A’s schedule additional community meetings

The A’s continue their series of community outreach meetings, starting with this Saturday.

Two weeks from Sunday another meeting will be held at Oakland City Hall. While Saturday’s meeting will be focused on development at the Coliseum, the meeting on the 28th will continue the discussion about Howard Terminal. Questions about Howard Terminal are likely to be raised at the Coliseum meeting and vice-versa, so I hope that the A’s and the City are prepared. They appear to have learned some lessons from the Peralta debacle.

For now both sites are being handled separately. That may change, though not without some consternation.

The thing that concerns me is that the City should have a web page dedicated to the effort on their website. So should the A’s. Perhaps this is technically too early in the process because there is no project submitted yet, but eventually both parties will need their own information repositories for their respective efforts. Perhaps that’s why the City listed a new job posting for a project manager.

Before you ask, no, I’m not that kind of project manager as I have no relevant governmental experience. Besides, my therapeutic program doesn’t end until early next year and I imagine both the City and the Team want this work started ASAP. Nevertheless, I’m glad that steps are being made to not repeat the mistakes of the recent (and not-so-recent) past.

5 thoughts on “A’s schedule additional community meetings

  1. The A’s/Oakland need to act fast – Las Vegas will soon build an MLB stadium, the group of Vegas billionaires could offer the A’s ownership a deal they can’t refuse (like they did for the Raiders)

    • The 51’s and the Howard Hughes Corporation will have something to say about that. Also, the Vegas Raiders stadium is publicly financed. Is Vegas gonna go to the well for another room tax hike?

      • They might not need public financing – The Las Vegas billionaires/city officials group were prepared to privately fund their NFL stadium, they also privately financed the NFL Golden Knights stadium. They could likely compensate the Hughes Corp. – hosting the 51’s is also possible (the Sharks do that with the triple A Barracuda franchise)

      • “They might not need public financing…” – That may pass muster with an arena which can fill 200 nights a year, but a ballpark? Come on. Not unless it’s indoors, which will add $200 million or so the price tag. Hosting a AAA franchise in a billion-plus ballpark is not going to cover the debt service. I will give credit to Bill Foley and the Maloofs for bringing a franchise to Vegas. But there are limits to what a market can support, especially one as small as southern Nevada.

  2. Since the Giants are so in love with the South Bay, I suggest they move to San Jose, build a new park there. The A’s can then buy AT&T park. The band wagoners who go there don’t really care who plays there. They just want to be seen at the scene!

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