Coliseum Authority casting a wider net for open General Manager job

With the Guy Houston hire apparently on the outs for political reasons, the Coliseum JPA still has an opening for a general manager to fill. Matter and Ross report that one candidate is Scott McKibben, a longtime newspaper industry veteran who in 2009 was tapped to run the Rose Bowl and Parade in 2009.

McKibben is also commissioner of A11FL, a startup spring football league with an unusual rule difference: all 11 players on offense are eligible receivers. That league was supposed to launch last spring, was forced to cancel for untold reasons, and may launch again next spring. Not sure how McKibben’s involvement with A11FL and other ventures could impact the Coliseum Authority gig, but I’d prefer to have a local guy who isn’t spinning plates in LA while trying to negotiate gigantic deals in Oakland.

Which brings me to Andy Dolich. He’s local. He’s visible and well-liked. He was mentioned in the M&R column. In 2012 I wrote this about Dolich:

Reading between the lines, it looks like Dolich is appealing to someone in the East Bay to become a frontman for the Coliseum City plan – if not now, when the plan has legs. That would be a great idea assuming that Coliseum City got off the ground. It’s always good to have someone who has credibility in the sports industry, a history of past successes, and local ties. In December 2010, Dolich floated the idea of a new multipurpose stadium in Oakland, one with the technology to be less of a “neither fish nor fowl” problem than the 60′s-era stadia. I deconstructed the concept and explained why it wouldn’t work. Dolich read my post and sent me an email, which led to a very pleasant exchange on stadia and arenas. I think I even promised to meet him for lunch to talk shop, which never happened, unfortunately.

The bottom line is that it’s nice to hear someone advocating for Oakland and the East Bay, even if his office is actually in the South Bay. Those putting together a Coliseum City plan wouldn’t hurt themselves by having Andy Dolich in a prominent position. To be clear, that’s probably at least a year down the road if it happens at all.

Perhaps the plan Dolich works on wouldn’t specifically be Coliseum City. He’d still be tasked with a major deal if an A’s-centric alternative plan were discussed. Dolich has been a staunch advocate of the Coliseum as the best site for the A’s and Raiders, even if his “multipurpose stadium” thinking was stretching advocacy to unreasonable proportions. There isn’t a bigger fan of the Coliseum area than Dolich, and unlike some other rumored candidates, he wouldn’t be taking the job as a stepping stone for other political endeavors. Dolich’s chief disadvantage is that he doesn’t have experience on the public side of the negotiating table, instead frequently representing teams. Then again, considering how Oakland has botched previous negotiations, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

If Dolich wants the job (he wanted the JPA’s PR consulting gig previously), he should be given every opportunity to get it.

5 thoughts on “Coliseum Authority casting a wider net for open General Manager job

  1. Do not go near Dolich. He completely messed up the 49ers stadium project in SC. It is ok to have a single minded idea that certain team had to stay in certain city but a negotiator has to be flexible enough to change course when a problem or problems arise. Plus Dolich has been bad mouthing the A’s and LW for some time now.

    • There is an I in Zennie, and nobody else cares. The Coliseum needs a leader, not more consultants.

      I especially love the part where he refers to the “state of sports bloggers” then doesn’t realize that the “LA guy” I mentioned is the very same Scott McKibben under consideration.

  2. At first glance Andy Dolich isn’t the sexiest pick, as a possible general manager (front person), for coliseum city or whatever may be developed at the coliseum site; but the more I think about it (if JPA does go with him), it would be refreshing to have someone, that really seems to be an advocate for Oakland/East Bay in the position, and honestly there have been a lot of people representing Oakland over the years that seem to have had their own agenda. He also has an extensive background in professional sports. (Specifically local)
    I must say however, it’s not the most ringing endorsement, for ML to describe his potential hiring as
    “Those putting together a Coliseum City plan wouldn’t hurt themselves by having Andy Dolich in a prominent position.”
    Maybe it’s just me, but anytime someone says “wouldn’t hurt”, it makes me wonder how much it would help? but again we have had plenty of people in the past, that have hurt the process.

  3. There is zero reason to trust the sports acumen of McKibben.

    The A11FL is essentially dead. In June, they ran out of money and could not find investors. A brief note on Facebook indicated that they would still try a spring football league, but with rules more akin to the NFL.

    They never held their “Showcase Games” which they said they would, the SF and LA franchises were scrapped, and even on LinkedIn, most other key staff introduced last February have moved on. Their hope was to get international financing as a sugar daddy and it never came through, even with the promise of a EB5 Visa.

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