Oakland gets some good news and bad news

When Oakland Mayor Jean Quan revealed plans to take advantage of the federal government’s EB-5 visa/foreign investment program, I called it creative and a good potential source of funds to replace redevelopment. What was missing prior to this year was a healthy, rebounding real estate market to encourage investment. That moment has come, culminating with Governor Jerry Brown’s announcement in Beijing of the Brooklyn Basin development, formerly Oak-to-Ninth (or “O29”). I don’t know for certain that Chinese firm Zarsion Holdings Group Ltd. is a pool of EB-5 investors, but considering the lack of information about the company and the City’s push to get EB-5 investment in China, it seems quite likely. The first phase of the project will include 1,300 of the planned 3,100 housing units.

Brooklyn Basin, comprised of two small peninsulas jutting into the Estuary to the east of Jack London Square, has undergone a painful and grueling process to get to this point. Formally initiated in 2006, the mixed-use development plan went through multiple lawsuits, EIR challenges, and even required legislation to make the land transaction work. When the recession hit, any hope of the project breaking ground before the end of the decade was dashed. Former councilman Ignacio De La Fuente occasionally spoke out for a ballpark as a favor to his developer friends at Signature Properties, to no avail. The land was included in the 2001 HOK study, coming up short compared to Uptown and other sites. I visited community meetings in 2006 to gauge sentiment on a ballpark there, and it was not met with much support due to the infrastructure problems that exist along the Embarcadero. In addition, not all of the land was available, as Oakland landowner J.W. Silveira fired off lawsuits against Oakland to send a message that their slice was not up for sale or eminent domain.

So no, Brooklyn Basin has never been considered a serious ballpark site contender. Could it be a catalyst to complement a ballpark at Howard Terminal? Perhaps. The question at Howard Terminal, as ever, is how will any of it get paid for. The East Bay Express reported yesterday that the Port of Oakland, which controls Howard Terminal, is in debt up to its eyeballs. This is a problem, because the loss of funds from redevelopment could be backfilled by additional debt on the Port. If the Port is strapped for cash, it’ll be hard to build the proper infrastructure that would be required to support a ballpark. Even AT&T Park got help from San Francisco on the infrastructure front. Victory Court died partly because costs to prep the site far surpassed the $85 million that was originally budgeted for the site. The loss of redevelopment money was the final nail in the coffin. At this point there is no true cost estimate for Howard Terminal, and there won’t be unless an EIR is done there to ascertain the cost of cleaning up the site in advance of a ballpark’s foundation work.

Mayor Quan has talked about Coliseum City as a candidate for EB-5 funding, which I can see happening. While that’s promising, it’s important to keep EB-5’s impact in perspective. For the first phase of Brooklyn Basin, Zarsion is only putting in $28 million, or less than 2% of the entire project’s cost. With Coliseum City’s much larger price tag, developers and the City will have to either get foreign investors to bump up their share (which may be limited by how EB-5 works) or find other sources which don’t include redevelopment, state, and perhaps even sales tax money. In the end it all has to pencil out. It’s unclear how either site pencils out with the limitations set on the City and County.

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  1. The most underwhelming post ever on this site. Golf clap. Hope you didn’t spend too much time on that.

  2. Something doesn’t quite jive… $28M? That’s not much compared to the overall cost and yet Signature calls the Chinese firm “co developers.”
    The project will be built as demand warrants, which makes sense, but how is that really all that different? Hadn’t the project been waiting pending demand anyway?
    It sounds like a deal has been made to prepare the site for construction, a redevelopment replacement, and not much more.
    There’s a chicken and an egg problem in JLS that has existed for a long time. Not enough residents to drive retail development, not the right kind of retail to attract more residents. This doesn’t seem to be changing that dynamic.

  3. Not really. What you call points, I’d call asterisks. Like you said when you slipped on the news feed, this has nothing to do with newballpark.

    Here are the points as I see ’em:

    The Chinese investment. Whoa.

    JB killed redevelopment. This is how he reinstates it.

    This represents a massive shift of migration in the city of Oakland. I could tell you stories about JB’s sheet metal shack, the denizens of 5th Ave, the ArtShip. This is a prime piece of real estate that has been waiting for something to happen. For decades. Everyone knew it. Many have have stuck their fingers in it.

    I didn’t like Oak-2-9th, at all, it was all about timing. For the exact same reasons I laughed at the A’s moving to Fremont. Both would have been seriously underwater, and I’m not talking about global warming.

    The big ugly cement/sand thing was slated for demolition, but saved the Bay Area’s ass after recent disasters, hence it was spared. That and some other junk will have to be eminent domained/replaced. It will be interesting to see how that shapes up.

    I mentioned Silveira first, he was a big part of the hold-up. I reckon he’s getting old and is ready to cash in his chips. This caught me off-guard, I’ll make some phone calls to his tenants. I don’t think they’ll complain too much, they had their time plus an extension.

    What is NOT happening to Estuary Park could be significant. That’s part of the “green” allocation, but it could easily be replaced.

    JB hates sports – he must have gotten beat up as a kid, he doesn’t get the the zen thing about sports. And he really doesn’t like Oakland, either, he just moved here because it’s cheaper, like everyone else. He’s had his hand in property development but he’s not a property developer at heart.

    But he’s the governor and a former mayor – this is where he got his restart. Vegas says he can complete 75% of any given redevelopment project.

    I’m not sure about this Brooklyn Basin thing, though I understand the new name, and it’s apt.

    Re-read your post again, I still can’t find any points.

  4. Jeffrey – 28M? – vibes with me.

    That’s how an astute Chinese businessman works. Rewind to the 1989 earthquake and Hong Kong divestment. How Bay Area property shifted subsequent to that. You call it small, I call it prudent.

    If I wanted to redevelop that neighborhood, that’s how I’d do it. I’m not moving train tracks.

    But after that goose flies, a ballpark becomes a trinket. Uptown Oakland ballpark? Turns out they didn’t need it. JB knows it.

    It’s now incumbent upon the Oakland A’s to prove their worth to the city. Fremont and San Jose just want to prove they are real cities. If Wolfe moves the A’s, that’s his folly, we got bigger fries to fish.

  5. In other words… You’re full of shit.

  6. In other words… Misleading headline. There’s no bad news today.

    The A’s are the hottest team in the entire MLB tonight. The City of Oakland scored what might be a “victory” as well. We’ll see how the season plays out.

    @ML & Jeffrey – Do you have anything to say about the points in my posts?

    I never accused either of you of being “full of shit.” I wish you the best. Enjoy life.

  7. This Brooklyn Basin plan is nothing more than a neighborhood housing redevelopment plan to attract new residents who are seeking to live in an affordable, centrally located, safe, and attractive looking area. This is similar to Jerry Brown’s Uptown plan, but on a much larger scale. It should be noted that the plan made no mention or reference to upgrading Oakland’s professional sports facilities. No surprise!

  8. @Jeffrey,
    Could not have said it better myself. Thank you.

  9. re: The East Bay Express reported yesterday that the Port of Oakland, which controls Howard Terminal, is in debt up to its eyeballs. This is a problem, because the loss of funds from redevelopment could be backfilled by additional debt on the Port. If the Port is strapped for cash, it’ll be hard to build the proper infrastructure that would be required to support a ballpark

    …This leaves just the default “John Fisher is rich” plan for paying for it all. If only Fisher would sign on to it.

  10. Given Uptown’s struggle, it’s really no wonder the developer is choosing to take a long view on building up Brooklyn Basin.

  11. the Oakland hate never ends… Jerry Brown, like him or not, wouldn’t put this out if it weren’t legit… A 1.5 Billion dollar project is good news for “the town”!

    Reading biased comments on a news site (SFGATE, etc.) isn’t going to give you a true view of a place. SF news rags have a long history of bias towards Oakland. If something happens in SF, its “hunters point”, or “the fillmore”. never San Francisco. Then their rags make blanket statements about oakland. And from the sentiments on this site, i see many of you have fallen for it.

  12. David: Please stop with your Oakland “hate” nonsense. Are you saying anybody who doesn’t see things your way “hates” Oakland? I’ll be in Oakland again this Sunday – can’t wait. Oakland has had 15+ years to get its act together on a new ballpark, something just about every other MLB city has been able to do in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, there has been no progress. Get a ballpark built in Oakland (an Oakland waterfront ballpark would have better ambiance than the, well, drab downtown San Jose site) but the bottom line is nobody is coming forward willing to pay for an Oakland ballpark. Not for the ballpark, not for the site remediations, nothing.

  13. @pjk – i didn’t say that. I said there is a longstanding, misrepresentation of the City of oakland in the mainstream media.

    from the trib:
    “The connection with the Chinese firm was made through Bruce Quan, a college friend of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan (no relation) who grew up in Oakland and is also an official with Zarsion.

    Mayor Quan said the city is talking to many investment groups in China about Oakland projects, including new sports stadiums, but “this is the first (deal) that we absolutely brought home.”

    Zarsion will provide an initial investment of $28 million that will allow Signature to complete drawings and begin work on the first phase of the project, which will include 1,300 housing units.

    Additional contributions would come “as needed,” Nieto said. He added that Zarsion, which is both a real estate developer and investment firm, would be a co-developer and that its financial contribution would be “substantial.”

  14. David,
    Your in an honorable profession for crying out loud! Why oh why does pointing out the truth about Oakland always equated to “hating Oakland”? Yes, you are correct that this development is good news for Oakland; no one here is disputing that. But is it also bad news that the Port of O is up to its ears in debt? Is it “hating” to point out that the initial investment is $28 million (yes, better than nothing) and that the demand will warrant further construction( $1.5 billion for the finished product in 2021, not initial investment in 2013 BTW)?
    Look, the economy (and the Bay Area in particular) is coming back big time, especially real estate. Heck, as I type here in Evergreen SJ, homes, townhomes and retail is going up all around me. From SF, the Peninsula down to SJ, billions of dollars in construction is taking place. It’s awesome that Oakland is also getting in on the action. But that’s where this story ends; it has nothing to do with where the A’s will play in th future and the decision that MLB will render (or has already made). Any questions?

  15. If the Chinese want to invest in a Raiders stadium at the Coliseum, I’m all for that. As a realist however, I don’t see them even contributing $28 million to such a venture.
    Also, Brown is stumping for Chinese investment for ALL of California, not just Oakland. Quan can provide her “wish list” to Chinese investors all she wants; they’re just a likely to invest in San Diego, Long Beach or SF as Oakland. Pretty far fetched to think that billions more will head for The O from China.

  16. Tony D……Let’s Go Oakland!…The Oakland A’s. Hear those fans last night? You always say Go SJ but wont say Let’s Go Oakland where the team plays lol. You are sad….enjoy another choke job by the Sharks

  17. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough A’s fans in the East Bay like 510, David, etc, to sustain the team. I had to push back on some Giants proselytizing a couple weeks ago by some folks living right smack in the A’s designated territory. Big Time Giants Fans living in Contra Costa County…We’re all on the same team in here on this blog. But some of us seem to equate a move to San Jose to a move to San Antonio. If things don’t get moving on a new A’s ballpark in the Bay Area soon, a move to San Antonio is exactly what we will get.

  18. Hey, Marine Layer, are you going to do a write-up on how SJ’s Mayor got completely dissed by MLB? So transparent. You run a headline including “bad news” for Oakland but you don’t even mention how SJ groveled to MLB and got burned. No, you make sure to get your Oakland jabs in. Fair and unbiased, indeed.

    I’d say it’s funny but ain’t nothin funny about this kind of money. How much are you getting paid to post this kind of cleverly-slanted spin and who’s pulling your strings?

    I do have a theory…

  19. @Lakeshore OAK – Tomorrow, after I cover what I expect will be an unsuccessful court hearing for the City of San Jose. Trying to combine both into a single post. Any other questions?

  20. Selig responded to Reed. “Completely dissed” would have been ignoring Reed’s letter. Selig told Reed to contact the A’s ballpark committee, which of course has spent 4+ years trying and failing to find a ballpark solution in the A’s current territory. Reed plans to set up a meeting.

  21. FWIW, I was just reading up on some stuff regarding MLB seizing the Dodgers from Frank McCourt: “But in taking control of the Dodgers, Selig has said that McCourt is not fit, at least now, to run the team. Selig has never taken such a drastic step against an owner.”- NY Times…If Wolff-Fisher are the awful owners some folks make them out to be, why hasn’t Selig taken over the A’s and had MLB proceed with construction of a new ballpark in Oakland? Obviously, because MLB hasn’t found anything that contradicts with Wolff’s notion that all ballpark options in Oakland have been exhausted.

  22. @ML – One more questions: Can you give us a sneak preview of your headline?

    Wait, lemme guess:

    “SJ Mayor sends letter to MLB and gets dissed…but Oakland still sucks.”

    “MLB isn’t miffed at SJ Mayor, invites him to tea and cookies, says ‘I love you’.”

    “Litigation is good for San Jose and good for baseball…and Oakland still sucks”

    I have more. Hit me up if you’re struggling.

  23. freddy said:

    I mentioned Silveira first, he was a big part of the hold-up. I reckon he’s getting old and is ready to cash in his chips. This caught me off-guard, I’ll make some phone calls to his tenants. I don’t think they’ll complain too much, they had their time plus an extension.

    That’s cute. Silveira will change his tune? Go ahead, give those tenants a call and let us know what happens. Chances are that Silveira will be suing Oakland from beyond the grave.

    Anyone who had followed O29 from the beginning would know that Estuary Park is off limits. Through a combination of Measure DD funds and the efforts of citizens and groups like Waterfront Action, Estuary Park is going to be improved and expanded. Previously Signature tried to push the idea that Estuary Park was sufficient in terms of open space, so less would be required on the project site. That idea died swiftly. Opponents fought for more open space, better shoreline access, and preservation of views from the hills. They succeeded in reshaping the project. Don’t expect that to go backwards unless you like more lawsuits.

    EB-5 is nowhere close to a redevelopment replacement. It won’t provide a small fraction of the money normally spent by RDAs in previous years. EB-5 is a federal program, so anyone that tries to get their city going will be in competition with other cities throughout the country, even small rural towns building ski resorts and other non-redevelopment projects. I gave Mayor Quan credit for being creative here, but it’s going to take a lot more than EB-5 to get other big projects going.

  24. @Lakeshore OAK – You’ll read it no matter what the headline is. That’s the great thing about what I do.

  25. Nah I don’t read this site – I don’t need to. I can pretty much tell you what it’s going to say every time.

    My Oakland friends, who are very aware of who you are what you do, mentioned this write-up to me. I thought I’d come by and congratulate you. Funny thing is: I told them all exactly what you would write. Thank you for proving my point.

    Only you and newballpark.org put any negative spin on this story, whatsoever. Every other source I’ve read says this is pretty much win-win for Oakland. NONE of the other sources put “bad news” in the headline. I guess that is your creative choice, but it’s very telling that you would use that kind of wording.

    Yeah. Unbiased.

  26. What exactly might the downside be if the city of Oakland allocates EB-5 funds to partially cover the debts of the port? If the port’s debt is a major road block to the development of proper infrastructure, then using investment funds to lessen the debt should work to alleviate that road block. I know EB-5 funds have to be used for job creation, but if easing the port’s debt leads to new infrastructure, then the investment effectively works to create the jobs needed to build it (the infrastructure, that is).

    Obviously this idea would require additional investments beyond what was made public yesterday, but I’m wondering how feasible it may be, just out of curiosity.

  27. The A’s are on a good run and suddenly the commets from the last two blogs have turned quite nasty…..interesting dynamic.
    Selig tells Reed to contact the Ballpark Committee.Is this a new angle? ie..Did Reed have the ability to do this before? I am sure the committee will tell him absolutely nothing.So this is a brush off by Selig who is suppose to be making the decision himself.
    I’m just waiting for some lease news at this point.

  28. @Lakeshore OAK – Matier and Ross reported today that the Hunter’s Point/Candlestick/Lennar deal, which was being funded by money from China, just fell apart. Why? China demanded more control than Lennar was willing to give up. I’d be careful to celebrate before shovels hit the ground.

    The bad news I was referring to was the East Bay Express article, which all of the Oakland-only crowd summarily ignored and is far more impactful for Howard Terminal than the Brooklyn Basin deal. None of the comments in this thread or the previous thread from that crowd attempted to address the issues there. It just so happened that both articles came out on the same day. Both deserve equal coverage, so I combined them into a single post. Don’t like it? Tough.

  29. @Patrick – Since each EB-5 applicant is responsible for a certain amount of job creation, it might be difficult to make a straight line connection between the building of infrastructure and new jobs. That’s up to the government’s enforcement of the visas, which I’ve heard is shaky so far.

    The program is also clear on what investments it supports – mainly private enterprise. The Port is a public entity. I can’t see that passing muster with the USCIS. Imagine how that would look, the Chinese “buying” our public infrastructure.

  30. does the city of SJ have a 3 billion dollar unfunded pension issue? Oakland has similar problems. The difference… Oakland’s problems are blown out of proportion.

  31. @David – Now you’re going to change the subject? The difference between Oakland and San Jose is that San Jose’s mayor has a voter-approved plan to deal with pension problem. What has Oakland’s mayor done so far? Refinance and push the problem out, stall and delay.

  32. In San Jose’s case, as has been said before, there is a strong enough corporate environment to get a ballpark done without taxpayer dollars being needed to pay for construction Not case in Oakland. San Jose’s unfunded pensions have no impact on the ballpark project. This may not seem fair but that’s the way it is…

  33. @ML – The subject is constantly changing on these threads. I was really reacting to “Lakeshore_Oak” assertion about the biases in the mainstream media, re: Oakland.

    You SJ baseball folks will sign up for whatever Wolff is selling. Like Fremont. How many fortune 500 companies are in Fremont? The biggest crock of dung, that is thrown around this whole debate is the corporate money nonsense. Corporate money can go anywhere it wants to. If oakland fans can theoritically drive 45 minutes to the south bay, of course the south bay can drive to Oakland and money is wired through banks… no need to drive it up to the town!

  34. @David – Money is wired through banks? That must be why Oakland had to go across the ocean to salvage O29. You’re welcome to contact SVLG member companies to see if they’ll commit to Oakland. Also, good job not responding to what I wrote.

  35. As has been said before, a privately funded ballpark needs to be near where the corporate $, so luxury suites, etc, can be filled at game time. Expecting Silicon Valley corporate executives and their guests to trek an hour+ up to Oakland for 7 pm games and have them make the trek back again after 10 pm aint gonna happen.

  36. David: You’re rehashing the same old tired, debunked arguments. What’s that about?

  37. Already covered in here extensively, Freddy. Now can someone tell me how Selig telling Reed to talk to the MLB committee that can’t find a ballpark solution in Oakland after 4+ years of trying represents progress for Oakland’s ballpark efforts?

  38. @ML – I did respond to what you wrote. You are pessimistic and I am optimistic. I’m not going point by point through your post. And from the twitter feed on the side of this blog, you’re spreading more pessimism there. The China Basin project has nothing to do with this project.

    Chinese companies provided most of the material and cranes, etc., used to build the new bay bridge span. The chinese get shit done!

    • @David – No David, I’m realistic and your head is in the clouds. If you’re not going to debate the points, don’t bring up the subject. You lose.

  39. i thought http://www.estuarywaterfrontproject.com was what you guys call in the valley vaporware… lmao

    i like how you failed to mention anything about the ballpark at estuary park that the direct article you read from sfgate talks bout my stadium but you bring up Howard Terminal, coli city and victory court… lol

    that article said nothing about those sites.

    i wonder what ballpark they were talking about when they said not to mention this site is being mentioned for a ballpark… before they revised the article lol

    dont matter read the comments on the article and you cant deny what time it is…


    • @D’Sjon Dixon – Here’s the quote from the article:

      The city, meanwhile, proposed building a baseball stadium for the Athletics nearby.

      What city-proposed ballpark are they referring to? Could it be one of these? Because, as far as I know, your idea isn’t city-proposed. It’s you-proposed.

  40. “Among other things, the site had been considered for a possible baseball stadium as well as a second location for Lawrence Berkeley Lab.”

    that was the exact quote from sfgate before they revised it, but the comments are overwhelming in support of a waterfront stadium in jack london.

    dont matter who proposed it, its out there…

  41. @ML – Didn’t you say this was all but over a couple of months ago? I would pull your quote, but for some reason all that content mysteriously disappeared. When is Wolff going to purchase the other 60% of his “head in the clouds” ballpark? Didn’t Selig tell Wolff when he bought the team that SJ was off the table? Yes, he did. Haven’t the owners repeatedly acknowledged the giants’ T-rights? Hasn’t Wolff said he can’t/won’t sue MLB? Didn’t Reed just get backslapped by good ol’ Bud?

    Let’s Go Oakland!

    • @David – I’ve stayed away from making any kinds of predictions for the past year or more. Here’s the problem. MLB won’t kill San Jose, nor will it affirm Oakland. That’s no good for anyone, and no one should come away feeling victorious about it unless you like living only in the short-term. Everything else is just machinations, whether it’s Wolff going to the media or Oakland doing a press conference. The purpose of this site is to document it all, no matter how ugly. Somehow I thought you’d understand that. I guess not.

  42. @ML – So, “i lose” because i don’t respond to your points and you gloss right over mine. I’m happy for you. I hope you make a hunk of change with your book. I really do. But, I am a hardcore, realistic, property-tax paying, Oakland native…. and I disagree with your narrative. That’s ok, by the way.

    • @David – No, you lose because you veered off-topic and couldn’t stay with your argument when challenged. Sorry dude.

  43. John Fisher is a dupe for hiring Lew Wolff to be the face of the franchise. He is part of the reason many casual fans will not come to the games. He won’t market the team vociferously, like the giants do. There are more giant ads on the A’s flagship station that from our own ball club. Andy Dolich is sill the best P.R. guy to ever work for the franchise.

  44. @ML – I’m not arguing. I have a position. There’s a difference. As far as my win-loss record, you’d blush if you saw my portfolio!

    Let’s Go Oakland!

  45. Keep going David. I understand this is therapeutic for you.

  46. I hate the Giants but man do they ever market the hell out that team. They use to be so bland now they seem to be more hip! A’s will always cool but man it can and should be so much better but this ownership dont care about that unless they are in SJ. Very sad

  47. I’m not sure what I should be seeing in that article Savage. Just someone throwing out an opinion about Oakland’s tie to the A’s. It’s a part of creative writing to paint a picture. As for me, I don’t give two deuces about SJ *OR* Oakland. They’re just arbitrary boundaries to me. And since I’m from the NBay, I’d much prefer it if there really were a site in Oakland as it would be much easier for me to get to games. But I’m a realist and am fully capable of applying my own critical thinking and can see that Oakland just isn’t going to happen. That’s not to say SJ is a slam dunk, T-Rights aside, it’s still no sure thing, but since it’s currently the best option in the bay area where I could actually see the A’s play, that’s what I currently support. If Oakland were to magick a worthwhile plan that’s actually doable I’d get behind that in a heartbeat.

  48. Another thread bites the dust. It’s official: you just can’t reason with folks wearing rose colored glasses with heads fully in the clouds. I do enough work with MH/5150 clients on a weekly basis, so I’ll cease “debating” with many of you. BTW, I could have told many of you that Selig wasn’t going to meet with Mayor Reed; why the celebration with some of you Oakland-only foamers on Seligs letter to Reed? There was really nothing negative about the letter. Heck, I’m surprised Reed got a response at all. Oh we’ll, I’ll chime in with some of you sane folk in the next thread/next topic..

  49. Dmoas…when people think of Bay Area they never think of SJ so please shut that noise up…..Bay area= bay water and bridges but specifically the Bay Bridge is symbol. Its too funny how SJ really thinks its the real bay area with all its urban sprawl. Too far removed from the heart of the Bay….sorry. I’m a Raider man as well and I think the 49ers in Santa Clara is tragic….major tragedy

  50. @ 510 – What Oakland crack have you been smoking? Bay Area to the greater world means San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and Silicon Valley. But go on with the penis envy….

  51. re: when people think of Bay Area they never think of SJ so please shut that noise up

    ..Nice generalizations there. When the A’s get to San Jose, you’re welcome to come down for a game. We’ve been waiting 15+years for Oakland to make some progress, any progress,on a ballpark but we haven’t seen any.

  52. Tony D all threads bite the dust as soon as you post…..what about all the this is one step closer to SJ garbage you spew constantly on here?

    Reed’s letter was one of desperation and when SJ is officially done you will be on suicide watch

  53. “Why, when the city of Oakland offered Victory Court (Jack London Square) and $100 million development money, did owners brush off the offer?”

    Um, didn’t they the Trib get the memo on VC?!!!!

  54. HAHA penis envy of SF? Do you really want me to go there because I can….maybe you should be Anon and have a name you coward

    No you are wrong….people whether good or bad know where Oakland is. People know Silicon Valley is in California…but as to where they dont know and they dont care. Bay Bridge is the symbol because it connects to two most known places in NorCal…SF and Oakland…..especially sports fans will know this! Stop lying

    PJK, No thanks to SJ…dont like it. Too many cops with too much to prove. Downtown is boring. Not my style. And there wont be any A’s games in SJ. You will develop a brain before that happens

  55. @anon,
    The extremely potent stuff obviously..

  56. “Why, when the city of Oakland offered Victory Court (Jack London Square) and $100 million development money, did owners brush off the offer?”

    Um, didn’t they the Trib get the memo on VC?!!!!


    1998 Wolff= said wouldnt spend 5 minutes on ballpark unless it was in San Jose….so follow his BS all you want stooge

  57. 510: When will Oakland develop a ballpark plan that is more than pep rallies, press conferences and San Jose-bashing? In another 20 years, perhaps?

  58. Yeah Tony D and the meth you SJ people are on is deadly and toxic

    San Jose= booooooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng!

    Even SJ people who have come to games in Oakland say they dont ever need to go there. You really think the Bernie Lean would have caught on in lame ass SJ? Oakland is a place of soul and coolness….SJ is not….too lame for it

    Anyhow doormats….gotta run…later on Warriors vs OKC live in OAKLAND…also gonna see the A’s go for the sweep action…..take care or take off…I dont give a damn! Outro

  59. The Warriors? You mean that team has for 40+ years refused to call itself “Oakland?” And you still support them?

  60. hi im real big Oakland athletics fan have been since 73 world series managed to catch them when in Toronto for about first 25 years the only way I could follow them was on short wave radio with always bad reception often listening till 6 or 7 in morning then going to work at 830 but if the as won id go happy I remember a game in early 80s whea the as were in Kansas city and it went to extra inns and as each ins wet tied the as hit a homer in top of 13th and starting time for work was drawing nearer I was hoping the as reliever would close out he did I went to work real happy I just hope the as would stay in Oakland now I get all as game on my laptop I have been thinking recently of coming over to Oakland but the news Oakland gets in tribune for safety aint good is it that bad is east Oakland worse than the Bronx any way im away for few hours sleep and rise for 3rd game at laa with griffin on mound best wishes from Scotland uk raymond

  61. @ 510 Savage – Keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel better. I actually grew up in the Portland area and any mention of the “Bay Area” was always associated with SF and the Golden Gate. The Bay Bridge, like Oakland, was always an afterthought in most people’s mind unfortunately, and its been trying to get out of its big sister’s shadow even to this day. As for SJ and the south bay, contrary to popular beliefe, we don’t really care if we get the notoriety of a suburban city. We’re content with being the biggest non-metro city around and relish in the laid back environment opposite to those north of us. As for Silicon Valley, now you’re just showing your ignorance since anyone that knows anything about the electronics industry knows where Fairchild Semi, Intel, HP, Apple, etc. got started. As for Anon, you’re now showing how noobish you are, since I used to go by another alias but had to change it. I’d be happy to give you my email if it makes you feel more manly…

  62. Wow the hate on this blog is better reading than the hate the A’s get on mlb.com. I am surprised that Old Bud responded at all to Mayor Reed’s request. Can’t wait for this Piece of Work Commish retires in 2014.

  63. Savage “Bay area= bay water and bridges but specifically the Bay Bridge is symbol. Its too funny how SJ really thinks its the real bay area with all its urban sprawl. Too far removed from the heart of the Bay”

    Dude. You need a geography lesson. Take another look at the map and you’ll see SJ and the South Bay touching the SF Bay. Gee, did I just call it the South BAY. Hmm… would be stupid to call it that if it weren’t on the bay. You need to loosen up and open your myopic eyes and see the rest of the world. I can’t imagine your tunnel vision of the world helping out with the rest of your life. You just sound ignorant and stupid. But hey, keep on Trolling.

  64. I went to T-Wolves-Warriors game this past Tuesday.

    First of all it is horror driving to Oakland for a 7:30 game from San Jose. It took me and my buddy (carpool lane) 1.5 hours to reach the Arena. We went to this sushi place down the street and had literally 30 minutes to down our beer and sake before the game.

    We show up and to our surprise being our first game this season there are airport metal detectors you have to walk through…..even for the club section. Unbelievable…..This was not the case for the club section last season.

    As we waited to enter from the Plaza Club entrance (there is a line because of the metal detectors) one of the ushers looks at my ticket and says we cannot enter from that area despite it being a club seat.

    He said we have to walk all the way around the arena…I was like WTF? I can enter here as I have done several times and take the tunnel from one club section to the other that wraps around the arena…..I went on to tell the guy part of the reason why I bought a club seat is so I can get into the arena faster than standing in the normal entrances. This guy looked all befuddled and I was like screw it lets walk…I missed opening tip because of this jerk-off.

    You have got to be shitting me….In San Jose they do not wand you and the club entrance to the arena has no line at all.

    But in ghetto ass Oakland they have airport metal detectors at the club entrance? You have to empty your pockets? WTF? What is next? Taking our shoes off and belts?

    What does that tell you about the area and Oakland in general? You wonder why the A’s and Warriors want out of Oakland.

    At the Giants playoff game last year they wanded everyone which is OK because it does not slow down the entrance to the game and I can hold my keys and phone in my hands.

    This goes to show you why Oakland is going to lose both teams and perhaps the Raiders……In San Jose or SF this type of thing would never happen.

    Safety is a big issue in Oakland and you wonder why San Jose doesn’t do the same thing?

  65. “Outro”; Hopefully the idiot is gone for good. Go A’s and Go SJ!!

  66. “But in ghetto ass Oakland they have airport metal detectors at the club entrance? You have to empty your pockets? WTF? What is next? Taking our shoes off and belts?”
    WTF…How’s that hate and ignorance been working for you?

  67. BTW> Regarding BS’s rebuff of Reed, an interesting tidbit many could of glanced over:

    “Selig wrote that the committee he appointed more than four years ago to study the A’s plan for a downtown San Jose ballpark has been in “frequent contact” with the city.”

    For a committee designed to look at potential sites within the A’s present territory, it’s interesting that it has made constant contact with SJ. What this means, we’ll hopefully one day find out, but it may be MLB playing both sides to get the best deal for LW….

  68. “This goes to show you why Oakland is going to lose both teams and perhaps the Raiders……In San Jose or SF this type of thing would never happen.”

    No, that has nothing to do with whether or not Oakland loses its teams.

  69. Anon, I’m not sure I’d read much into that. I mean, come on, if they had the kind of contact with the city that would suggest anything of value, do you really think Reed would have been sending Selig a letter in the first place? It seems pretty clear any contact (along with the subjectivity of what “frequent” in this case means) that they’re not giving them any sense that they’re making progress.

    Sid, dude, that kind of thing can/will happen anywhere. It’s hardly a statement on Oakland. I’ve had bad experiences in SF, SJ, in my own home town, and in Oakland. I’ve also had good ones too. You had a bad day and they added more security, big fing deal.

  70. re: For a committee designed to look at potential sites within the A’s present territory, it’s interesting that it has made constant contact with SJ. What this means, we’ll hopefully one day find out, but it may be MLB playing both sides to get the best deal for LW….

    …and of course, neither city is giving MLB the deal it expects – a publicly financed ballpark. Which is why nothing is happening.

  71. Oakland has soul, that’s true. Compare the wikipedia page for famous people from Oakland with the one for San Jose. Of course, being next to Berkeley makes a difference. Palo Alto is allied more with SF, leaving San Jose somewhat stranded, culturally.

    I watched the 84 super bowl in a dive bar in Oaxaca along with a bunch of other gringos. One guy from the east coast got going about Oakland, about how the Raiders belonged in Oakland the way the dodgers belonged in Brooklyn. Everyone pretty much agreed with him. Oakland was a tough mythical place to all of those people. Today, Oakland still has presence. And those of us who live here like it. Meanwhile, no one thinks San Jose is synonymous with Silicon Valley.

    But, much to my dismay, Oakland doesn’t seem to be able to support the A’s.

  72. @ DMOAS – I agree with you, the contact is there, but probably the topics/subjects/information isn’t as much as the city had hoped for (keeping everyone in the dark essentially). I just find it intriguing that they would solicit SJ at all if the BRC was formed to explore any viable option in the A’s present TR.

    @ XS: “Meanwhile, no one thinks San Jose is synonymous with Silicon Valley” … Cisco, Sun Power, Adobe, Brocade, SVLG, etc., says hello. But hey, I guess only the IP lawyers know that… :X

  73. @suit,
    Your bias towards San Jose is amazing! Palo Alto more “allied” with SF? WTF?! No one thinks San Jose is synonymous with Silicon Valley? Where do you get this CRAP!? (HEY! I just answered my own question).

  74. Re Reeds letter to Selig: Will have more when RM posts about it, but a quick preview: It’s all about being a pro-active mayor and legacy. More to follow…

  75. To all my Oakland supporters do u think its better to go with Howard terminal or Coliseum city??

  76. I went to high school in Silicon Valley. My parents still live there, not far from Apple’s headquarters. I know where the IP lawyers are — they’re in Palo Alto and SF, primarily. I don’t have a “bias,” I have the view from a pleasant redwood grove in Oakland — a far nicer place than I ever saw in San Jose. Sorry.

  77. Gotta agree with suit on that one….hey suit u like h.t or c.c for the a’s and raiders..

  78. ……I have a feeling we are going to have a SF Giants vs. Oakland A’s World series…..with the yanks outta the way and im confident Detroit or baltimore wont be a problem again…this would be the right to s.j the right for Oakland to claim everything…heard it here first….where fozzy at?

  79. @suit,
    To quote the great Jeffrey, “you’re full of shit.” And yes, you ARE bias towards San Jose. I could open a whole can of worms comparing San Jose to Oakland, but I’ll take the high road (unlike yourself).

  80. Tony, what’s up with you tonight? Chill, man. I happen to have a basis for my opinion of San Jose. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s far from wrong.

  81. Trying to crap all over my town with biased bull shit, yet have the audacity to ask what’s up with me tonight? WOW! You now never cease to amaze suit. Unfortunately, you’re becoming more like “them.” Oh well, done with this thread…(good night!)

  82. OT:

    Great start of the season for the A’s. Even the pro-Oakland and pro-SJ camps can on agree that.

  83. be interesting how big the crowds will be this weekend? there will some good promotion give aways thru out the weekend with the reddick foam gold glove on fri, blanket sat, and calander sun so there should be some good crowds regardless.

    probably biggest question marks will be to start next weekend with three games against hou mon thru wed.

  84. God I hate coliseum city. Luckily it looks like Jean quan’s Chinese investors are going To pay for Brooklyn basin instead of coliseum city. (no that hasn’t been officially announced but I’m guessing these are the same people.) I’m hoping this project brings more interest to Howard terminal and getting a ballpark (and hopefully warriors arena as well) done there. Also a Bart station would be great. With JLS, Brooklyn basin, and a ballpark (as well as maybe an arena) that waterfront district could become extremely successful.

  85. With regards to this weekend’s crowds I’m expecting them to encroach on 30,000. Each game should be close to 30k. Not only are there good promos, but it’s a rematch of the ALDS and the A’s are extremely hot right now. So I’m expecting some nice crowds. Last year In April when they A’s had the fleece blanket night against Detroit, the attendance was around 26,000. So, with those other things I mentioned in addition, the crowds should be higher than that.

  86. Are we freely tossing around outmoded, para-racial terms like “soul” now? Should I reply by stating that San Jose has more “fiery passion” than Oakland? Or am I playing on the wrong stereotype there? You could not be more transparent, Mr. Suit.

  87. just over 21k for fri’s wild game against det. hope we see better crowds the next two days. of course the big test will be the start of next week with 3 games mon-wed against hou. be pretty disappointing if the a’s can maybe win 2 out of 3 against det and have the first or second best record in baseball thru the first two weeks but then have a 2/3 empty coliseum in the hou series. gladly take 20k on average for hou or on most weeknight/day home games during the season.

  88. Had the misfortune of being at yesterday’s 10-1 disaster. Despite cheap, available tickets, a calendar giveaway, a winning team and spectacular Sunday afternoon weather, attendance was only about 21,000. Must be Lew Wolff’s fault. And the bad marketing. Yes, that must be it. Somebody hung a banner, “Respect Oakland Baseball,” whatever that means.

  89. http://web.yesnetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130416&content_id=44910664&oid=0

    Nothing new here. Interesting bit of text –

    The current impasse is leaving the A’s feeling like they are out of options and suggested that the Giants might be trying to force the A’s to leave the Bay Area all-together.

    …The Giants trying to force the A’s out of the Bay Area? No way! They wouldn’t do a thing like that….Would they?

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