21 thoughts on “Did anything happen at the owners meetings today?

  1. Perhaps you could do a screenshot for those of us at work and unable to see Twitter?

  2. Oh good. I was afraid they were going to make too quick of a decision.

  3. So, at this point they have to be waiting on something specific, right? What other major sport would treat its third most successful franchise of all time like complete crap?

  4. @Ethan,
    Uh, no.
    There’s always tomorrow…

  5. Yeah Bud wants to dump this on the new commisoner… if I owned the A’s and i couldnt get San Jose (at least any time soon) and i dont want to use my money to stay in Oakland.. then honestly i would sell… nothing is wrong with that lew… its just the cards you were dealt… sigh…

  6. Selig remains camped out under his desk, terrified of the Giants. Business as usual….

  7. re: then honestly i would sell

    …he’ll end up selling to somebody willing to take a cursory look at Oakland, who then decides it’s not viable without massive public funding and then petitions to move the team elsewhere.

  8. @pjk – “he’ll end up selling to somebody willing to take a cursory look at Oakland, who then decides it’s not viable without massive public funding and then petitions to move the team elsewhere.”
    That’s the outcome I’m sure the Giants are angling for. The Bay Area will be a one-team market and the 10th largest city in the U.S. (San Jose) will be forever banned from having its own MLB team so long as the Giants continue to claim it as their own exclusive fiefdom.

  9. lol. thank god we had a great season this year, otherwise i would be pissed about this.

  10. That’s a lot to read into the absence of news … complete silence could also be a prerequisite to talks going on behind the scenes.

  11. The Giants have no incentive to negotiate anything. And wimp Bud Selig won’t force the issue. So nothing happens…

  12. @pjk – exactly.

    For all those “OMG LEW LIED HE DIDNT TRY SELL THE TEAM NOW” folks, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

  13. BC makes a good point. Considering all of the committees work is complete, what else could possibly be “new?” BTW, at least it was reported that the committee actually met. Them not meeting would have been a real bummer. Patience…

  14. Haven’t the Rays already sniffed at San Antonio? Odds are they’re not ready for a team, but given Tampa’s sort of in a worse (read: no alternative) position at the moment (though yes, there’s some long shot potential on the table), I could see them waiting it out for SA to be ready.

  15. Ethan, I was thinking the same thing reading about that San Antonio exhibition yesterday. Sure seems like MLB feeling out the city which has quietly been building a Soccer Specific Stadium and of course built the Alamodome with no top level tenants identified. Being that they’re in business friendly Texas it’s not a stretch to think they might make a publicly funded play for one or more of the beleaguered teams including the A’s.

  16. hey dan when is the coliseum city annoucement???

  17. I recall it was the Marlins who looked at San Antonio before their fleecing of Miami.

  18. Hey, Berry, why you asking me?

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