When you can’t attack the plan, attack the man

This is a good example of the crap I occasionally have to put up with. From the A’s Fan Radio Facebook page:


The most interesting thing about that last AFR broadcast was that at one time the most simultaneous viewers was fewer than 10. At least half of those were readers of this site who were curious about D’Sjon Dixon’s Estuary Park plan. They and I care about the future of the A’s in the Bay Area. Apparently many AFR viewers and listeners (however many there actually are) don’t.

Enjoy the small amount of attention your trolling caused, Keith Salminen.


Update 3:00 PM – Good to know that Salminen reads the site. They all do even though they hate the viewpoint. If only there were someone from the Oakland-only camp who cared enough to provide thorough information and analysis. Anyway, here’s his latest ranting.


I don’t quite get his obsession with doing things face-to-face. After all, if he was really that upset before he could’ve come up to me at FanFest, a Save Oakland Sports meeting last year, at a game. If Salminen wants to have a chat over a beer at the West Side Club, I’m down. If not, well, his nonsensical posts will continue to provide comedic fodder for this site.

Back to real news later tonight as I’ll be covering the Sacramento City Council meeting. As you were.

50 thoughts on “When you can’t attack the plan, attack the man

  1. That’s nice that he gets to vlog and stuff, has an outlet.

  2. Name-calling, like patriotism, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  3. Awww,sheeeeet. Falseballpark.org? That one had to hurt.

  4. What can you say? The Oakland-Only people have done zilch to help their cause. They have constantly resorted to attacking San Jose, ownership, and you, instead of focusing where the largest hurdle lies–Oakland politicians and quite simply, Oakland economic and social realities. But of course, if you blame the politicians, you are really blaming yourself for electing them in the first place, not to mention potentially soiling the name “Oakland” in the process. Too bad they focus on the outside when the rot is on the inside.

    I get why Dixon would be upset. He’s worked on that project for a long while and it sucks to have someone tell you that it’s just not good enough. Hey, that’s reality. You are supposed to take what they said, turn around, and start fixing it instead of whining and bitching that someone just doesn’t get it.

    I personally feel the Estuary idea is just an excuse for the AFR people to spout about their vendetta against you.

    And not to nit-pick too much, but D’Sjon Dixon needs to learn/start writing like an intelligent human being all the time or no matter how awesome his idea ends up being, it’s going to be hard to take him seriously as an educated person.

  5. Keith says, “Oakland is not the problem.”

    He is a passionate fan but anyone who acts like the City of Oakland is completely blameless in this whole situation is misinformed and incorrect.

    The attacks on anyone who is not 100% pro-Oakland only are absurd and old.

    Dixon’s site proposal and mockup is a nice idea but it’s buried in a lack of realism. Good effort, but not viable in any way that matters. It’s not an attack on him to say so.

    There is probably bias of some kind on all sides, whether it’s pro-SJ, pro-Oak or pro-Bay Area, period. San Jose still has hurdles that must be cleared. Oakland has many more.

  6. I used to always think I didn’t care what people thought about me. I have since come to learn that this is untrue. Willfully ignorant people like Cpl. Right Field Asshat, are the kind of people I hope don’t like me. I am envious.

  7. And this schmuck is supposed to be “a Board of Dircetor[sic] for Save Oakland Sports”?!?! /facepalm

  8. Just chiming in as a pro-Oaklander who hasn’t resorted to attacking San Jose or the owners, or pretends that Oakland municipal leadership is faultless. I’m not really sure what the above post is trying to get it, but obviously this particular rant doesn’t do anything to further efforts to finding a stadium for the A’s.
    But here’s one vote for making it clear that there are supporters of the team in Oakland who are taking action to push local leaders on this issue, for better or worse. Trying to group anyone in favor of the team staying in Oakland with attitudes like those highlighted in this post is oversimplifying the situation.

  9. @ JH510 – “who are taking action to push local leaders on this issue” What are these “actions” you speak of? To whom? What have been their responses? Just curious….

  10. “falseballpark.org”? Your troll-fu is weak, sir.

  11. As ignorant as his comments were, Keith does have a point because you are a snarky lil’ hoe.

  12. @Anon: not really worth the time and energy of going down this path again since we’ve been here before on past posts. But in summary, its been mostly email exchanges with local elected officials in Oakland, city staff working on stadium issues for the A’s, Raiders and Warriors, and with business owners and local leaders in the East Bay that have shown interest in supporting the A’s in Oakland. This is on top of all the standard public meeting and/or public comment opportunities for local activities affecting the A’s in a number of ways.
    Information I’ve been receiving, along with the enthusiasm from those I’ve contacted, has been surprisingly substantive regarding progress in Oakland. As a supporter of the team remaining in Oakland, I’m excited to see these ongoing exchanges continue to see what future actions are upcoming.
    I know from past exchanges with you that you’ve been similarly diligent with your local elected officials in San Jose, but if you’re interested in contacting officials and other supporters of the team staying in Oakland, I’d be happy to pass that information along to you offline.

  13. @JH510

    Where and how oakland come up w/ 1B ? show me how then maybe I will believe it. Otherwise, just smoke and mirror.

  14. btw, it is not just the A’s, the raiders also wants a new palace. How will Oakland find the money for both ?

  15. @daniel: the exchanges I’ve been having with local elected officials and local planners are more focused on the site and infrastructure for a stadium, and the extensive tasks associated with that ranging from environmental reviews to land-use planning and entitlements. These people would not be responsible for buying the team nor paying for a stadium, however their participation is clearly a necessity.
    The dialog with local business owners and non-governmental leaders regarding has been encouraging and positive, but as much as I’d like them to do so, there isn’t a high level of willingness to disclose financial information (I’m assuming this relates to the “1B” you refer to) regarding the potential purchase of a franchise that “isn’t for sale” by the current owners. As a supporter of the team staying in Oakland, I’d love to wave my magic wand to force them to do so, but I’m not holding my breath. But the fact that Don Knauss went on record last year speaking about an ownership group with the backing to both purchase the team and build a downtown stadium should tell you something, even if many find fault with the lack of recent news from this group (who again, right not, have nothing “to buy.”)

  16. In addition to what JH510 has said, I would just like to add that ML has been always been very fair to both Oakland and SJ. Reality favors SJ at this point in time and to deny that is fantasy. I hope that changes but that’s where we are now

  17. @ JH510 – yes, I would be interested in contacting them as the mayor/city council reps from Oakland haven’t responded to my request for more information. My email is stranx44@yahoo.com.

  18. I have to admit, I find it funny that Keith calls out ML for not talking to him in person and “attacking” him on the internet, but then he goes and does the same thing. What was stopping Keith from approaching ML at the blogger event? But, no, that would mean Keith couldn’t complain about ML, right?

  19. @Anon: great, just sent you an email.

  20. This will only get worse as Bud sits on his ass.

  21. @ LS – Keith lied, he never tried… :X

    • Update 3:00 PM – Good to know that Salminen reads the site. They all do even though they hate the viewpoint. If only there were someone from the Oakland-only camp who cared enough to provide thorough information and analysis. Anyway, here’s his latest ranting.

      I don’t quite get his obsession with doing things face-to-face. After all, if he was really that upset before he could’ve come up to me at FanFest, a Save Oakland Sports meeting last year, at a game. If Salminen wants to have a chat over a beer at the West Side Club, I’m down. If not, well, his nonsensical posts will continue to provide comedic fodder for this site.

      Back to real news later tonight as I’ll be covering the Sacramento City Council meeting. As you were.

  22. Keith ought to grow up.

  23. Very mature response by Keith. He’s going to try to resort to threats and violence (maybe) because you didn’t go out of your way to spend a minute with him? If he’s that interested in conversing he should reach out to you. And ohhhh like mike, I just want to bounce you on my knee.

  24. I had high hopes that SOS would better LGO (yes, i know…that’s not exactly a high bar to shoot for), but after these comical threats (verbal and psychological beatdown?!! wtf is he going to mindmeld with you after cussing you out?!!)….

  25. ML… I apologize to you on behalf of Oakland Citizens. It is sad that people feel like they have to attack those who have contrary views than your own. I read on one of the threads that he is on the board of save Oakland Sports????? Wow!! That kind of dialogue by those who claim to represent Oakland Fans won’t get us very far. I must say that your website brings great information and is updated regularly. The same cant be said of SOS or LGO. I am relatively new to the website so I am a bit ignorant to many of the issues and topics. Having said that even if you favor a move to San Jose I know based on what I have read thus far that you are trying to be balanced. The fact that you bring up the many challenges Oakland faces in getting a stadium built should not be interpreted as being negative or trying to smear the truth as it relates to Oakland. The fact that you even gave Mr.Dixon a column and prefaced it by saying you would welcome any news along those lines tells me you are not willingly trying to be smear Oakland’s efforts. I see this in Politics all the time, one party bashes the other and all the while no one is offering solutions. Time is running out on Oakland and unless someone answers the hard questions and finds creative solutions as well as being strong enough to handle criticism from those who oppose their views then we might as well kiss A’s goodbye. Once again thank you for doing your due diligence and bringing thought provoking commentary and news to those who love the A’s. I am getting the word out amongst my peers and friends about your website and they are giving me positive feedback. Keep up the good work ML and don’t sweat the negativity. Go A’s!!!!!!!!

  26. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a RUSH -Road Warrior Hawk

  27. One thing the pro-Oakland group(s) really ought to do by now is put all of their weight behind supporting one stadium plan. Whether it’s Coliseum City, Victory Court, Howard Terminal or whatever else, try to settle on the best of what’s there and go all out to make it work somehow.

    Just throwing out another random site because you can cram a rendering of a ballpark on it muddies the waters further.

  28. Since you’re too much of a pussy to say anything to Keith’s face I’ve decided to give the Estuary ballpark a second look. Peace out!

  29. @ML
    1st I apologize for my boy Kevin calling you a female, he didn’t do it on purpose, he lives in France & doesn’t know you.

    I just received an offer for 100% private financing and i told the city that a certain media outlet wants to market my design, I told them when the design is ready, as you wish. But not yet, i would rather wait until the design is ready.

    Regardless im going to design something the fans can be proud of @estuary park! So no matter how much negative energy I get from this design I understand I wouldn’t be getting those type of reactions if I wasn’t doing something right. I realize that im on to something & its exciting enough for me to keep going!

    So when I hear on newballpark… im not intelligent, renders arent good as gensler, my design doesn’t work, im bitching, im mad, my designs are not realistic & i see ppl drawing sketches of my design on your twitter mocking me, if they knew me, then they would know they are not effecting my efforts because to the fans that matter are the reason why i haven’t gave up. Im sure alot of your followers wish I would quit…

    But that is what happens When you cant attack the plan, you attack the man.

  30. @D’Sjon Dixon Oakland A’s fans should be proud of your efforts. Good luck and stay positive!

  31. Wow the last couple days have taken a weird turn with amateur hour going on. Calling people names and then threatening them, what is going on?

    And no “like mike” you aren’t at all.

    @d’jon using the “But that is what happens When you cant attack the plan, you attack the man.” actually people keep asking you about the plan. You say you can’t answer now or ignore questions of the plan all together. Why are you mad at M.L. Most people wouldn’t know about your plan if it wasn’t for him. Because he critiques your plan, it isn’t him attacking you or your plan. It’s him asking honest questions of which you should be thankful for. Because it does nothing but helps. He has given more time to any of this then anyone else in the Bay Area. So use his questions has reasons to build your plan. If you think he is wrong on a subject. Don’t come at him in attack mode or responding in all caps. That doesn’t come across professional at all.

    Having someone with their opinion come to support you is welcome. But have them do some research also. The guy from France came across has someone with some intelligence but uninformed of the Bay Area. There are many places on this website that shows M.L. Is a guy. Plus using Wikipefia for any fact finding mission is never advised.

    So be proud of the work you have done, but dont be mad when people have negative responses. Just use that as a way to improve your project. Not everyone that opposes you are wrong in their questions. They bring some valid points. People would love honest answers to prove they’re wrong.

  32. @D’Sjon – I strongly urge you to read in full the Final EIR for the approved funding from measure DD. While your photos show you have passion in keeping the A’s in Oakland, Estuary Park is already spoken for. In reading the Final EIR you can get the full view of just how many agencies have their say in the process. The Estuary Park area is already slated for and currently being cleaned to become part of the Waterfront Trail Group. Making such a drastic change now, would undermine the entire plan that was presented before the voting public and approved over 11 years ago. What you’re essentially asking is to scratch what’s been worked on for over a decade and start all over again. Please read the Final EIR in full to see what you’re really up against. The problem you face isn’t from a pro A’s to San Jose crowd. The real problem is from all the many agencies that will raise holy hell if Oakland tries to change the rules on measure DD in the middle of the game.

    Click to access oak035160.pdf

  33. At D’sjon…
    Once again I applaud your efforts. The only limitations we have as humans are in our mind so I applaud your efforts. Do you have a blog? What is your twitter name or facebook page? If I wanted to support you in any way where could i do so?? I own a trucking and logistics company in Oakland and I network with people of all walks of life and various industries. I have connections with construction companies, bakeries, port of oakland officials and teamsters, we move freight from pepsi in hayward, Coke in San leandro, etc etc. I’m just a normal hardworking guy who grew up in the rough streets of east oakland and got on that straight and narrow path and through hardwork, passion, and an understanding that people matter I have been able to build a profitable small business as I got smarter and wiser. i think your idea needs to be pressed to the forefront so it can gain moment and so that people can get behind it. Seeing that my business requires me to do alot of “selling” I have learned that the buyers are not moved by logic but by emotion. All the rhetoric i hear has not moved me as much as the vision of what the estuary could be has. Keep up the good work! Nothing is impossible to him that believes!!!!

  34. @muppet151

    Thanks I have done my homework.
    Let me tell how, bc if plans like measure DD dont work then my design fails. I need Oak to Ninth to work. I need Coli City to work! The canal thru estuary just opened to Lake Merritt; now imagine that vibrant lake connecting all the way down the industrial water front with canoes, bay trails, bike paths & all built up like the Oak to Ninth project, all the way down to Coli City! Thats where my Raiders & the Warjas will play. ..

    This design is site specific, so i need projects like measure DD around London Piers 365 days to work! Feeding off each other, cafes, mall, restaurants, science labs, galleries! the city if Oakland is doing a good job, & we just need to keep it up! It just a catalyst away from finishing the job!

    My London Piers Mall fits snug like just like att park, creating new micro communities. This is what designs like this are for! To tie a whole city together. This design makes measure DD, Oak to Ninth work bc now you have something to do… lol I mean, you just ignited the whole downtown that will stimulate a community just like coli city every single day stadium 365.

    You made a Good point! bc now Coli City is making revenue in an underachieving area but you have an opportunity to spread that revenue out downtown too; all while connecting the two neighborhoods. Measure DD! Awesome!

    apologies for the caps… lol I don’t notice it, I work at an awesome architecture firm & all I do is type in CAPS ALL DAY! How many architectural plans have you seen that are not in caps…? lol

    Now Back to work, team no sleep! Im designing the restoration of the water front, im compensating for the ever rising water table with ecological landscape spaces ! Hint: ceqa

  35. Looking forward to real news after this…

  36. @Mike – “Wow the last couple days have taken a weird turn with amateur hour going on. Calling people names and then threatening them, what is going on?”

    Agreed. I was going to add my two cents, but I thought better of it. No need to pour more fuel on the fire. Ignore the trolls.

  37. D’Sjon, I think you’re missing the point muppet was making. The very land you’re designing your stadium on has already been spoken for. As in, can’t be used to build your stadium on.

  38. Perhaps the last time RM “all” ballpark designs and concepts will be presented?

  39. Don’t blame ML for the fake mockup of a park. That was all me. It was hard to watch that AFR and not feel like everyone was out of touch with reality and ignoring the challenges that lie ahead if the Estuary idea is to be taken seriously.

  40. Funny how the A’s shouldn’t move to this far off land of freeways and office parks, but instead should build an office park by the freeway.

  41. @goA’sDubzRaiderz

    im on facebook and twitter: D’Sjon Dixon
    thanks for the support, its frustrating trying to educate people about what you know and they have their own set views but if i can reach one person that was thinking another to change their views towards my site then it was well worth it!

    i wake up and say to myself i can do it, APPLIED knowledge is power!

    saveoaklandsports.org is the best way you can get involved! meeting on march 4th at rickys sports bar

  42. Looking at the estuarypark website, is it me or does his design look eerily similar to Phone Booth park with the same extenal brick facade, bleacherless right field, and and same placement of the main videoboard? Strange…

  43. I been an A’s fan my whole life, I want them to get a new yard so bad! I am from san jose but dont care where it is as long as its in the bay area… When i saw the article about estuary park i got excited about this interesting possibility but after reading D’Sjons post and the post from a supposed SOS board member Keith, reality sets in.

    Sorry Oakland supporters that your representatives trying to keep the A’s in oakland acting like this.

    @D’Sjon you have a great idea, ML and others have reasonable questions that come up in any stadium project. If you want people to take you seriously you need to communicate better. I am sure at your job when your present a project not every one is onboard, they will have questions and you have to make every effort to respond.

    Sure people will be idiots and call you names on the boards and make rude comments. But you know who the posters are that have reasonable questions, I think you should try to address those. But you have to undertand how long this processes has been going on and how many “renderings” we seen and promises we have heard.

    Makes all of us be skeptical of any project unless solid details are provided….

    Skepticism on a rendering and no details is not a personnel attack.

  44. I was thinking about following this nut job on FB, but after seeing his twitter outburst I will def not follow him or watch his online broadcasts. I sort of wonder who the 10 ppl are the follow this idiots rants online on a weekly basis.

  45. talked about a’s to sj on chron live wed night. first dolich was on and said that the new “guidelines” isn’t any big news considering the blue ribbon panel likely laid those out. said the territorial rights comp from the a’s standpoint should be zero while the midgets want it to be 200 million if you look at their debt they had to pay off for at&t. basically it’s groundhog’s day and it’s unfair for the a’s fans who have to go thru season after season not knowing what’s going to happen. selig wants the a’s and midgets to figure it out but that’s won’t happen. it could come down to the lawyers from both sides and that means money and maybe more importantly time to figure things out. says the a’s are content at this time picking up revenue checks as they’re making plenty of money each season and from time to time if they’ll have a magical 2012 season but they’ll continue to do what they’ve done in the past.

    then they had the trio of purdy, ratto, ostler. purdy says he does think this means the guidelines mean someting and more important oakland at this time isn’t even in the discussion. ratto says the 200 million is basically a middle finger with the dollar amount towards the a’s from the midgets and called that amount absurb. also said part of the blame goes to the a’s who haven’t made the sj topic a huge issue to the two man who could do something and that’s selig and chw owner reinsdorf whos basically the owner with the biggest influence. ostler thinks no other commissioner would allow such topic to drag out as it has. purdy then followed up in the end saying wolff being close friends with selig has seen selig not hold his end of the partnership.

    my thoughts? didn’t reindorf in the last year or two say that he’s on the a’s side though? if he’s the most influential owner and he’s siding with the a’s why hasn’t there been more progress? also this a’s and midgets getting a deal done? yeah that’s like saying democrats and republicans will finally work together in congress. it’s freaking deadlocked in both situations and people are just sick of it.

    still think in the end the a’s will be in sj by the end of this decade.

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