They’ll get around to it

Remember that press release from the beginning of the season that trumpeted all of the fan-friendly improvements that were done at the Coliseum? There’s another set of improvements coming that are also pretty important. Check out the bottom of this list:


AEG Management report detailing improvements and repairs for the Coliseum complex

Glad to see that the JPA is getting around to dealing with that clubhouse sewage problem.

14 thoughts on “They’ll get around to it

  1. What the JPA is telling everyone (indirectly of course), is the A’s do not really matter. Draining the locker room should NOT be on the same level, as renovating the press box (let alone a lower level of priority). I base that on the fact THAT work was completed, and they are taking bids on the drainage project. I cannot speak for Wolff, and the rest of the A’s, but I bet they are not happy. If anyone (who is not located within the confines of AT&T Park) wants to know why the A’s not only want, but need to get out of the Coliseum, this should be a reality check. Of course, for Selig, Quan, Kaplan, and the Bay Area Media, it will not be.

  2. They don’t need the Warriors playoff press seating anymore

  3. Now if they could only fix the security check issues at the entrance. It’s gotten so bad hat my parents have sold their entire season ticket package for the rest of the season and won’t be renewing for the first time in 26 years. All because the Coliseum installed those stupid metal detectors and has no clue how to use them. It doesn’t help their mood when I tell theM I’ve been to 5 MLB venues so far this season and none have similar nonsense other than Oakland.

  4. @Dan – Seriously. Those metal detector handlers are horribly slow. I used to hate moving through the concourse the most, but now it’s going through security. And the season ticket holder entrance is slower.

    I don’t know what the solution is. Training? Better layout? Opening more gates and spreading the people out?

  5. Wondered what Lurie’s answer was when MLB asked him about intent of keeping Santa Clara County regardless of the failed attempts. LaRussa is already on record stating that it was conditional. Lurie seems to try to be diplomatic stating gints have lots of fans on Peninsula (isn’t that San Mateo County) but that the A’s deserve a new stadium and maybe bs will make a decision before he leaves at end of year–

  6. Lurie needs to take a lesson on Bay Area geography. Also, San Jose has to have Lurie testify in court as a first hand witness on the so called “territorial rights” issue.

  7. My favorite quote was Baer saying “Let’s face it, without Bob’s ownership, we wouldn’t all have those World Series rings.” All those? You mean the two?

  8. This is why we must have a lawsuit . Get all people involved on the stand. Of course, Frisco and BullShit don’t want to face the truth because they can’t handle the truth.

  9. LS, the solution is simple… Get rid of them. No ballpark I’ve been to this year MLB or MILB has them including Dodger Stadium. What makes Oakland the recipient of such a dubious honor? Or go to wanding if they really feel the need to stop all those non-existent fights and attacks they claim they’re preventing. Or at the very least let people flow through in a continuous line like the airport rather than letting in groups at a time.

  10. It’s time to get the fire lit under Oakland and move the A’s to play at AT&T. Once that is done, perhaps Oakland will listen up. There has been nothing but talk for 17+ years. Time to make a temporary home to send the message. Let a new ballpark be built while the A’s play at a “non sewer backed_up” location. Why do they wait until now to get it all fixed? To me they are begging for the A’s to leave. Has anyone considered putting a ballpark at fairytale land and move fairytale land over by the zoo? To me this makes the most sense.

  11. I’m more offended by that horrendous apostrophe in playoffs

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