The Four Stages of Walkoff: Dombrowski Edition

After I got home from the game I walked around the neighborhood for two hours because I was still on edge. Then this occurred to me:

This is how Detroit Tiger President/GM Dave Dombrowski’s 9th inning went.

28 thoughts on “The Four Stages of Walkoff: Dombrowski Edition

  1. Dope. Let’s put this divisional series behind us and get Jimbroski all night. Like the new billboard says, I’m loving it.

  2. Fucking love it. Good work, ML.

  3. Pobrecitos! I have a lot of respect for Dombrowski and what his management team has done in Detroit. As a native Midwesterner, I would be rooting for Detroit in the Postseason if not for the Athletics.
    Like you, ML, I was at the Coliseum last night, and I will almost certainly never experience anything that exhilarating at a sporting event ever again. What a wonderful night and a wonderful season.

  4. great win!
    I wonder how this effects Dombrowski’s vote on T-Rights?
    Let’s Go Oakland!!!!!!

  5. @david,
    Shouldn’t effect it one bit (something about the good of all of baseball…)
    GO A’S!!!

  6. We see that great crowd last night and have to wonder – why is it nothing close to that when it’s A’s-Royals on a Tuesday night in June? Anybody can fill the ballpark and scream during the playoffs.

  7. Cute trophy wife is cute.

  8. As the great philosopher Peter Gibbons once said: F—‘n A(‘s). Great game, great crowd, great night. Go A’s!!!

  9. They look like the villians of an 80s action movie. These are the people that want to clear out old Detroit for Delta City #Robocop #OCP.

  10. pjk – Always the one to look for the rain cloud on a sunny day.

    • pjk – Always the one to look for the rain cloud on a sunny day.

      And way for pro-Oaklanders to bring up crap about T-Rights, ownership, etc. on some awesome games!

  11. I have a soft spot for Detroit since in many ways it’s similar to Oakland and deals with lots of the same problems… But not this week…
    I keep on playing the audio clip from the radio broadcast and Fosse’s screem still cracks me up every single time.

  12. fellas: Year of the Ring by Quasicousin
    I wrote this song in 2003 right after the A’s came up short (you might notice that the drum beat resembles something the guys in in LF might have played back then, and it’s totally intentional). I have been waiting since then for redemption… it could really be the year of the ring.
    I was jumping up and down last night, screaming… I couldn’t wait to wake up my daughters this morning (they went to sleep thinking the A’s were going to lose)… I can’t wait to get the hell out of the office and to the parking lot tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you for being part of our awesome fanbase. We are all in this together… Go A’s!

  13. Not to rag on the crowd or the game (i’m still delirious from last night), but some observations:

    – For a completely sold out game with supposedly 10K people wanting to get in, there were a few pockets of empty seats throughout the park

    – It was not as lively as Monday’s (or last Wednesday’s) crowd, but got rolling in the 8th/9th

    – The baseball gods sprinkled fairy dust on us twice to give us more magic!

    – Concession stand lines were pretty decent. Readily able to get in and out quickly.

    – Traffic was horrendous getting out. Wish OPD would get involved to help the flow.

  14. BTW> Apparently some in the Bay Area media couldn’t believe it either, because if you went to SF Chron immediately after the end of the game, there was this headline:

    A’s 2012 season ends, but what a terrific season it was

    5 minutes later, it was changed to “A’s force Game 5 with 3 runs in the ninth”. Start believing!

  15. Anon – Agreed, all partisan bickering should be suspended while we all enjoy the magic going on right now.

  16. Anon, thanks so much for saying something about that. Does every win in the playoffs have to be a referendum on Wolff and tarps? This might end any minute, so I would rather people just enjoy it now. It’s awesome!

  17. Just announced tarps will come down for ALCS

    • Just announced tarps will come down for ALCS

      Awesome, that means there’s actually demand (in the form of actual ticket sales)! Let’s go A’s!

  18. A’s make it official about the tarps being off for the ALCS, but don’t clarify how many will be open. From Facebook:

    The Oakland Athletics have announced the team will remove the tarps and open up the west side of the third deck of Coliseum for any American League Championship Series home games. The tarps will remain off for the rest of this post season. Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling 877-493-BALL (2255) or visiting the Coliseum box office.

    Does “West Side” mean anything that’s not Mt. Davis? Or just the seats behind home plate and the infield area?

  19. @A’sFan Looks like it’ll be the entire third deck:

    “More than 11,000 new seats are on sale. The tarps will remain off for the rest of this postseason. #Athletics”

  20. EDIT: Yes, anything that is not Mt. Davis.

  21. I already had tickets in the Plaza Infield for ALCS Gms 1-3, and now got a pair of View Level for the possible Gm. 4. I’m eagar to experience a packed Coliseum 3 decks deep with his 2012 magic team.

  22. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Still have Game 5 to deal with.

  23. Game 5!!! Herrrrrrre, Kitty Kitty Kitty!!!!<<>>

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