R.I.P. Bill King

Finally! Bill King will be in the Hall of Fame.


I remember this routine I had as a child. As a typical latchkey kid, I’d come home with my twin brother to an empty house. During baseball season, my brother and I would have time to watch the dynamic duo of G.I. Joe and Transformers. After the cartoons ended, my brother would head to a neighbor’s house. I’d stay home and go straight to the radio. If the A’s were playing on the East Coast, the cartoons would lead up to an East Coast 4:35 start.

I’d move from the family room to the living room, where the old Sears console stereo sat in corner. The console was multi-functional, as it served as a real piece of furniture that happened to have speakers and an analog dial. I had long ago broken the record player after repeatedly playing an old floppy red Sweet Pickles record one too many times. As…

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7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bill King


  2. Fabulous, this is great. Who doesn’t have a Bill King moment, if you were in the Bay Area in the 70’s or 80’s, into the 90”s(I believe) and was pulling for the A’s, Raiders, or Warriors? I always loved how King wasn’t a homer so much, and how he really enjoyed an opposing player or teams performance, it really helped me become a fan of each sport of the three sports, and not just a fan of the teams I loved.

  3. I wish Bill could have seen that 2006 team with Thomas and Bradley….Ken and Vince made some great calls, but I bet Bill would have loved it. Who knows if he would still be broadcasting today or not, but he was a true great.

  4. crazy too that many who listened to king say baseball was his third best sport behind the nba where he was legendary and the nfl where he was great.

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