the way, the decks should be clear for the lawsuit to proceed unencumbered – unless the defendants’ attorneys line up yet another challenge. Whether the lawsuit actually moves forward is now more a matter for the Giants, A’s, and in all likelihood, MLB, to figure out. No new filings have been made since the ruling was made. We’ll continue to monitor events associated with the case to keep you informed.

9 thoughts on “Deposition bid fails in Stand for San Jose lawsuit

  1. I say let the lawsuit proceed unencumbered. It’s frivolous with no basis whatsoever; it will die on its own. Go A’s!

  2. Great game from the A’s last night. Congrats to all. Tone Deat, I’m sure the judicial branch of the government appreciates your support.

  3. From Raiders Fan/ Internet Radio Show Host Ray Perez aka Dr.Death

    Hello all! many of you may know who Rick Tripp is, “potential developer” to Oakland Stadiums. he has agree to come on my show to do an interview. I know this is in the middle of the Oakland Athletics play off game and I can not re schedule my show but if you can not listen in live you can always go back to listen to the interview. Hopefully this interview can provide new insight to us fans. Please feel free to spread the word to others

    Ray Perez aka Dr.Death

    Here is the link to my radio show for October 10th Wednesday 7pm

  4. @suit,
    Your attempt at insult is making you look ridiculous. Just my advice, but you should stop while you’re already way behind. Go A’s!

  5. The defendants will be able to get this information through discovery, just not at this point. As the judge stated, the motivations of the plaintiffs don’t affecting their standing to bring the suit.

  6. Tone deaf, thanks so much.

  7. Somewhat OT, but can I get a FK YEAH from everybody for the way we won tonight’s game?

  8. doctorK – how dare you, that’s entirely OT – but here’s an FK YEAH from the 3RD DECK!!! The emptiest section of the park was 317, a ghost town, reserved for the non-existant press. Needless to say, there was a platoon of Security Ambassadors protecting that blank space. They did an AWESOME job, I’ll see them tomorrow, here’s a tip of my hat. A’ S WIN!!! FK THE TARPS!!!

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