Casey and Jeff walk from BART to Howard Terminal

Take a stroll with ABC-7’s Casey Pratt and our Jeff August as they take the lunch hour to walk from the 12th Street City Center BART station to Howard Terminal. Merry Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Casey and Jeff walk from BART to Howard Terminal

  1. West Oakland station is ever so slightly closer. I’m glad they compared the walk from the main A’s/Oracle plaza to the BART station and time how long that takes.

  2. The distance from BART is a non-issue and this proves it. The tracks and the overpass will need to be addressed. Otherwise, that walk will be fantastic. The 4 extra minutes (compared to BART-to-Championship plaza) will be well worth the trade off. And post-game I bet it won’t take any longer than it currently does, because we all know how much slower that walk is back to BART after a game.

  3. not addressed in this video… a pedestrian bridge will be a HUGE bottleneck and will easily add a LOT of time to that walk. Not to mention traffic lights. A leisurely stroll in the middle of the day is not a fair representation of game-day realities.

  4. “a pedestrian bridge will be a HUGE bottleneck…”

    depending on the design.

  5. Of note: the walk was longer than it needed to be because they chose to hit the waterfront, then had to backtrack back up to Embarcadero. So distance/time is slightly less than what they reported.
    Also would have been interesting to show the alternative walk many will do: immediately cutting over to Washington, and then turning onto 3rd or 2nd. There’s less to do there now, but will likely see places popping up once a ballpark is in place.

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