NFL to hold town hall meetings in St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland

Image from Barcroft Media

St. Louis on Tuesday, Peabody Opera House, 7 PM CT

San Diego on Wednesday, Spreckels Theatre, 7 PM PT

Oakland on Thursday, Paramount Theatre, 7 PM PT

Stream should be available at

Commentary to come after final session in Oakland. Watch the Twitter feed for live coverage.

21 thoughts on “NFL to hold town hall meetings in St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland

  1. Oh jeez! This is going to be an embarrassing spectacle in all three cities – with the NFL hoping that it will put enough pressure on their respective city councils to build new NFL facilities at public expense. God, I HATE the NFL!!!

    • Yep. Try to pressure the cities to pay for new stadiums and when they don’t, the NFL can leave town, saying “We did everything we could. We even met with the fans.”

      • Exactly. And the fans should be so grateful for all of the kind efforts of the NFL that they buy the NFL Sunday Ticket to ensure they still have access to all of their old home team’s games.

    • NFL is the King…get over it.

      • Well, perhaps for you and others. All I can say is that the only time I have fallen asleep watching a sporting event on television is during an NFL game. Soccer, baseball, college football even bowling(!) hold my attention MUCH longer than the so-called “King”. Pro football is by far the most boring thing to watch on television, at least for me. Case closed.

  2. ML’s photo sums up the NFL town meetings quite nicely The Rams moving back to LA (with a new $2 bil.) stadium, the Bolts staying at San Diego, the Raiders in Oakland would be the NFL’s best move – let’s see if that occurs

  3. Off-topic question for ML: Approximately how much would it cost to build a no-frills, totally basic, baseball-only stadium that can seat 30000 fans at East Bay real estate prices? Please go ahead and delete this question if you wish. I’ll totally understand why and you have my apologies for posting, but could you at least send me an answer through Twitter?

    • Probably $300-400 million

    • mentioned it before in regards to a football stadium but i guess the same could apply to a baseball park too and go hire the design team and architects who rebuilt stanford’s football stadium over a decade ago.

      ^ that took only 9 months to tear apart and rebuild which imo is pretty damn impressive especially when it cost less than 100 million when back in the mid 2000s.

    • would think too that mlb would want a bigger park than 30k. i’d guess they’d want at least 35k+.

      wasn’t there some rumor that when they saw the cisco field mock up down in sj they wanted the team to expand the capacity from the projected 32k it was initially listed at?

  4. I want to ask during the town hall meeting to the NFL why won’t Mark Davis raise the $$ for a new Oakland stadium?

    Given the example down the road by the 49ers it would only take a fraction of what they did to duplicate it in Oakland.

    Why should Davis do anything different?

    I think the other owners are agreeing with my take and want Davis to bring in a partner or investor.

    No faith in the guy to raise the $$ given he is a novice.

    LA Rams in 2016…..

    LA Chargers in 2019

  5. These town hall meetings are nothing but window dressing by the NFL…they want the Rams and Bolts in LA unless Davis can get a billionaire investor. Even though the Raiders have more fans throughout Cali than both the Rams and Chargers combined. Fine by me if Rams and Bolts get LA. That means Raiders stay here in the Bay and get a stadium deal worked out with SunCal involved.

    • Cisco007: My cynical hunch is that the Rams (and eventually, the Chargers) being granted LA won’t lead to a Raiders East Bay stadium deal – it’ll just lead to relocation threats in a different state/country.

      Once LA is off the table, some of the urgency goes away…because all three teams were racing specifically to being first in LA.

      So Davis can watch his franchise valuation to continue to grow annually and wait for some municipality – San Antonio, St. Louis, London, Toronto – to offer him a free stadium. I don’t think Oakland will ever offer him that.

      If the Rams and Chargers lock down LA in the next 6 months, the Raiders become the NFL’s last moveable franchise until the Jags’ lease expires in 12 years. Davis can and likely will leverage that into some city giving him a stadium in the next decade. Because of the dynamics of CA, that is likely to be a city somewhere else.

  6. Once again the Raider Nation show they own this state as far as true diehard fans. We completely took over the Qualcomm Stadium in SD…..AGAIN! lol


    Raiders revolution to Los Angeles is off the hook, future looks bright in Oakland. One of the largest real estate development companies SunCal. Has teamed up with Oakland Raiders President Marc Badain to finance a new Raiders stadium in Oakland. Alameda County Joint Powers Authority member Scott Mckibben, Oakland District Councilmember Larry Reid and Oakland City Administrator Claudia Cappio met with the investors this week at Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s office. The purpose of the meeting is to determine the next steps in the City’s proposal to come up with a new Raiders stadium, Coliseum City plan. The source was indicated by Former Oakland-Alameda Sports Commissioner Zennie Abraham (Zennie62media).

    SunCal Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Bruce Elieff and General Manager Pat Keliher are rumored to be the potential billionaires to finance a new Raiders stadium in Oakland, Coliseum City project. Seems clear to our end. President Marc Badain claims he is not moving the franchise to Los Angeles. The Raiders may not get the 24 NFL owner votes to approve a relocation appeal.

    The Oakland Raiders may need to sign an extension to their current lease at the Coliseum for one or two years. While Suncal, Raiders and Oakland can successfully break ground new developments in the Coliseum area in the next couple of months, but forming a citizen’s task force is paramount to this case. Even though the Carson NFL stadium deal is not expected to pencil out.

    Suncal has been in discussions with the Oakland Raiders sometime for several months. After the city’s demise of San Diego Businessman Floyd Kephart.

    • In fact, Davis said there hasn’t been any official talks with Oakland in more than two months.

      “We’ve gotten to the point now, unless you have something to offer, something different, there is no reason to talk,” Davis said.

    • How many developers and investors have been linked to the Raiders over the years. They all fail because there’s limited money to be made in Oakland, Mark Davis adds no value himself, and no one wants to build a stadium at a loss to help out Davis.

      Nothing changes until Mark says he’s selling or Oakland says they’re paying for a new stadium.

      • Money talks. There is money to me made in Oakland. How can there not be compared to what it has now on that site? If David gets his investors in LA and the league likes it…he will get LA. If he gets his money from investor that will help him get his stadium here while league says no to him in LA…than he will be here in Bay Area. The fall back is he just flat out sells. He is not moving to St Louis or San Antonio.

  8. re: Oakland sends right messages to NFL about Raiders Right for the people of Oakland, maybe, but the message that there will be no public funds for an NFL football stadium is exactly the message the NFL doesn’t want to hear. I’m betting the NFL turns down the LA move, directs the Raiders to play at Levi’s and calls it a day. Keeps the team in the current market, doesn’t require any more NFL contribution and acknowledges there will be no new stadium in Oakland. Davis can stay at the Coliseum as long as he can get away with it, but there will be no more pursuit of a new Oakland stadium by the NFL. Raiders fans can pay an extra $20 if they want to see all the statues of Joe Montana and Steve Young in the 49er museum.

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