Some famous East Bay raised actor chimed in on the whole Raiders leaving debacle:

A comment on the last paragraph and a rumor about the A’s… later tonight.

3 thoughts on “VEGA$

  1. I have to disagree with Mr. Hanks on that last point. The Raiders leaving will be good for the City of Oakland, which loses money on every Raiders game played at the Coliseum. I feel for the die-hard Raiders fans, but there is no reason the residents of Oakland should subsidize a football team, no matter how dedicated the fanbase. We can look forward to the Mt. Davis mortgage coming off the books; I’m sure the extra $20 million per year could be but to some good use elsewhere in the city. Meanwhile, Las Vegas’ public schools are in terrible shape, yet that city is gonna pony up a cool billion to build a stadium. The team name “Raiders” has never been more appropriate. They raid public funds for the benefit of the owners and the fans. Good riddance.

    Let’s go A’s!

  2. Hanks is a big Cleveland Indians fan.

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