Raiders selling field suites at Coliseum by using baseball dugouts

Update 8 PM: This is how one of the field lounges was set up.

Eric Young of the SF Business Times reported on a series of changes the Raiders instituted during the football offseason. In addition to a CRM solution from Salesforce (can’t believe it took until 2014 for this to happen), the team has also repurposed the baseball dugouts in hopes of getting some extra revenue. Dallas-like field suites at the Coliseum? Kinda…

“The Raiders have begun selling field level lounges. These seating areas, which can accommodate about 30 people and cost $30,000, are in the dugouts used by the Athletics during baseball season. Outfitted with tables, HD TVs and other amenities, the seating is among the closest to the field offered in the NFL…”


Overhead shot of pre-2014 game without field lounges

The Black Hole and its counterpart on the north end of the Coliseum are arguably the closest, lowest seats to the field of any in the NFL. That proximity has been used to great effect. The new field lounges start at either 30 yard line and end at the 10, plenty of space for 30 people and hospitality. It also helps that the suites are located along the Raiders’ sideline, the better to get a glimpse of players and coaches only slightly more than a first down away.

The dugout floor is set a foot or so below the field, so views from the dugout will be compromised. NFL guidelines place each bench between the 30’s. Since most players will be standing during each game, the suite sitters will be hard pressed to see through or above each bench to midfield or the opposite end zone. Fans in the first 8 rows of the lower seating bowl already have to deal with this. The temporary field level seats on the Mt. Davis side are set to start 3 feet above the field, so they’re an improvement. Photographers, media, and other non-game personnel usually populate the field’s outer sidelines, though not to the level of congestion as the benches. Of course, the HDTV’s will help make up for the obstructions. In the end it probably won’t matter. As SBJ’s Don Muret says:

The full $30k experience will come with breakfast with the team and personal appearances from Raiders greats, which fans will undoubtedly eat up. For the Raiders, it’s a good opportunity to find out if field suites are worth the expense of building into a new stadium in Oakland or somewhere else. Somewhat surprisingly, the 49ers bucked the field suite trend by not installing any at Levi’s Stadium. The Raiders would be best off putting in seats above the suites like the Cowboys have, since there would be no compromises. Here’s the layout of one of the AT&T Stadium field suites.



Good move? I think so. In the past the dugout was mostly used for access to the restroom and as a place for photographers to place their extra gear.


Now let’s let this spill over to baseball. Should the A’s incorporate suites like this (as in Texas, Cleveland, and Anaheim) at their new ballpark?

11 thoughts on “Raiders selling field suites at Coliseum by using baseball dugouts

  1. Rent it about 14,000 times and you close your new stadium funding gap

  2. I think it is making lemonade from lemons. Good for the Raiders.

    I read the eric young article and he mentions “blue chip” companies… Is there a real definition of what a “blue chip” company is? Does Kaiser fit it? They are a non profit…

  3. I should follow up to say, I always understood blue chip to be in reference to stock growth. Blue chips being worth more than white, or something like that.

  4. Good god, you can’t see anything from there. Even when the play is at the same side of the field, there are still tons of photographers. The Raiders could be making enemies with corporate sponsors if they oversell this as a “premium experience”.

    • I happen to agree with Brian, here. It’s the same old complaint that you can’t really see the plays going on the field. However, if anything is a plus, it will make a ton of dough for the Raiders.

      “Make it SO.”

  5. As someone pointed out- these same types of suites in Dallas also have seats above so you can watch the game- earthquakes will have these but in soccer you don’t have player set standing in front of you- they are on the bench middle of the field- and why do the raiders need these when they can’t sell the suites that they have?

  6. Looks like the Raiders will only have to play one regular season game on the baseball infield, with the A’s collapsing and unlikely to last long in the playoffs, if they get there at all

  7. Why do people pay exorbitant prices to watch football, soccer or baseball from field level? I can’t stand watching any of these sports from field level. The sight lines are horrible. For baseball you can’t see if a ball is going through the infield unless you’re right behind home plate. The best place to watch these sports is from the second deck where you get a great view of the entire field.

    The only sports good for “field level” seats are front court stas for basketball.

    Also, why did Billy Beane destroy our Oakland A’s with his horrible trades?

    • Another rarity: I agree with everything Elmano said. Some of the worst hockey seats I’ve had were on or near the glass. Sit upstairs and you can see everything….Yes, Beane has destroyed this team.

  8. Sat in the field lounge during the September 14, Texans game. While the view of the game is terrible from the lounge, large screen TV’s are provided. If that doesn’t suit you, the package also includes an upper level suite from which to watch the game. Also included is club access. We went up to the club for a quarter, which offered a great view of the game. I’m not particularly a Raiders fan, however the organization offered top notch customer service. Brad Badger was our host and went out of his way to accommodate our needs. It was very cool to have pregame sideline access and a visit from Sway Callaway as well. It may seem like a minor thing, however, access to the dugout bathroom was sweet. Notwithstanding the view, the overall experience was awesome.

  9. Raiders just need to come to Carson/LA already so we can give them REAL executive suites. {{-_-}}

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