Boston wins 2024 US Summer Olympics bid in an upset

As you were with Coliseum City, City of Champions, Farmers Field, Lew Wolff’s Coliseum City alternative, etc.

More from the USOC’s Larry Probst:

28 thoughts on “Boston wins 2024 US Summer Olympics bid in an upset

  1. I was going to post a article I saw today, published a few months ago, that said Boston was virtually assured of winning. So much for the Raiders and their Olympic stadium. Now, we have to question Schaaf’s commitment to the A’s over the Raiders. Sure didn’t look like it with this escapade.

    • Excellent pjk! Took the words out of my mouth. Oakland pretty much proved to all that the A’s were expendable.

      Never felt Oakland would ever happen for A’s; this little Olympics escapade further reinforced this.

      Lew Wolff’s Coli City alternative? Good one RM!! (LOL!)

  2. So the Raiders still get to go to LA in 2016. The City of Oakland chooses the A’s (by being the last remaining team) that same year. Lew Wolff gets to build out a transit-oriented ballpark village on the Coliseum site by 2018-19. The world ends in 2020.

  3. Thank god. Now Oakland can focus on its teams and not some international waste of time.

    • You mean “team.”

      • Yep. Love for the Raiders, more neglect for the A’s. And if the A’s were to be forced to leave because of this Olympic thing, we know who would be blamed – the A’s owners and not the politicians. I hope Wolff has kept MLB apprised of Oakland’s latest disregard for the A’s.

  4. Back to the usual, that being Oakland, Alameda County, Mark Davis, and Lew Wolff, not doing a damn thing.

  5. Yawn.. here is to another 10 years of this blog.

  6. Yay! Glad it won’t be us getting tainted by the corrupt IOC.

  7. Why do I have a feeling that it was Bear’s idea to do the stadium in Oakland for the Raiders?

  8. I suspect Baer had to be talked into oakland for the stadium as a last ditch effort to increase the odds of winning. That’s why it was presented on the eve of the decision. LB ego and SF only attitude prohibited a much stronger bid from being submitted initially.

  9. Libby Shaaf was not disregarding the A’s. There are plenty of ways to work things out so that both teams can remain in Oakland. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be both.

  10. The Olympics are a huge mistake ( look at the financial bath that Brazil and Russia took on them). In New York the plan was to have the Olympics then a West Side Stadium for the Jets. Instead the City won out because it ended up with Hudson Yards which is the biggest Real Estate Development in Decades. Oakland would be better off letting Wolff Develop the Coliseum Parcel ( including a New A’s Stadium). Will they? Think of the History of the JPA/Oakland Politicians, and that says it all.

  11. amazing how the city of oakland has looked as they’ve favored the raiders over the a’s over the past 20 years.

    first ruining the coliseum to make it a multi purpose venue again. then fast forward these past couple of years with the a’s being what the 3rd team that would’ve gotten a venue build in the whole grand coliseum city plan and now this olympic plan that would’ve essentially pushed the a’s out of oakland.

    and with all that it’s still more likely the a’s are the team that stays in oakland for the long term at the coliseum area, perhaps with a new park that is the centerpiece of a entertainment district, rather than the w’s and raiders which the city of oakland bent over backwards spending hundreds of millions in renovating both the coliseum/arena for those two teams while basically screwing over the a’s org.

    • “’s still more likely the a’s are the team that stays in Oakland for the long term at the coliseum area…” Yeah, RIGHT. Still selling that bridge that spans the Golden Gate if anyone is interested…

      • @ Tony D.

        We get it you’re not pulling for Oakland. Hopefully the A’s will get a new ballpark someday, somewhere in the Bay Area, San Jose, Fremont, Tri-Valley, and god forbid even Oakland.

      • Tony – It’s shitty comments like those that make me wish you kept to your commenting exile.

  12. In my opinion, the main reason why Larry Baer was willing to go along with the last minute Oakland stadium proposal was that it would have further delayed any possible new A’s ballpark decision for at least several more years. I tend to think that Baer never really believed that SF would get selected as the site for the 2024 Olympics, even had they won the bidding for the USA entry.

    • @ IIpec
      That’s an interesting thought, because as I think you made the point earlier, even if San Francisco wasn’t chosen ultimately to host the Olympics, just being the American representative had the potentially to delay anything the A’s may have wanted to do, in or around the suite.

    • I agree 100 percent, it would muddied things up for the A’s a ton. No matter the outcome.

  13. Ha ha ha, you guys are a broken record. This is like Seinfeld, a show about nothing! Seinfeld ran nine seasons – you might have beat him! Pass the napkins. Carry on.

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