NFL-Oakland in 140 characters

I realize that the last post was 1,200+ words long, so at lunch today I tried to come up with a more succinct version. So here it is. Pardon my French.

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “NFL-Oakland in 140 characters

  1. lol… pretty much sums it up.

  2. What will happen? Raiders will move to Las Vegas when New Stadium is ready. This works very well for not only the Raiders but the politicians w
    want to wait until after California Elections are over. As for the A’s? Groundbreaking for a New Stadium ( at the Coliseum Site) happens in 2020, unless of course they move out of the Bay Area ( giving total victory to the Giants ( who would love nothing better then to force the A’s out of town):

  3. So, we could then call the latest proposal a Shit McDLT, right?

    • Both that article and the Bonsignore article on which it is based appear to be speculation. Neither cites any source either for the proposition that the NFL will give San Diego more money or that that the NFL would “pre-approve” a Raiders move to Las Vegas in order to buy the Chargers more time to decide.

      The former proposition seems feasible. The latter proposition seems very unlikely to occur in a timeframe in which it would make a difference in how quickly the Chargers must decide on filing for relocation (i.e. this week). The NFL may well ultimately approve the Raiders move to Vegas, but as of right now the Raiders and Adelson do not have a deal for the NFL to approve. They probably also want to see what competing plan, if any, emerges from the Lott Group-Oakland talks.

      The NFL is not going to rush a decision this big or skip due diligence steps. They’ll find another way to give the Chargers more time, if that’s what they want to do.

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