Alameda County Measure B1 now up to 66.53% Yes (Update 11/15)

Update 11/15 7:45 PM – Another 459 ballots were counted, and that may be the end. Table updated below as has spreadsheet. Awaiting certification by Registrar. Yes remains at 66.53%.

Update 11/15 6:30 PM – 7,222 more ballots were counted today. Yes on Measure B1 is now up to 66.34%. How close is this? If 726 No votes had switched to Yes votes, it would be passing right now. That’s a margin of 0.13%. As it stands, if there are any ballots remaining to be counted, another 2,177 Yes votes with zero No votes would have to come in for passage. As close as this is getting, a recount may be in order. I have to wonder where this 80/20 ratio is coming from. It certainly doesn’t follow any established trend.

Measure B1 results as of 11/15


The Contra Costa Times’ Denis Cuff checked in with the Registrar earlier this afternoon, and they reported that they had about 16,000 provisional ballots outstanding. That was before the latest tally from the Alameda County Registrar, posted before 5 PM today. Yet another incremental improvement was made, with the Yes votes now at 66.34%. 7,222 ballots were counted, which should leave another 9,000 left. I’ve put the results in a Google spreadsheet if you want to see how the vote progressed since last week.

Votes as of 11/14.

I have to admit I’ve been remiss in not reporting more on this prior to the election. I had only heard about the measure’s connection to Coliseum City the weekend prior to the election, and frankly, I live in Santa Clara County, so it had very little visibility for me. The projects earmarked within the Measure B1 plan are so widespread throughout Alameda County that the impact of passage could be felt for just about any potential ballpark site within the county (except perhaps Pacific Commons). Here’s a short list of items that could be delayed or not completed if Measure B1 fails:

  • $40 million for Coliseum City TOD (transit oriented development)
  • $75 million for improvements to the 880/Broadway/Jackson interchange (important for Howard Terminal)
  • $100-200 million for the Oakland Army Base redevelopment project
  • $10 million for Oakland’s Broadway Corridor
  • $110 million for Railroad Corridor Right of Way preservation and track improvements (important for Howard Terminal)
  • $400 million for BART to Livermore
  • $120 million for the Irvington (Fremont) infill station
  • $120 million for the Dumbarton Rail project, which was sidelined when money was federal money was redirected to BART-to-Silicon Valley
  • $40 million for Capitol Corridor service expansion between Jack London Square and San Jose (which really would’ve helped me)

There’s no telling how these projects get funded other than asking voters next year or in 2014 to approve a similar sales tax hike. Day 1 of the owners meetings had a committee presentation on the neverending ballpark study. If there’s one new item to take into that preso, this is it.

3 thoughts on “Alameda County Measure B1 now up to 66.53% Yes (Update 11/15)

  1. No need for me to be fair and balanced. This Measure, while justified with some excellent transportation projects, will have no bearing re MLB’s ultimate decision or the committees ongoing work/negotiations for San Jose. Its not like three year’s of work are going out the window because some improvements will come to 880 near JLS or $40 million will be available for Coliseum transit. Really? Sorry for being so blunt. (Disclaimer: fulling pulling for this measure to pass for the excellent transportation projects included)

  2. Meant fully, not “fulling.”

  3. The Broadway Jackson project would help redevelop Alameda Air Base and reduce traffic in Chinatown.
    The Oakland Army Base project is pure pork. The is no economic justification for the project. $40M for Coliseum BART TOD is pure pork. $110M for RR improvements is not justified on economic reasons if the Port was going to surplus it for a ballpark after receiving millions of dollars for dredging it to -50 feet. The Port is crooked as evidenced by the director resigning. Happy it failed.

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