A’s to drop season tickets for more flexible subscription model

Even as the A’s await a new ballpark, they’re not afraid to try new business concepts that one would expect them to deploy at a new ballpark. To that end, A’s COO Chris Giles announced today that the team is doing away with the traditional season ticket, instead replacing it with a membership plan that offers greater flexibility for all buyers.

The idea here, as foreseen by many in the industry, is that fans want the ability to go to every game, but don’t want to be tied a season ticket plan that could cost upwards of $2,000 for a whole season. Like the Treehouse plans introduced before this season, the new A’s Access plans will provide general admission to all 81 games, plus reserved seating for 10, 24, half-season or full-season of games if you choose. Included will be digital seat upgrades and a number of subscriber perks. Prices start at $240.

The highlights:

  • All plans include admission to every home game including reserved seats (View level)
  • Seat upgrades via the Ballpark app are available on a per game basis
  • Better seating locations are available in advance as well (before the season begins)
  • $10 parking available; Gold and Platinum members can get parking passes included
  • Half-price concessions, such as $3 hot dogs and $4 20-ounce beers
  • 25% off merchandise at A’s team stores
  • Monthly subscription fee option
  • Guaranteed promotional giveaway items

To me this is the culmination of the initiatives laid out by MLB AM a few years ago and executed on a phased basis by the A’s and other teams since. If I still lived in the Bay Area I’d jump all over this. Maybe I’d get a plan if I only make it back occasionally. Who knows, maybe I’ll move back?

6 thoughts on “A’s to drop season tickets for more flexible subscription model

  1. This is great! I saw also that they will be charging Access Members playoff tix by round starting next yr rather than the whole postseason. I think this is the future and I wish I lived in Oakland still. Much better deal than when I was a STH/M in the Wolff era.

  2. What happened to the embedded Twitter feed you had on here, on the right side?

  3. What were MLB AM’s initiatives?

  4. Is there a specific list of the available plans?

    Also, does anyone know if the “50% off concessions” applies to *all* concessions or just the low-end ones? Specifically I’m referring to craft beers. And how about the food trucks? I would presume not.

    • I talked with an A’s account rep. The 50% off applies to all concessions except for food trucks and come to your seat vendors. It applies to craft beers, including the ones in the Treehouse and Shibe.

  5. Personally I love this idea. I moved away from Santa Cruz to Maine a year ago. Before that I’d been a season ticket holder for several seasons and since then I’ve looking for a way to keep a viable commitment to the team even though I can only attend a few games a year now. This might be just the thing for me.

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