Site Plan for Howard Terminal released

I’m assembling a bunch of thoughts about the new renderings unveiled at the BCDC session earlier this week. For now I picked out one snippet which I’ll share here.

You can see the rooftop park above the ballpark to the right. A potentially 300-foot tall building is to the left. What’s that on the top?

More seats! Would those count as part of the park’s daily attendance figures, or are they they suites for the ultra-wealthy? Take a guess.

What’s really interesting is that the 300′ building isn’t alone. Behind home plate, there will be another building, 400 feet tall. I figured it would be worth showing what that might look like.

If it matters, the current tallest building in Oakland is the Ordway Building, home of Kaiser Permanente, and near Kaiser Center and the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

More thoughts over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Site Plan for Howard Terminal released

  1. Except you’re not going to be able to see the infield over the press box and roof. You may be able to have a bird’s eye view of center field, for whatever that’s worth.

  2. Thanks for the BCDC link, ML. There is clearly a lot of thought going into the site plans beyond the stadium itself. The more I see of this, the more I like it. I hope they put as much thought into the Coliseum site as they have here. That first draft was severely lacking. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but have they estimated the number of residential units that would be built at HT?

    I’m not sure if those rooftop seats would be considered premium. Like manimalof7 said above, it doesn’t look like you would see the entire field from up there. Perhaps those will just be an amenity for the residents/workers in those buildings? Thus justifying higher rent/lease?

  3. There’s a lot to see here. From an aesthetic point of view the rounding, facade, and smoothing of the roof make the park itself so much better. Cool not clunky. One thing I love is taking the two Coliseum scoreboards and facing one onto the public plaza. That’s symbolic of sharing with those who can’t afford tickets. I like the way they just elevated the plaza behind home plate to hide the service area. I am interested in how they’ll close off the roof, CF plaza, and apparently a surrounding walkway on game days. See the page ‘game day open space ‘. From a fan experience angle it reminds me of Fenway with two left field corners with Dodger Stadium fences and bleachers. Not a bad combo. And the CF view tops it off. Pretty amazing for a bunch of Danish guys.

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