Raiders going across the Bay for 2019

This year, the A’s don’t have to worry about the Raiders chewing up the Coliseum grass. For a year the Silver & Black will be chewing up the Giants’ grass instead before moving to Vegas. And thankfully, the Coliseum won’t have to spend $250k every time they have to convert the stadium from football to baseball.

My question is: How quickly can the A’s repurpose the Raiders’ locker rooms?

Remember that the SF Demons of the XFL played at China Basin for one XFL season. Last year the Rugby Sevens World Cup was held there during the baseball season. You know what would be neat? Rather than a bus on game day, charter a ferry to take the Raiders from their Harbor Bay practice facility to Oracle Park.

Update 2/6Not so fast my friend.

14 thoughts on “Raiders going across the Bay for 2019

  1. Were there also some college bowl games that have been played there too?

    • Indeed, there was the San Francisco Bowl, which changed names several times before moving to Santa Clara. Cal football also played at China Basin for a season while Memorial Stadium underwent renovation.

      • Cal played Miami there when it was the Emerald Bowl. 2008 I think. We bought cheap seats in the lower corner of the end zone.. cool part was they were normally club seats for baseball, so we had access to all those perks and the club beneath.

  2. This is great. I can’t wait to see the weird juxtaposition of Raider Fan & the white wine/kale garden in CF/no tailgating/$30 for a beer venue.

    Meanwhile, the only baseball-only MLB park around is the Oakland Coliseum!

  3. It’s sad to think that the Raiders could have worked out a long-term shared Levi’s Stadium deal with the 49ers had it not been for Mark Davis’ preference for the Las Vegas Stadium deal he had gotten for his team. It also shows that the NFL does not have a two team shared market territorial rights hangup as it does in MLB, at least as it applies to the Bay Area market.

    • They do have the two team hang up, the 49ers are just a bit more gracious than the Giants. Circumstances being quite different, though. The 49ers are fine with the Raider splaying a final season in the Bay in SF, not sure they would have been okay with a permanent move to SF.

      • I was referring to the possibilities of a long-term stadium sharing arrangement in Santa Clara County, not a permanent Raiders move to the 49ers namesake moniker city of San Francisco. However, it does not preclude the Raiders from moving to any other area of the Bay Area market, including Santa Clara County in the Same way that the 49ers were free to move there.

      • Turns out the 49ers would rather force the Raiders to pay them rent for a season. So more gracious is kind of relative…

  4. Can’t the 49ers veto the AT&T Park move?… Really – we have “San Francisco’s” football team playing 45 miles away in Santa Clara and “Oakland’s” football team playing 10 miles away in San Francisco. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • They are actually Las Vegas’ football team, so even more ridiculous. And yes, everything I have read/heard says the 49ers have to approve this. Also, the SF Supervisor for the Mission Bay district is opposed to it, although I don’t know how much influence he would have in such a deal.

      I would prefer they get on with it and move to Vegas now, but I’m mostly just ecstatic that they have likely ruined the A’s field for the last time.

      • San Francisco didn’t pay for the ballpark but now wants a say in who plays in it? Can’t have it both ways.

  5. The NFL charter states for Oakland and SF, each team can play anywhere in the market if they choose. Each only needs permissions if they wish to play in the other’s city limits.

    This does not apply to NY and LA because they all play under the New York and Los Angeles name…..This is why I think why MLB has been different about the Bay Area with the Giants/A’s T-rights versus Chicago, NY and LA.

    That is my theory.

    The 49ers should ask for $$ to waive their rights, pay up Mark Davis.

    • The latest is, the 49ers are vetoing this. It’s Levi’s or the Coliseum for the Raiders. Unless they move out of the area. How about Mexico City for a year?

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