I guess we’ll find out about the A’s next radio home soon.

11 thoughts on “Splitsville

  1. Good. Maybe they can get a station that doesn’t actively dissuade people from following the team.

    • Amen to that!

      It’d be really good if they retreaded an old plan and made their own station. No idea if there is a likely candidate to be purchased right now, but I do remember when they got pretty far into trying to buy a station just before the 95.7 thing happened.

      95.7 started off rough and only got worse. I can change my presets!

  2. I can’t imagine it’s THAT expensive to buy their own radio station, is it? The franchise is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The ability to have 24/7 A’s centric programming would seem worthwhile in a Giants-dominated marketplace. Especially because they will need some political goodwill on their side in the next five years to push through a new stadium, regardless of where it happens.

    • The big problems with Barrett’s post are the following:

      1. The folks he is talking about are not working for the A’s anymore and making this decision though he seems to be indicating that they are. (I am glad they are gone, by the way)
      2. He is dead wrong about his strategy, it failed, and he is still trying to cover his ass years after no longer being involved.
      2a. When I say his strategy failed, the Game only began to gain “momentum” in the Bay Area when they went full KNBR but with the Warriors. Barrett advocated for being neutral and covering all teams equally, not going all in with a sports franchise like the station has done since they landed the Warriors (a move that happened after he was gone)
      2b. The Game is still getting it’s ass kicked in ratings by KNBR.
      3. The A’s are now really pushing new territory with Kaval and Giles calling the shots. The Access Pass will be something almost every team has within 5 years, because it is brilliant.

    • I think the revenue share model of this is interesting and we’ll see how this impacts future A’s deals.

      To help the A’s drum up interest they do need more support than what 95.7 was giving them. That being said no matter what 95.7 did it wouldn’t have had an immediate impact in interest and therefore a share of revenue for 95.7. This is a long game and most radio stations aren’t able to play that. As a result, I don’t think the revenue share model will work for the A’s and they’re essentially in a position where they have to start buying support from the media.

  3. Well you know the old saying…

    There’s three sides to every story: Yours, mine and the truth.

  4. JB is a scumbag. One time my GF and I were out for a steak in Walnut Creek and I go to the bathroom. When I come back this bald dude is all drunk telling my GF that he owns a radio station and he can introduce her to any pro player she wanted. The dude literally sat down in my seat. The GF was shocked and wanted to leave the restaurant, so we did.

  5. Echo…hello…no new updates for a month. If we’re serious and not paying lip service to wanting a ballkpark in oakland.we would be getting some information about invirommemtal studies negotions with Oakland or something…

    • Process wise, I expect the A’s to make an announcement no earlier than the MLB owners winter meetings in December. More likely they’ll announce around the time of FanFest. Maybe there will be a leak before then.

  6. I will be completely shocked if it is not Howard Terminal. I think we will know by the end of the year. Keep faith. This will happen.

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