I guess we’ll find out about the A’s next radio home soon.

3 thoughts on “Splitsville

  1. Good. Maybe they can get a station that doesn’t actively dissuade people from following the team.

    • Amen to that!

      It’d be really good if they retreaded an old plan and made their own station. No idea if there is a likely candidate to be purchased right now, but I do remember when they got pretty far into trying to buy a station just before the 95.7 thing happened.

      95.7 started off rough and only got worse. I can change my presets!

  2. I can’t imagine it’s THAT expensive to buy their own radio station, is it? The franchise is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The ability to have 24/7 A’s centric programming would seem worthwhile in a Giants-dominated marketplace. Especially because they will need some political goodwill on their side in the next five years to push through a new stadium, regardless of where it happens.

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