Community Meeting on Howard Terminal to be held Sunday 10/7

A notice from the A’s and the City of Oakland:


Councilmember Lynette McElhanney and the Oakland Athletics invite you to attend a meeting with representative from the A’s to discuss the proposed new ballpark site at Howard Terminal in West Oakland.
Sunday, October 7, 2018

1 PM to 3 PM

7th West Restaurant  1255 7th St. Oakland, CA 94706

Complimentary food and refreshments will be served.

For more information contact:

7th West happens to be only a few blocks east of the West Oakland BART station, and about nine blocks northwest of Howard Terminal. You’ll notice some railroad tracks running right past 7th West, as the Amtrak maintenance facility and a major Union Pacific rail yard are on the other side of 880.

If you’re planning to go, take notes and report back. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Community Meeting on Howard Terminal to be held Sunday 10/7

  1. This site is so beset with problems, it looks as if the City just wants to dump it on the A’s because no one else wants it. I think I recall a post in this blog about how no developers have come forward seeking that property, in sharp contrast to the Coliseum site.

    • @pjk

      It doesn’t appear that the A’s simply dont want the site, or that the site is being dumped on them, it appears they prefer it at least over the coliseum site anyway.

      That may be in part to the fact that they want to develop the coliseum site even if they dont build on it.

      But, considering a good number of your comments have a negative slant toward Oakland, I would not expect you to see anything positive about howard turmanel even if it was the perfect site for the A’s to build on. (which of course it’s not)

  2. Any updates on how the meeting went and if it had any useful information for fans?

  3. I attended the meeting. Here’s a quick recap of some of the important issues discussed.


    Seriously, it was basically a meeting to obtain community input about a ballpark at Howard Terminal. There was no presentation by the A’s or any of the representatives on the stage. No info on where the A’s were in the process, nor any information about solutions to the numerous problems with the HT site.

    It was a 2 hour Q&A /comment session, with very little in the way of specific answers. Frankly, I walked away from the meeting feeling more frustrated and pessimistic about a ballpark being built.

    A gentlemen in the audience did present an idea which has been briefly discussed on this site before. It involves the A’s striking a deal with the financially strapped Peralta school district to relocate Laney College and The College of Alameda to the Coliseum site. A number of the attendees thought it was a good idea which should be considered by the A’s.

    • I believe that I was one who originated this discussion on this blog regarding the possibility of relocating of Laney College to the Coliseum site. Without getting into specifics, this concept has the potential of resolving most of the problematic issues for all concerned parties involved. Most importantly for the A’s and their fans. a new A’s ballpark should be built in the most practical ideal accessible near downtown Oakland setting. This is a necessary requirement for the A’s long-term success in Oakland.

      Finally, I’m thrilled that this blog is evidently being viewed by parties that have a vital interest in getting a successful new A’s ballpark built within Oakland, and I truly thank ML for giving us this vehicle of discussion.

      • @ llpec

        Yes, I recall. I thought it was a pretty good idea when you brought it up.

        The problem (among many), that I believe ML mentioned at the time is that (1) There is already a campus in east Oakland, although it is in the hills of east Oakland, and (2) moving Laney or Alameda campuses will be more difficult to pull off politically then actually getting it done on the Parelta site without asking anyone to move at all.

        The Laney campus serves downtown/china town. west Oakland, and north Oakland (they once had a campus), as well as parts of lower east Oakland, it’s just no way you’re going to get the okay to move all those students, many of which are low income that far to east Oakland, even if it’s a totally donated brand new campus.

        It’s just too much to ask, unfortunately.

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